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Bonefish & Permit
Fishing for Catfish Fishing for Catfish
by Keith B. Sutton

The mystique of catfishing lures anglers across all social, economic, and geographic levels. This guide shows how to get a "trophy" catfish, covering all aspects of the sport in a conversational style. Photos &illustrations.

The Freshwater Angler: Catching Catfish The Freshwater Angler: Catching Catfish
by Keith Sutton (Editor), Cpi (Editor), The Outdoor Editors of CPi

Catfish may not be the prettiest fish, but they are one of the biggest, hardest fighting and most fished for gamefish in North America. Catching Catfish is the ultimate guide to catching one of these awesome fish. This book offers in-depth coverage of many of the time-tested catfishing techniques used by experts, such as stillfishing, driftfishing, trolling, jug fishing and limblining. Even the ancient technique of noodling is included.

Channel Catfish Fever Channel Catfish Fever
by Doug Stange (Editor), Steve Stange (Contributor), Toad Smith (Contributor)
The Essential Catfish Cookbook The Essential Catfish Cookbook
by Janet Cope, Shannon Harper

Take mouth-watering recipes that call for succulent catfish and a variety of easy-to-find ingredients. Stir in some tasty sauces, soups, stews, side dishes, and sandwiches, all with a decidedly Southern flair. Add a dash of tantalizing tidbits about the private life of the captivating catfish, as well as hints for healthy eating, and you have The Essential Catfish Cookbook.


Crappie Wisdom : An In-Fisherman Handbook of Strategies Crappie Wisdom : An In-Fisherman Handbook of Strategies
by Al Linder

"This book by In-fishermen is a classic like all others. They give detailed information and new secrets to catching more fish. If you are a crappie fanatic buy this book!" - A reader

Ultimate Crappie Techniques Ultimate Crappie Techniques
by Samuel L. Calvin

Calvin's book is full of scores of illustrations and photos teaching you the very best methods. Learn about: best baits, electronics. ice fishing drift trolling, jigging methods, reading structure to find fish, bobbers, shore and boat techniques, crankbaits and best colors, and much, much more!

Dolphin : The Perfect Gamefish Dolphin : The Perfect Gamefish
by Jim Sharpe, Albia Dugger (Editor), Dave Underwood (Illustrator)

"The book illustrates all the best rigs and knots for any dolphin fishing situation from trolling to spin-casting to fly fishing. I have summarized all of the major scientific research on dolphin to date, including their distribution, migrations, temperature and salinity preferences, reproduction, age and growth, schooling behavior and feeding habits." - The author

Pike : An In-Fisherman Handbook of Strategies Pike : An In-Fisherman Handbook of Strategies
by Al Lindner

"This book will help you understand the life cycle and behavior of Northern Pike. The techniques and strategies described in this book will help you become a better and more productive Pike fisherman." - A reader

Northern Pike and Muskie Northern Pike & Muskie
by Dick Sternberg

"This is a beautifully illustrated book about the fish, tackle and tactics for catching the fish. I would recommend this book for the person wanting to start hunting these monsters. It gives the beginner musky hunter good insight into the tackle needed, proven presentations, and behaviors of the fish." - A reader

Northern Pike Northern Pike
by Will Ryan

Here is a thorough and practical guide to all methods of fishing for northern pike-live bait, lures, and flies. Every successful pike fishing method is thoroughly explored, including fishing with flies, lures, and bait, with a special chapter on ice fishing.

Pike on the Fly Pike on the Fly
The Flyfishermans Guide to Northerns, Tigers, and Muskies
by Barry Reynolds, John Berryman, Lefty Kreh

Fly fishing for pike and their cousins the muskie, the pickerel, and the tiger muskie is one of the sport's great challenges.

Shad Fishing : Techniques, Tactics, and Tackle Shad Fishing : Techniques, Tactics, and Tackle
by C. Boyd Pfeiffer

This complete guide covers the history and habits of shad and all the practical fishing on range, tackle for both fly fishing and spin fishing, and techniques for fishing on the shore and from a boat. This practical guide for taking this popular game fish on fly or lure is completely up-to- date and covers the latest developments in fishery and equipment. Includes patterns for 176 shad flies.

The 10-Minute Snook Book

The 10-Minute Snook Book
by John McLean

A quick guide to finding and catching Florida's most prized gamefish. The 10-Minute Snook Book offers advice on basic tackle, knots, tides, conditions, time of year, and more. A list of proven lures is included, along with detailed instructions for using them effectively.

Snook Book: A Complete Anglers Guide Snook Book: A Complete Anglers Guide
by Frank Sargeant
Steelhead Guide Steelhead Guide
Fly Fishing Techniques and Strategies for Lake Erie Steelhead (second edition)
by John Nagy, Jeff Wynn (Illustrator)
Steelhead : Fly Fishing Steelhead : Fly Fishing
by Trey Combs, Loren Smith (Illustrator)

This full and brilliant book is the classic on fly fishing for steelhead trout. It is the culmination of a lifetime of study by the world's finest writer on the species, and offers practical advice on all aspects of the sport.

Advanced Fly Fishing for Steelhead: Flies and Technique Advanced Fly Fishing for Steelhead: Flies and Technique
by Deke Meyer

If that lunker on the cover isn't enough to get you out on the river, maybe the excellent instruction inside will provide the confidence you need to go after one of the world's most coveted fighting fish. Meyer covers the basics of tactics and technique as well as advanced aspects of the sport such as spey rods, dry flies, and even stalking small streams for big fish.

Striped Bass
Great White Sturgeon Angling Great White Sturgeon Angling
by Bud Conner

The white sturgeon is the largest freshwater fish in the western world-reaching ages over 100 years and lengths of over 14 feet! Fishing for these behemoths is a blast and in this book, Conner shares his vast knowledge, including: a description of this fascinating species, popular sturgeon waters, tackle and rigging, baits, where to find fish, techniques, catch-and-release and more.

Tarpon Quest Tarpon Quest
by John N. Cole
The Tarpon Book: A Complete Angler's Guide The Tarpon Book: A Complete Angler's Guide
by Frank Sargeant
Tuna Tuna
by Bill Smith

"Anglers who enjoy sports fishing in general and tuna in particular will welcome this practical guide to the sport, which covers tackle and techniques useful for fishing for tuna in all kinds of conditions. Species identification, anchor retrieval methods, and trolling, chunking and chumming tips alike pack this practical guide which includes a color display of tuna paintings by Ron Pittard." - A reader

Fishing for Tuna and Marlin Fishing for Tuna and Marlin
by Pete Barrett

"Capt'n Pete Barrett shares his vast knowledge in every important aspect of offshore fishing for tuna and marlin. The book includes many helpful rigging tips, illustrations and fishing strategies. Just about every aspect of the sport is covered." - A reader

Fish the Chair If You Dare Fish the Chair If You Dare
The Ultimate Guide to Giant Bluefin Tuna Fishing
by Greg Beacher
Walleye Wisdom : An In-Fisherman Handbook of Strategies Walleye Wisdom : An In-Fisherman Handbook of Strategies
by Al Lindner

"This book has it all from time to fish for them to how and where. The ins and outs of jigging, rigging, live bait, crankbaits. All the stuff you need trolling, drifting, and also all the equipment for all types of walleye fishing. If you don't catch more walleye with this book than you did not read it." - A reader

Catch More Walleyes Catch More Walleyes
by Mark Romanack

Tournament fishing pro Mark Romanack shares the secrets that allow him to consistently land fish. As one of the top anglers on two pro circuits, he explains the tactics and equipment needed for popular fishing styles like jigging, rigging and slip sinker fishing.

Successful Walleye Fishing Successful Walleye Fishing
(Hunting & Fishing Library. Freshwater Angler.)
Walleye Patterns and Presentations Walleye Patterns & Presentations
(The Freshwater Angler)

When walleyes are biting, anyone can bring home a limit. But when they do their disappearing act, it takes a great deal of knowledge and skill to find and catch them. This book will show you the most advanced walleye-fishing techniques and equipment and help you develop a better understanding of walleye behavior.

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