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Path of the Paddle Path of the Paddle
by Bill Mason, Paul Mason

"Covers all facets of the canoe and how to use them properly. The "step-by-step" photos and the diagrams help teach proper techniques and the text is both informative and entertaining without becoming confusing or boring." - A reader

Song of the Paddle : An Illustrated Guide to Wilderness Camping Song of the Paddle : An Illustrated Guide to Wilderness Camping
by Bill Mason

Song of the Paddle is more than a "how-to" camping and canoeing guide. It is a philosophical guide to outdoor living, to be read and enjoyed by both novice and experienced campers, canoeists and conservationists.

The Complete Wilderness Paddler

The Complete Wilderness Paddler
by James West Davidson, John Rugge (Contributor)

A combination of detailed instruction and text (based on actual adventures) of all the techniques of canoe camping and wilderness cruising. You learn how to "find a river," navigate, cope with accidents and much more. With 65 drawings and 11 maps.

Canoeing : A Trailside Guide Canoeing : A Trailside Guide
by Gordon Grant, Ron Hildebrand (Illustrator)

Whether it is rapids or small ponds, alone or with a crew, the author explains to both beginners and experienced canoeists how to properly control a canoe in all kinds of situations.

Expedition Canoeing Expedition Canoeing
Guide to Canoeing Wild Rivers in North America
by Cliff Jacobson

The book is a thorough and comprehensive collection of every aspect of expedition canoe travel.

Canoeing and Camping : Beyond the Basics Canoeing and Camping : Beyond the Basics
by Cliff Jacobson

Shows you the all-important skills that will make your canoeing excursions safe and enjoyable, whether you paddle on millponds, lazy rivers, wilderness lakes, or the open ocean.

The Wilderness Paddler's Handbook The Wilderness Paddler's Handbook
by Alan S. Kesselheim

This book by America's preeminent canoeing author combines evocative wilderness writing with nuts-and-bolts coverage of all practical aspects of canoe tripping.

The Whole Paddler's Catalog

The Whole Paddler's Catalog
Views, Reviews, and Resources
by Zip Kellogg (Editor), Andrea Sulzer (Illustrator)

If you are a canoeist, kayaker, or river rafter, this eclectic mix of essential and esoteric facts will keep you engrossed for days. Longtime paddler Zip Kellog left no stone unturned in his search for paddling-related information.

Freestyle Canoeing : Contemporary Paddling Technique Freestyle Canoeing : Contemporary Paddling Technique
by Lou Glaros, Charlie Wilson (Contributor)

A graceful, beautiful sport that is characterized by fancy strokes and swaying motions, freestyle canoeing is based on the quiet, ripple-less paddling techniques of Native Americans. With an extensive collection of photographs and easy-to-understand text, veteran paddlers Charlie Wilson and Lou Glaros explain freestyle canoeing for both the beginner and the expert.

Introduction to Paddling : Canoeing Basics for Lakes and Rivers Introduction to Paddling : Canoeing Basics for Lakes and Rivers
by American Canoe Association

An easy-to-understand guide to flatwater and river paddling. This book tells beginning paddlers everything they need to know, from appropriate clothing to the parts of the boat, from correct strokes to proper safety concerns.

Basic Essentials Canoe Paddling, 2nd Edition Basic Essentials Canoe Paddling, 2nd Edition
(Basic Essentials)
by Harry Roberts, Steve Salins

Discover how to choose a paddle and outfit a canoe, get into a canoe, perform the basic forward stroke and correction strokes, turn and maneuver, paddle in wind, waves and moving water and keep water out of your boat.

Basic Essentials Canoeing Basic Essentials Canoeing
(Basic Essentials)
by Cliff Jacobson, Moen, Cliff (Illustrator)

In this fully revised second edition, you'll discover how to choose a canoe that's right for you; select canoe accessories from paddles and PFDs to knee pads and waterproof gear bags; lift, portage, and transport your canoe with ease; master the basic paddling strokes, then learn how to canoe in whitewater and currents; and rescue yourself or a friend after capsizing.

Basic Essentials : Solo Canoeing Basic Essentials : Solo Canoeing
(Basic Essentials Series)
by Cliff Jacobson

Discover how to choose the right type of solo canoe, customize your solo canoe for peak performance, perform various braces and ferry strokes, pack and portage for camping expeditions and maintain and repair your solo canoe.

The Canoe Handbook The Canoe Handbook
Techniques for Mastering the Sport of Canoeing
by Slim Ray

The Canoe Handbook introduces the basic maneuvers that will soon have you paddling with confidence on both quiet lakes and rushing white water.

Canoe Paddles: A Complete Guide to Making Your Own Canoe Paddles: A Complete Guide to Making Your Own
by Graham Warren, David Gidmark

Just about anyone can custom craft their own canoe paddle using this book as a guide.

Canoe Rig : The Essence and the Art Canoe Rig : The Essence and the Art
Sailpower for Antique and Traditional Canoes
by Todd Bradshaw

Directed at those who are restoring an old canoe or putting a sail on an old canoe.

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