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Sharks and Rays of the World Sharks & Rays of the World
by Doug Perrine

Doug Perrine examines the bizarre evolutionary experiments that have characterized the development of sharks and rays, exploding the myth that they have been unchanged over hundreds of millions of years. He also explores their life history strategies, reproduction, feeding, body form, and sensory adaptations, all of which are highly advanced and unique among fishes.

Sharks Sharks
by J. D. Stevens (Editor)

"Three hundred spectacular photographs accompany chapters on shark types and distribution, biology and behavior, ecology and conservation, encounters with sharks, the role of sharks in the marine environment, shark attack prevention, and shark lore." - Book News

The Shark Almanac The Shark Almanac
by Thomas B. Allen

"Through detailed and illustrated descriptions of more than one hundred shark species, the almanac provides a comprehensive yet accessible overview of the misunderstood species. Allen recounts shark legends and tales, documents actual shark attacks, and discusses which species attack, what provokes them, and how to avoid them." - Book News

The Book of Sharks The Book of Sharks
by Richard Ellis, Edward Ellis

"The book has excellent illustrations, paintings, and photographs, and biographies of several prominent shark researchers, conservationists, and shark-hunters. But more importantly, this book does a good job of summarizing aspects of the biology, ecology, and evolution of this amazing and intriguing group of animals." - A reader

Shadows in the Sea : The Sharks, Skates, and Rays Shadows in the Sea : The Sharks, Skates, and Rays
by Thomas B. Allen, Harold W. McCormick, William E. Young (Contributor)

"From the first pages, an account of the "rogue shark" off New Jersey in 1916, this book is informative, exciting, and sometimes even endearing... stories of shark fisherman, attacks, and a comprehensive guide to sharks commonly found in North American oceans." - A reader

The Sharks of North American Waters The Sharks of North American Waters
by Jose I. Castro, D. Bryan, III Stone (Illustrator)

"If you ask the average person to name as many sharks as they can, they might come up with about 15. This book has a lot more. It has an entry for every shark that can be found off the shores of North America, and because sharks are wide ranging animals, this means most of the sharks in the world." - A reader

Reef Sharks and Rays of the World Reef Sharks and Rays of the World
A Guide to Their Identification, Behavior and Ecology
by Scott W. Michael

The first all-color field guide to include the various species of guitarfishes, manta rays, electric and stingrays and sharks that occur around temperate and tropical reefs of the world. Each species narrative includes distribution and natural history notes.

The Encyclopedia of Sharks The Encyclopedia of Sharks
by Steve Parker, Jane Parker

"Charts, maps and diagrams highlight the fact-filled text ... Readers are left marveled, amazed and wanting to read more. Children also love this book for the cool, scary, pictures." - Today's Librarian

Sharks (Firefly Guide) Sharks (Firefly Guide)
by Andrea Ferrari, Antonella Ferrari, Anna Bennett (Translator)

This handy guide to all the species of sharks in the world will prove invaluable to the diver, tourist, student and naturalist. More than 120 species are covered and illustrated with 450 color photographs to provide a comprehensive look at this magnificent creature.

Sharks of Hawaii Sharks of Hawaii : Their Biology and Cultural Significance
by Leighton Taylor

"A fascinating look at sharks in general and, in particular, the species inhabiting waters around the Hawaiian archipelago. Combining modern knowledge of shark biology with details culled from oral tradition, legends, and artifacts, Taylor provides a scientific account of individual species and sheds light on their role and significance in Hawaiian culture." - Book News

Great White Shark Great White Shark
by Richard Ellis, John E. McCosker (Contributor), Al Giddings (Photographer)

"Ellis traces the evolution of sharks in general and the Great White in particular and provides a fascinating and in-depth look at the incredible animal. The photographs and diagrams are excellent and the narration is never dull. If you like sharks, then buy this book. You will not regret it." - A reader

Great White Sharks Great White Sharks
The Biology of Carcharodon Carcharias
by A. Peter Klimley (Editor), David G. Ainley (Editor)

"Brings together the latest information on the ecology and behavior of great white sharks, covering anatomy, physiology, evolution, distribution, population dynamics, and interactions with humans." - Book News

Cousteau's Great White Shark Cousteau's Great White Shark
by Jean-Michel Cousteau, Mose Richards (Contributor)

Here is the story, in words, photographs, and drawings, of a two-and-a-half-year expedition to the south coast of Australia. The Cousteau team-including scientists, divers, cameramen, and sailors-studied the behavior and biology of the much-feared but little-known great white shark.

Shark Attacks : Their Causes and Avoidance Shark Attacks : Their Causes and Avoidance
by Thomas B. Allen

The shark is so well adapted to its element that its existence on the planet actually predates trees. When people enter that element in increasing numbers, as they have in recent years, the results can be tragic and seemingly arbitrary. Author Tom Allen has carefully researched all known shark incidents from all over the world.

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