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The Book of Dolphins The Book of Dolphins
by Mark Carwardine, David Bellamy

Over 100 large-size, dramatic color photographs taken throughout the world give an up-close and personal look at dolphins - their diversity, physiology, social structure, and environment, as well as other "dolphin mysteries."

Dolphins of the World Dolphins of the World
by Ben Wilson

"Marine zoologist Wilson gives a general reader's overview of oceanic, coastal, and river dolphins. He goes on to discuss beach strandings, dolphin research and conservation, how researchers keep track of individual dolphins, and dolphin watching" - Book News

Dolphins and Porpoises Dolphins and Porpoises
by Richard Ellis

The most comprehensive history and natural history of the 43 known species of dolphins and porpoises, this large and beautifully illustrated book discusses their anatomies, habitats, populations, feeding habits, and relationships with other sea creatures and with man.

Bottlenose Dolphins Bottlenose Dolphins
by Paul B. Thompson, Ben Wilson

One look at researcher Paul Thompson's book and it's easy to see why bottlenose dolphins continue to be the world's favorite aquarium animal. Thompson's incredible knowledge, coupled with lively photos of bottlenose dolphins effortlessly flying from the ocean in unison and weaving in the depths of the azure sea, make for a treasured book.

Porpoises (World Life Library) Porpoises (World Life Library)
by Andrew J. Read

In Porpoises, Dr. Read describes the six species of porpoises, conservation issues, the future of these enigmatic animals, and the striking differences between porpoises and the better-known bottlenose dolphin.

DK Handbooks: Whales Dolphins and Porpoises DK Handbooks: Whales Dolphins and Porpoises
by Mark Carwardine, Martin Camm (Illustrator)

In this guide to whales, dolphins, and porpoises, arranged by family orders, Carwardine explains that new species of these elusive creatures are still being discovered. The book's description of 79 species is based upon the author's and illustrator's own observations and the works of many other specialists. General information on diet, habitat, anatomy, behavior, and conservation prefaces the specific descriptions.

The Whale-Watcher's Handbook

The Whale-Watcher's Handbook
A Field Guide to the Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises of North America
by David K. Bulloch, Lou Burlingame (Illustrator)

"This book is handy for those actually taking whale-watching tours, but it could prove indispensable for those who find themselves afloat without benefit of trained naturalists."

The Book of Whales The Book of Whales
by Richard Ellis

The Book of Whales celebrates the beauty, the grandeur, the fascination, of this planet's thirty-three species of whale - from the legendary humpback, sperm, and blue varieties to the equally alluring but lesser-known ginkgo-toothed, goosebeak, and scamperdown.

Whales of the World Whales of the World
by Phil Clapham

"Clapham, a whale biologist with the Smithsonian Institution, writes with an immediacy that only intimate knowledge of the subject can give. The wonderful photos illustrate many aspects of whale life, showing some behaviors never before pictured. . . . this excellent introduction is recommended for all libraries." - Booklist

Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises of the Eastern North Pacific and Adjacent Arctic Waters
A Guide to Their Identification
by Stephen Leatherwood, Randall R. Reeves, William F. Perrin, W. Evans
Killer Whales Killer Whales
The Natural History and Genealogy of Orcinus Orca in British Columbia and Washington State
by John K. B. Ford, Graeme M. Ellis, Kenneth C. Balcomb

The authors present the latest information on killer whale natural history; suggestions on how, when, and where to best watch killer whales; and a catalog of some 300 photographs of "resident" killer whales which can be used to identify individuals and their family groups.

Humpback Whales (World Life Library) Humpback Whales (World Life Library)
by Phil Clapham

Humpback Whales introduces the general reader to the environmental and human threats, the life history, and the many fascinating traits of this massive sea mammal. From their gigantic fins to their elaborate song patterns, Dr. Phil Clapham highlights the unique characteristics that set humpbacks apart from other whales.

Beluga Whales (World Life Library Series) Beluga Whales (World Life Library Series)
by Anthony Martin

Martin acquaints readers with whale-watching, providing details of where, when and how to get close to belugas in their natural environment. Lavishly illustrated throughout with the best available images of this photogenic whale, Beluga Whales will appeal to a wide audience of nature lovers.

Gray Whales (World Life Library) Gray Whales (World Life Library)
by James David Darling

Jim Darling describes the social organization and behavior, life history, distribution, and movement of this coastal species. He considers why gray whales may have disappeared from the North Atlantic and examines the remaining threats to what has been one of the great success stories of conservation.

Blue Whales (WorldLife Library Series) Blue Whales (World Life Library Series)
by John Calambokidis, Gretchen Steiger

"Using stunning photographs from some of the world's best-known underwater photographers ... Calambokidis and Steiger present a picture of these great mammals and speculate about their threatened future." - Ocean Realm

Minke Whales (World Life Library Series) Minke Whales (World Life Library Series)
by A. Rus Hoelzel, S. Jonathan Stern

Minke whales are the most abundant, and in recent years, the most persecuted of the baleen whales. And yet they are not well known, sometimes even to those who are interested in marine mammals. This fascinating book reviews the biology and behavior of the minke whale and the history of our understanding and interactions with them.

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