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Traditional / Wood
Boatbuilding : A Complete Handbook of Wooden Boat Construction Boatbuilding : A Complete Handbook of Wooden Boat Construction
by Howard I. Chapelle, Jonathon Wilson (Introduction)

This is a classic book for those interested in traditional boatbuilding techniques and old-fashioned robust design.

Boatbuilding Manual Boatbuilding Manual
by Robert M. Steward

A revised and updated reference (3rd ed., 1987) that emphasizes traditional wood construction but also surveys plywood, wood-epoxy, fiberglass, steel, aluminum, and other boatbuilding methods. The chapters on interpreting plans, lofting, and moldmaking are common to all methods.

Buehler's Backyard Boatbuilding Buehler's Backyard Boatbuilding
by George Buheler, George Buehler

"With an eye to economy and ease, Buehler has modernized wooden boatbuilding processes just enough to allow even the unskilled (and underfunded) to succeed." - Boatbuilder

Details of Classic Boat Construction : The Hull Details of Classic Boat Construction : The Hull
by Larry Pardey

For the amateur interested in  the more traditional side of things, this book may become their bible, and rightfully so.

Devlin's Boatbuilding Devlin's Boatbuilding
How to Build Any Boat the Stitch-and-Glue Way
by Samual Devlin, Sam Devlin

Ranging in length from 7 to 40 feet--so pert and purposeful they seem to have been born on the waves--Devlin's boats belie the fact that they are built from sheet plywood using wire stitches and epoxy glue. In other words, anyone can build them, and many have. Devlin developed this guide to building boats--his or any other designer's--from the building instructions he supplies with his plans.

Traditional Boatbuilding Made Easy Traditional Boatbuilding Made Easy
A 12 Foot Skiff for Oar and Sail
by Richard Kolin

"Woodworkers who admire wooden skiffs will enjoy the straight forward guidelines and procedures laid out by Richard Kolin. Ample diagrams and instructions lead you through the process of lapstrake construction of a 12 foot skiff that possesses satisfying curves and functional good looks that set it apart from other designs." - A reader.

Building Classic Small Craft Building Classic Small Craft
Complete Plans and Instructions for 47 Boats
by John Gardner

"John Gardner has engaged and inspired more individuals connected with traditional small boat craft than will ever be counted." - WoodenBoat

Building Small Boats Building Small Boats
by Greg Rossel

It is 8 1/2" by 11" about 280 pages, hardback, and published by WoodenBoat Publications. Covers everything from tools, wood selection, joinery and finishing.

Building Skin-On-Frame Boats Building Skin-On-Frame Boats
by Robert Morris, Edward R. Turner (Illustrator)

This book is a goldmine for experienced and novice boat builders and wanna-be boat builders alike. Based on classic skin-on-frame boat building techniques of the Inuit, learn step-by-step how to construct seven boat styles, from a kayak to a canoe to a small sailboat.

Boat Joinery and Cabinet Making Simplified Boat Joinery and Cabinet Making Simplified
by Fred P. Bingham

This book is about building things with wood - from a new cup rack to a completely new interior, Fred's gift for providing simple explanations for complex problems can transform a rank beginner who has never held a hammer into a journeyman boat carpenter, and a journeyman carpenter into a true craftsman.

10 Wooden Boats You Can Build 10 Wooden Boats You Can Build
For Sail, Motor, Paddle and Oar (The Woodenboat Series)
by Peter H. Spectre (Editor)
Forty Wooden Boats Forty Wooden Boats
A Third Catalog of Building Plans
by Editors of Woodenboat Magazine

WoodenBoats has compiled another set of intriguing drawings and lines.

Fifty Wooden Boats : A Catalog of Building Plans Fifty Wooden Boats : A Catalog of Building Plans

Catalogue of fifty classical wooden boat designs

How to Build the Gloucester Light Dory How to Build the Gloucester Light Dory
by Harold Payson

A shop manual on building an exceptional rowing dory. Designed by Philip C. Bolger, the 15'6' Gloucester Light Dory is fast, seaworthy, and a delight to row. It features simple plywood construction.

Dory Book Dory Book
by John Gardner

This book has a wealth of information, for those interested in building dories. Clear and concise explanations, as well as a great how to build chapter.

The Sharpie Book The Sharpie Book
by Reuel B. Parker

"Parker instructs the reader in an interesting step-by-step manner that inspires desire and enthusiasm in even the most inept Yankee doodler. But even if you never plan to build a sharpie, this book will delight sailors and boatbuilders alike." - The Ensign

New Plywood Boats New Plywood Boats
by Thomas Firth Jones

"If you're interested in boatbuilding, buy this book." - Good Old Boat

Clinker Plywood Boatbuilding Manual Clinker Plywood Boatbuilding Manual
by Iain Oughtred
Boatbuilding with Baltek DuraKore Boatbuilding with Baltek DuraKore
by David G. Brown

"The definitive guide to building one-off hi-tech composite power and sail boats of virtually any shape for professional and home builders without time-consuming, costly plugs and conventional fiberglass molds." - Australian Amateur Boatbuilder

The New Cold-Molded Boatbuilding The New Cold-Molded Boatbuilding
From Lofting to Launching
by Reuel B. Parker

For the do-it-yourselfer backyard builder who dreams of cruising in his own boat and can't begin to afford a custom-built vessel. This book really does explain how you can do it.

Cold-Molded and Strip-Planked Wood Boatbuilding Cold-Molded and Strip-Planked Wood Boatbuilding
by Ian Nicolson

Cold-moulded wood boatbuilding involves bonding together layers of wood veneers or thin planks to make a strong, lightweight and watertight hull. Modern glues, particularly epoxy resins, have recently given cold-moulding a boost and improved its strength for weight and longevity.

Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction
Wood and West System Materials
by Meade Gougeon
The Laminated Wood Boatbuilder The Laminated Wood Boatbuilder
A Step-by-Step Guide for the Backyard Builder
by Hub Miller

"Hub Miller's drawings are encyclopedic. Every significant stick, fastening, shadow, and process is revealed with clean, expressive lines in black on white". - WoodenBoat

Heart of Glass Heart of Glass
Fiberglass Boats and the Men Who Built Them
by Daniel Spurr

"In the skilled hands of Dan Spurr this masterly book combines science with passion and breathes life into the story of a boatbuilding phenomenon that changed an entire industry and brought boating to the masses." - Cruising World 

Fiberglass Boats Fiberglass Boats
by Hugo Du Plessis

Since its first edition in 1963, this classic reference is relied upon by owners and professionals to understand the many facets of fiberglass boat construction. Now completely updated, it is an invaluable, non-technical resource for expert information on the principles of fiberglass construction, as well as sound practice.

From A Bare Hull : How To Build A Sailboat From A Bare Hull : How To Build A Sailboat
by Ferenc Mate

A complete step-by-step guide covering every aspect of fiberglass boat completion - woodworking, electrical, plumbing and hardware installation - with hundreds of tips on how to save time and money during construction as well as purchase.

Metal Boats
The Complete Guide to Metal Boats The Complete Guide to Metal Boats
Building, Maintenance, and Repair
by R. Bruce Roberts-Goodson

For anyone even considering building, buying, or renovating a metal boat, this must-have resource provides a thorough overview of steel, aluminum, and copper-nickel boat construction.

Aluminum Boatbuilding Aluminum Boatbuilding
by Ernest H. Sims

This guide covers every aspect of designing and building aluminum alloy boats. It highlights the advantages of building in aluminum, and explains the limitations of the material. The machinery, tools, techniques, and skills required for building in aluminum are detailed, along with procedures for setting-up, painting, and dealing with corrosions and repairs.

Boatbuilding with Aluminum Boatbuilding with Aluminum
by Stephen F. Pollard

Brings it all together in an organized and thorough volume that's loaded with useful information and practical advice

Metal Corrosion in Boats Metal Corrosion in Boats
The Prevention of Metal Corrosion in Hulls, Engines, Rigging and Fittings
by Nigel Warren

Naval architect Warren offers owners and builders of boats information on the various metals used in boats and the corrosion they are subject to; the different types of corrosion and their effects; and advice on control and prevention.

Canoes, Kayaks, Skiffs
The Strip-Built Sea Kayak The Strip-Built Sea Kayak
Three Rugged, Beautiful Boats You Can Build
by Nick Schade

"Nick Schade has managed to raise the craft of strip building to the art of graphic design in wood" - Sea Kayaker

The New Kayak Shop The New Kayak Shop
More Elegant Wooden Kayaks Anyone Can Build
by Chris Kulczycki

From coast to coast, home boatbuilders have turned to Chris Kulczycki for everything they needed to know about making their own kayaks from high-grade marine plywood and epoxy.

Building a Strip Canoe Building a Strip Canoe
by Gil Gilpatrick

This completely revised edition includes plans and patterns for eight well-proven designs. Step-by-step directions are accompanied by over 100 photographs plus illustrations.

Canoecraft Canoecraft
An Illustrated Guide to Fine Woodstrip Construction
by Ted Moores

"An excellent definitive book ... something you must read if you are going to build a woodstrip canoe." -  Canoeist, July 2001

Kayakcraft : Fine Woodstrip Kayak Construction Kayakcraft : Fine Woodstrip Kayak Construction
by Ted Moores (Illustrator), Jennifer Moores (Photographer)
Building the Weekend Skiff Building the Weekend Skiff
by Richard Butz, John Montague

Building the Weekend Skiff offers detailed plans and instructions for building a simple boat at low cost with easily obtainable materials and basic hand tools. The Weekend Skiff is fifteen feet in length, can hold two adults or several children, and is adaptable for oars, sail or a small outboard engine.

Featherweight Boatbuilding : A Woodenboat Book Featherweight Boatbuilding : A Woodenboat Book
by Henry "Mac" McCarthy
Ultralight Boatbuilding Ultralight Boatbuilding
by Thomas J. Hill

Ultralight building derives its great strength from the lapped seams and epoxy glue used in the lapstrake plywood construction. No frames are needed; the thwarts and floors provide all the necessary reinforcement. Hill sets down all you need to know - from start to finish - using a sailing skiff and canoe as examples.

Building Your Kevlar Canoe Building Your Kevlar Canoe
A Foolproof Method and Three Foolproof Designs
by James Moran

With this book, the most inexperienced home builder can turn out a handsome canoe for an investment of about $600 and a few weekends. Featured are designs for a stable family canoe, a solo canoe, and a wilderness tripper, any of which can be built right from this book.

Wood and Canvas Kayak Building Wood and Canvas Kayak Building
by George Putz

The building techniques are simple but elegant, incorporating modern adhesives to reduce the number of screw fastenings and the degree of precision required, while still creating a strong, light boat.

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