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  • Great Water, Great Fish : The Worldwide Guide to Fly Fishing - by John Ross
    A comprehensive region-by-region guide to angling paradise. Here is the information you need for planning and undertaking the fly fishing trip of your dreams. Focusing on countries or regions famous for the quality of their fly fishing, enthusiasts and novice fishermen alike will find what they are searching for in a extraordinary fishing vacation. Each region is broken down by type of terrain, water type, peak times for the area, fishing levels and catching limits.


  • The Bahamas Fly-Fishing Guide - by Stephen Vletas, Kim Vletas, Steven Vletas
    Comprehensive guide to fly fishing and adventure travel in the Bahamas - with detailed information on lodges, guides, services, tackle, flies, tactics, diving, snorkeling, and adventure travel. The book includes an overview of the Bahamian fishery, with its spectacular bonefish fishing, along with historical, geographical, and cultural information.



  • Loughs of Ireland : A Flyfisher's Guide - by Peter O'Reilly
    The companion to Rivers of Ireland, this thorough guide offers the same type of information for lakes: seasons, species, fishing tips, as well as the latest on access and permissions. Here is virtually everything a visiting angler needs to know, including addresses and phone numbers of local clubs and tackle shops, and fishing tips.
  • Rivers of Ireland : A Flyfisher's Guide - by Peter O'Reilly
    Comprehensive guide to Ireland's trout and salmon waters. Rivers are shown on regional maps and described in detail, including the most productive stretches, access areas, stock levels, average size and record fish, vegetation, hatches, local permit requirements, seasons for each species, and the best flies to use.


  • Baja on the Fly - by Nick Curcione
    Author Nick Curcione has fished Baja for more than four decades. With big, full-color photos and lots of key advice, he introduces the fly-fisher to a beautiful place loaded with exciting fishing and travel opportunities. Curcione inventories the necessary tackle, fish species, surf tactics, and travel tips to help you make the most out of a fly-fishing vacation in paradise.
  • Gary Graham's No Nonsense Guide to Fly Fishing Southern Baja : A Quick, Clear Understanding of How & Where to Fly Fish Baja's Famous and Remote Saltwaters - by Gary Graham, David Banks (Illustrator), James Yuskavitch, Yvonne Graham, Pete Chadwell (Photographer)
    Extensive maps and directions, illustrations, flies, charts show what months to fish, Spanish language for the fly angler, terms and knots show how to get to fish and how to catch them with a fly rod. Web sites, fishing resources, fly shops and other important information. Great for planning a trip to Baja Mexico.
  • Mexico Blue-Ribbon Fly Fishing Guide - by Ken Hanley, John Shewey
    Discover the best salt- and freshwater fly fishing of Mexico. In relaying Mexico's blue-ribbon fly fishing, Hanley treats the entire country, sea to sea and north to south, describing the best fly fishing in both salt and fresh water. Information about species, seasons, tackle, and accommodations included.

United States


  • Flyfishing Alaska - by Anthony J. Route
    Each species of salmon and trout is covered with details concerning best time of year to fish, best fly patterns and what tactics will produce strikes. This is a how to fish rather than where to fish book, although it does mention many areas worth investigating.
  • Fishing Alaska - by Evan Swensen, Margaret Swensen
    The authors describe more than 100 of Alaska's hottest river fishing spots from the Panhandle to the Yukon River. More than fifty easy-to-use charts and tables offer advice on when the fish are biting and how you can catch them - from trout salmon, or halibut to shellfish.
  • Kenai River (River Journal Series, No 5) - by Anthony J. Route
    Helpful area maps provide access information for anglers including river drifting, campgrounds, boat launching, shuttling, etc. There is much practical, insider fly-fishing help including timing of different insect hatches, matching flies to use, lodging, guide and fly shop services, additional bibliography, map sources, phone numbers, and addresses.


  • Arizona Trout Streams and Their Hatches - Fly-Fishing in the High Deserts of Arizona and Western New Mexico - by Charles R. Meck, John Rohmer
    The first complete guide to Arizona's trout waters and its important hatches, from one of America's most respected fly-fishing writers.
  • Arizona Trout : A Fly Fishing Guide - by Rex Johnson Jr., Rex, Jr. Johnson, Strider Brown (Photographer), Jay Scott (Illustrator)
    Rex shares his more than 20 years of experience. You will learn: the most up-to-date information on which waters hold trout; when is the best time to fish each water; what species you will find; hatches; the best presentations to fish these sometimes tricky waters; special safety tips; useful maps; average flows; and much more.
  • Glenn Tinnin's No Nonsense Guide to Fly Fishing in Arizona : A Quick, Clear Understanding of Where to Fly Fish in Arizona - by Glenn Tinnin, David Banks (Editor), Jim Yskavitch (Editor), Pete Chadwell (Illustrator)


  • Fishing Arkansas : A Year-Round Guide to Angling Adventures in the Natural State - by Keith B. Sutton
    "Keith Sutton, editor of Arkansas Wildlife magazine and award-winning photographer and outdoors writer, has put together another great fishing book with a simple, effective structure. The chapters lead you through the months of the year, with multiple pieces in each chapter that suggest specific species to catch that time of year and where you'll find them in the Natural State." - A reader


  • Saltwater Fishing in California - Secrets of the Pacific Experts - by Ron Kovach
  • Foghorn Outdoors: California Fishing 6th Ed. - The Complete Guide to More Than 1,000 Fishing Spots in the Golden State - by Tom Stienstra
    Perfect for beginners and masters, this updated resource offers details on more than 850 lakes and reservoirs, 175 major streams, and 1,200 miles of coastline. Included are ratings of each area, current information on facilities and fees, profiles of top sport fish, and 52 regional maps.
  • Recreation Lakes of California : 12th Edition - by D. J. Dirksen, McKinney
    Complete guidebook to over 430 Lakes in California, detailed maps, current information, a must for campers, R.V.ers, fishermen, boaters and anyone who loves the outdoors.
  • Fly Fishing California Stillwaters - by Bill Sunderland
    "In addition to excellent information on where to fish, how to fish the best lakes in the state, and what realistically to expect when you get there, first-rate maps make sure you don't get lost on the way. And the photography is fantastic!" - A reader
  • California : Blue Ribbon Trout Streams - by Bill Sunderland, Dale Lackey
    Each chapter gives a description of the water, hatches, fish regulations, hatchery plantings, and more. With its emphasis on preserving California's good trout fishing and the natural beauty of the area, this book is a must for all responsible fishermen.
  • Fishing in Northern California: The Complete Guide - by Ken Albert
    "If you are deep sea or in the high Sierras, this book gives lots of valuable information regarding how to rig your gear for your desired fish, and known hot spots." - A reader
  • Flyfisher's Guide to Northern California - by Seth Norman (Editor)
    Rivers like the Sacramento, Fall, Pit, and Hat Creek are covered with detailed descriptions of access, tackle considerations, and personal observations.
  • Ken Hanley's No Nonsense Guide to Fly Fishing in Northern California : A Quick, Clear Understanding of Fly Fishing, Northern California's Finest river  - by Ken Hanley, Pete Chadwell (Illustrator), David Banks (Editor)
    From the best water and flies to the best time to fish and accommodations in relatively remote fishing regions of Northern California, this will attract any avid fly fisherman with pages of travel and outdoors information on fly fishing rivers, lakes, reserviors and bays.
  • Fishing in Southern California : The Complete Guide - by Ken Albert
    "Where, how and when to fish and excellent information on both lakes and saltwater." - A reader
  • Saltwater Angler's Guide to Southern California - by Jeff Spira
    From Santa Barbara down through San Diego, the author covers the best water and how to fish it. Offshore islands are also included. Jeff covers over 40 species of fish to target and then goes spot to spot down the coast to detail the best fishing. Detailed maps are also included. Marinas, tackle shops, boat ramps, piers and much more are all covered.
  • Fly Fishing the Sierra Nevada - by Bill Sunderland
    From Lake Almanor's exciting hex hatch in the north to the lovely golden trout of Monache Meadows in the south, this book describes when, where and how to fish California's premier mountain range. Detailed maps and directions chart the way to hundreds of rivers, creeks and lakes that offer some of the best fishing in the state.
  • Sierra Trout Guide - by Ralph Cutter, Lisa Cutter, Joeseph R. Tomelleri (Illustrator)
    More than just a guide to finding trout in the diverse waters of California's Sierra Nevadas, this is a colorful and informative overview of the fish, their habitat, and techniques for bringing them to net. It begins with a detailed description of the native and non-native trout species of the Sierras, including beautiful full-color plates.
  • Trout Fishing the John Muir Trail - by Charles S. Beck, Steve Beck
    "The John Muir Trail runs through 210 miles of spectacular Sierra Nevada mountain range scenery. This book will enable the angler to plan and prepare for a trip to the John Muir Trail; fish along the trail; as well as assemble terrain appropriate fishing tackle and hiking gear. There are a wealth of hiking tips, a roster of 20 top trout streams; fly fishing recommendations, and more." - A reader
  • Yosemite Trout Fishing Guide - by Charles S. Beck, Steve Beck
    Yosemite National Park is known the world over for its awesome beauty. But this park offers the fisherman more than just a feast for the eyes - great trout fishing for those who know where, when, and how! In this book, Steve shows you when, where, and how. For each section of the park covered, you'll learn of its history hatches, weather, regulations, what fish you can expect and how best to catch them and much more.


  • Flyfisher's Guide to Colorado - by Marty Bartholomew, Barry Reynolds (Contributor), A. K. Best (Introduction)
    "Veteran Colorado flyfishers and newcomers alike will be delighted with this new 512 page book that explores the state's rich angling opportunities more comprehensively than any reference before it." - Rocky Mountain News
  • Fly Fishing Southern Colorado : An Angler's Guide - by Craig Martin, Tom Knopick, John Flick
  • Kip Carey's Official Colorado Fishing Guide - by Kip Carey
    Kip Carey's Official Colorado Fishing Guide features specific directions, comprehensive descriptions, and maps for all of Colorado's rivers, streams, lakes, and reservoirs.
  • Olle's Colorado Fishing Guide & Atlas - by Outdoor Books, Inc. Maps
  • Fly Fishing the Colorado River : An Angler's Guide - by Al Marlowe
    This guide covers the Colorado River from its headwaters in Rocky Mountain National Park to the Rifle, Colorado, area. The book also describes the streams that join the mighty Colorado along this distance. Complete with access information, maps, and photographs. A must have for every Colorado angler!


  • Fish Florida : Saltwater - Better Than Luck - The Fool Proof Guide to Florida Saltwater Fishing - by Boris Arnov, Susan Jyl Feldman (Illustrator)
  • Good Luck and Tight Lines! - A Sure-Fire Guide to Florida's Inshore Fishing - by R. G. Schmidt
    "If you're looking to get into the wonderful world of Florida's inshore fishing, this book is a must. It's fun, easy reading and the author gives you what you need to know." - A reader
  • Flyfisher's Guide to the Florida Keys - by Ben Taylor
    Included are over 120 detailed lake and river maps showing lake depths, river access and areas of special interest in addition to hatch charts, stream facts and recommended flies and leaders, gear and tackle. Also includes information on tides, charts, and Florida Keys ethics.
  • Fishing Guide to the Upper Keys and Florida Bay - by Martin Smithson
  • Catch Fish Now : In the Florida Panhandle - by Mike Babbidge
    The book provides detailed WHEN, WHERE, and HOW-TO coverage of bay, surf, pier, inshore and offshore saltwater fishing in the Florida Panhandle.
  • Frank Sargeant's Secret Spots: Tampa Bay to Cedar Key : Florida's Best Saltwater Fishing (Coastal Fishing Guides, Book 1) - by Frank Sargeant


  • Fishing Georgia - by Kevin Dallmier
    Fishing Georgia features more than 100 of the best fishing sites in the Peach State. Whether you're out for black bass, trout, bream, or catfish, this guide can tell you where to go and what to use to land that catch of a lifetime.
  • Bass Fishing in Georgia : A Comprehensive Guide to Public Lakes, Reservoirs, and Rivers - by Jimmy Jacobs
    An in-depth, easy-to-use guide detailing the best spots in Georgia to catch bass, which provides profiles of the state's public waters and the bass species that inhabit them. Each fishing area profile contains detailed information about location, access and directions, physical characteristics, and bass populations.
  • Trout Fishing in North Georgia : A Comprehensive Guide to Public Lakes, Reservoirs, and Rivers - by Jimmy Jacobs
    This comprehensive guide, now in its third edition, not only provides extensive yet easy-to-read information about how to catch trout, but it also describes the best fishing locations in Georgia and how to get to them. The book now includes photographs and has been completely updated, with new streams added.

Great Lakes

  • Great Lakes Steelhead : A Guided Tour for Fly-Anglers - by Bob Linsenman, Steve Nevala, Carl Richards
    "The authors cover the basics on steelhead biology, behavior, leaders, casting techniques, and flies... All of the guides shared their strategies and tips with the authors. The book has a great chapter on popular steelhead flies in colored plates." A reader

Gulf Coast


  • Bill Mason's No Nonsense Guide to Fly Fishing in Idaho - Learn About Fly Fishing Idaho's Finest Rivers, Streams, Lakes and Reservoirs - by Bill Mason, David Banks (Editor)
    Here's a very helpful guide for the fly fisherman who's just learning about Idaho's many and varied waters. Each profile includes a map showing access points, best fishing spots for various species, and more.
  • Fly Fisher's Guide to Idaho - by Ken Retallic, Rocky Barker, R. D. Dye (Illustrator)
    This comprehensive guidebook covers all major Idaho rivers, including the Henry's Fork and Island Park Reservoir, Teton, South Fork of the Snake, Big Wood and Little Wood, Silver Creek, Salmon, Boise, Payette, Clearwater, St. Joe's, Lochsa, Selway and more. A detailed, easy to read text also addresses the popular gamefish with descriptions of each.
  • Henry's Fork (River Journal, Vol 3, No 1) - by Larry Tullis
    The Henry's Fork of the Snake River in Idaho needs no introduction, and neither do the notoriously picky and sizeable trout lurking beneath its placid surface. But if you want to catch these fish, you might want to check out this edition of the River Journal series.



  • Fishing Maine - by Tom Seymour
    Inside are detailed descriptions of 81 fishing hot spots around the state. Each site description includes species present; the best times to fish; tips on lures, flies, bait, tackle, and techniques; access information; maps; photos; and more. A special illustrated section describes the habits, habitats, and best ways to fish for Maine's huge variety of game fish.
  • Complete Guide to Fly Fishing Maine - by Bob Newman
    From a sportsman who has made a thorough study of the whole range of riffles, stillwaters, and surf that Maine has to offer, this is a nuts-and-bolts guide to hot spots for all your favorite game fish. Where and how to fish; maps; directions; boat launches; hints for hiring guides; and more.



  • Trout Streams of Michigan: A Fly-Angler's Guide - by Bob Linsenman, Steve Nevala, Ernest Schwiebert
    Michigan's fly-fishing bible - now revised and expanded with coverage of seven new rivers. With thousands of miles of cold, fertile, and highly oxygenated streams, Michigan is a mecca for trout anglers. In this classic guide to the state, veteran anglers Bob Linsenman and Steve Nevala describe Michigan's best fishing, from its most renowned waters to remote, little-known streams.
  • Michigan Trout Streams : A Fly-Angler's Guide - by Bob Linsenman, Steve Nevala (Contributor), Ernest Schweibert
  • Flyfisher's Guide To Michigan - by Jim Bedford
    Michigan is a flyfisher's paradise, with a seemingly endless supply of rivers, streams, and lakes. Outdoor writer Jim Bedford covers all of these opportunities in greater detail than ever before in this new 480 page guidebook. From steelhead and salmon around the Great Lakes to the remote trout waters of the Upper Peninsula to the famous waters of the Northern Lower Peninsula, he gives great information on where, when and how to fish this impressive state.
  • Trout Ponds and Lakes in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan : An Anglers Guide - by Christopher Deubler
    Detailed information on tackle, equipment, and strategies are provided with an in-depth look at the most common food sources the angler will need to imitate. Anglers will find a diverse selection of trout ponds and lakes to choose from followed by a complete listing of all the Department of Natural Resources designated trout ponds and lakes in the Upper Peninsula.
  • Fish Michigan : One Hundred Upper Peninsula Lakes - by Thomas E. Huggler, Gary W. Barfknecht (Illustrator)
  • Fish Michigan : One Hundred Northern Lower Michigan Lakes - by Thomas E. Huggler, Gary W. Barfknecht (Illustrator)
  • Fish Michigan : One Hundred Southern Michigan Lakes - by Thomas E. Huggler, Gary W. Barfknecht (Illustrator)


  • Flyfisher's Guide to Minnesota  - by Mickey O. Johnson
    Minnesota has an almost limitless supply of fishable water, much of it only lightly flyfished. This book covers them all: trout streams, lakes and warmwater fisheries. Species covered include Trout, Walleye, Panfish, Sauger, Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, Salmon, Muskellunge and Northern Pike.
  • A Boundary Waters Fishing Guide - by Michael Furtman, Alan Linne (Illustrator)
  • Trout Streams of Wisconsin and Minnesota : An Angler's Guide to More Than 120 Rivers and Streams, Second Edition - by Jim Humphrey, Bill Shogren
    The definitive guide to this trout-fishing mecca, which includes several of Trout Unlimited's top 100 trout streams in the country. Wisconsin and Minnesota together boast more than 12,500 miles of designated trout waters in more than 3,000 streams.
  • Wisconsin & Minnesota Trout Streams : A Fly-Angler's Guide - by Jim Humphrey, Bill Shogren
    There is a trout stream for every traveler. A few, like the Wolf, are wide and wild. Some pitch down in fury through channels carved in stone; some wind softly through groves of sighing trees. Many open into green pastures where the air is sweet and jewelweed adorns the bank.


  • Fishing Montana (FalconGuide) - by Michael S. Sample
    The voices of some of Montana's foremost fishing guides and fisheries experts speak volumes in these pages. They suggest where to fish, when to fish, and how, the flies and lures that could make the difference between an empty creel and a good day's catch.
  • The Montanan's Fishing Guide : Montana Waters West of Continental Divide - by Richard L. Konizeski, Bill Archie (Editor), Michele Archie, Dick Konizeski
    "An extremely thorough listing of lakes and streams in Western Montana. A must-have if you are adventurous and tired of visiting the same lakes everyone else visits. This book gives you the location of the body of water by township/section numbers, directions for how to reach the trail or get closest to the lake, and what you'll find to catch once you get there." - A reader
  • Montana Fly Fishing Guide : East of the Continental Divide (Vol 2) - by John Holt
    A complete inventory of Montana's fly-fishing waters east of the Continental Divide, Montana Fly Fishing Guide moves across the state, drainage by drainage, devoting plenty of space to the main river of each watershed as well as the many tributaries, small streams, reservoirs, and alpine lakes that frequently get left out of other guidebooks.
  • Knee Deep in Montana's Trout Streams - by John Holt
    In this updated version of his acclaimed guide to Montana's world-class trout streams, John Holt shares his substantial fly fishing knowledge through new observations.
  • Fishing the Beartooths (FalconGuide) - by Pat Marcuson
    This guide answers the question every angler asks before striking out for a high mountain lake. You'll find up-to-date stocking schedules, information on fish abundance, precise location coordinates, elevation, surface area, and maximum depth for each lake; plus clear descriptions of trails, distances, landmarks, terrain, and even availability of firewood-everything you need to plan your next fishing trip.
  • Fly Fishing the Madison - by Craig Mathews, Gary La Fontaine
    "Here is a wealth of information on the hatches, seasons, and reaches of the river, along with "tips, tricks & techniques" for unlocking the secrets of an surprisingly diverse river. The authors show how to fish the Madison with dry flies, nymphs, and streamers, as well as pointing out the right moments for each type of fly." - A reader


  • Dave Stanley's No Nonsense Guide to Fly Fishing in Nevada - A Quick, Clear Understanding of Fly Fishing Nevada and the Northeastern Sierra's Finest rivers - by Dave Stanley, Pete Chadwell (Illustrator), Lucinda Handley (Editor)
    Describes the Truckee, Carson, Walker and other rivers plus the state's blockbuster trophy cutthroat fishery, Pyramid Lake. Great stillwater fisheries like Eagle, Frenchman, Spooner, Cave and Davis Lakes are detailed.
  • Nevada Angler's Guide : Fish Tails in the Sagebrush - by Richard Dickerson
    Conveniently divided into geographic regions and further subdivided by county, the state's principal creeks, rivers, lakes, and reservoirs are assessed for their angling possibilities and accessibility. Rainbow trout, browns, cutthroat (including the famed Lahontan strain), bull trout, kokanee, mackinaw, bass, walleye, pan fish--they're all out there.

New England / Northeast

  • Flyfisher's Guide to Northern New England : Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine - by Steve Hickoff, Rhey Plumley
    Whether your target is landlocked or migratory Atlantic salmon, striped or smallmouth bass, brook trout, or even rainbow and brown trout, this book should be included in your travel bag. Content includes timing of seasonal trout, bass, and salmon runs, suggested flies, site-specific maps and area hatch charts.
  • Trout Streams of Northern New England : A Guide to the Best Fly-Fishing in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, First Edition - by David Klausmeyer
    A comprehensive new guide to the best fly-fishing for trout and landlocked salmon in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.
  • Trout Streams of Southern New England : An Angler's Guide to the Watersheds of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island - by Tom Fuller (Photographer), Patricia Fuller (Photographer)
    A complete guide to the best fly-fishing in the streams, lakes, and ponds of southern New England. Within the confines of southern New England there are more trout streams, rivers, lakes, and ponds than any one angler can fully appreciate in a lifetime.
  • AMC Guide to Freshwater Fishing in New England : How and Where to Fish in All Six New England States - by Brian R. Kologe
  • Mid-Atlantic Trout Streams and Their Hatches : Overlooked Angling in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey - by Charles R. Meck, Bryan C. Meck (Contributor), D. Craig Josephson (Contributor)
    The author has chronicled 44 new streams across Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey - all spots where you can still find quality angling without a crowd. Each description includes a rating, map, hatch chart, and more.

New Hampshire

  • Ponds & Lakes of the White Mountains : A Four-Season Guide for Hikers and Anglers - by Steven D. Smith
    "In this book Steven Smith has done an excellent job describing how to get to these aquatic treasures in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Detailed descriptions are given for access and trails. Interesting and useful information is also provided on the lakes and ponds themselves." - A reader

New Jersey

  • Fishing the New Jersey Coast - by Jim Freda
    "Fishing The New Jersey Coast by professional saltwater fishing guide Jim Freda is a quality reference specifically tailored to help novice and experienced fishermen alike find the best places along the new Jersey coastline to bring in a fresh, tasty catch." - A reader
  • Gone Fishin : The 100 Best Spots in New Jersey - by Manny Luftglass, Ron Bern, Ronald Lawrence Bern
    "Informative and comprehensive... Luftglass and Bern have successfully outlined the tremendous wealth of fishing opportunities available to angles in the Garden State."

New Mexico

  • Fly-Fishing in Northern New Mexico - by Craig Martin (Editor), Ron Lujan (Illustrator)
    Completely revised and updated, Fly Fishing in Northern New Mexico is a comprehensive guide to more than thirty streams and twelve lakes. This revised edition contains new, specialized information on access, equipment, stream characteristics, trout species and size, timing of insect hatches, as well as artificial fly patterns likely to result in success.
  • Fly-Fishing in Southern New Mexico - by Rex Johnson Jr., Ron Smorynski
  • Taylor Streit's No Nonsense Guide to Fly Fishing in New Mexico - by Taylor Streit, David Banks (Editor), Pete Chadwell (Illustrator)
    "This guide book is designed to be an easy quick reference guide to fly fishing New Mexico. You won't find the extreme detail you'll find in many guide books, but you'll find everything you need to have a successful fly fishing trip in New Mexico." - A reader
  • Fishing in New Mexico - by R. Titus Piper
    "Piper's book covers nearly every possible fishing lake, stream, and river in New Mexico with valuable tips on when and how to fish each body of water. Well-organized into the major river drainages, Piper also provides basic maps for each area." - A reader
  • The San Juan River Fly Fishing Guide - by Michael Shook
    The San Juan River Fly Fishing Guide thoroughly covers the amazing trout water below Navajo Dam, New Mexico. It includes information on the areas insect life, fly patterns, float trips, tips and technique, a detailed map and more.

New York

  • New York Fly Fishing Guide - by Robert W. Streeter
  • Good Fishing in the Adirondacks - by Dennis Aprill (Preface)
    "With close to three thousand lakes, ponds, and beaver flows and thousands of miles of rivers and streams, half the battle of successful fishing in the Adirondacks is in figuring out where to go. Dennis Aprill has made that decision a snap, with solid advice on productive waters. There's plenty of specific insider information, from tackle tips to casting techniques, and plenty to inspire anglers to try some new backcountry spot." - Adirondack Life
  • Flyfisher's Guide to New York - by Eric Newman
    Rivers, lakes and their tributaries as well as streams are all covered in great detail along with detailed maps and hatch charts. The guidebook includes listings of fly shops, 35 hatch charts, lodges and detailed travel information.
  • Gone Fishin : The 100 Best Spots in New York - by Ronald Lawrence Bern, Manny Luftglass, Ron Bern
    Truly great freshwater and saltwater fishing abounds throughout the state, from the classic Catskills trout streams to the mighty Hudson and Delaware rivers; from Lake Ontario to the Finger Lakes; from Long Island Sound to the bluewater canyons off the coast; from saltwater bays to artificial reefs; from the smaller sweetwater rivers and New York City reservoirs to surprising trout streams and bass ponds on Long Island. Luftglass and Bern provide readers with immediately useful insights into each of the 100 best sites.
  • Good Fishing in Lake Ontario and Its Tributaries (Good Fishing in New York Series) - by Rich Giessuebel

North Carolina

  • Inshore Angler - Coastal Carolina's Small Boat Fishing Guide - by Mike Marsh
  • Bass Fishing in North Carolina - by Buck Paysour
    "Any dedicated angler seeking to fish the waters of North Carolina and wanting to know where the fish are to be found, where to put their boat, which lures produce the most successful results would do well to begin by a thorough reading of Buck Paysour's superb compendium of information and advice." - A reader
  • Great Smoky Mountains National Park Angler's Companion - by Ian Rutter
    The weather, geology, geographic location, entomology, native plant life, and fisheries management policies have combined to create daunting obstacles for the Great Smoky Mountain fly-angler. In this book, Ian Rutter unlocks the secrets of this gorgeous region, including: trout streams, game fish, fishing methods, fishing seasons, catching larger trout, trout flies, and more.



  • Flyfisher's Guide to Oregon - by John Huber
    Covering the major freshwater drainages of the Cascades and the Coast Range, this guide will get you started whether you plan to go after "half-pounders" in the Rogue, redsides in the Deschutes, or smallmouth bass in the John Day River. The author covers the basics of techniques, flies, and fishing access--and points you in the direction of local flyshops for more specifics. Driving directions, maps, and listings of accommodations and restaurants are included.
  • Fishing in Oregon's Deschutes River - by Scott Richmond
  • Fishing in Oregon's Best Fly Waters - by Scott Richmond
    "This is an extremely informative book, for both beginner (such as myself) and advanced fisherman. It tells you where to go and what time of year is best for that spot, also what flies are best suited for what is in that particular river." - A reader
  • Fishing in Oregon, Ninth Edition - by Madelynne Diness Sheehan, Raymond Scott (Photographer), Dan Casali
    Oregon's most comprehensive fishing guide, a directory to where, when, and how to fish more than 1200 lakes, streams, and bays. The Ninth Edition features 100 detailed maps and a gallery of big-fish photos (by some of the state's finest fishing photographers) that will make your casting arm twitch.
  • Oregon Blue-Ribbon Fly Fishing Guide - by John Shewey
    The Oregon volume begins with a topographical map of the state, pinpointing areas of interest specifically suited to fly-fishers. Divided into regional zones for quick reference, all the major rivers in each zone are covered as well as smaller tributaries and lakes. Descriptive text focuses on available quarry, tactics, and tackle.

Pacific Northwest

  • Fly Fishing Pacific Northwest Waters : Trout & Beyond II - by John Shewey
    The best hatches, nymphing techniques, spring creeks, beaver pond fishing, and fish from steelhead to sunfish and golden trout to crappie. Fly Fishing Pacific Northwest Waters: Trout & Beyond II is for the everyone, from the novice beginner to the experienced fisherman.


  • Trout Streams and Hatches of Pennsylvania - A Complete Fly-Fishing Guide to 140 Rivers and Streams - by Charles R. Meck
  • Flyfisher's Guide To Pennsylvania - by Dave Wolf
    In this 525 page guidebook Dave Wolf highlights the best flyfishing opportunities throughout the state in great detail with over 90 detailed maps and 60+ hatch charts. In this comprehensive book, Wolf covers all those trouting opportunities in great detail and all the great warmwater flyfishing as well.
  • Trout Streams of Pennsylvania : An Angler's Guide - by Dwight Landis
  • Trout Unlimited's Guide to Pennsylvania Limestone Streams - by A. Joseph Armstrong
    The author spent seven years locating and fishing every limestone stream in Pennsylvania, from the legendary to the unknown. He measured water temperatures, assessed fish populations, and compiled notes on hatches. The information was then reviewed by regional TU chapters. The result is an indispensable guide for trout fishermen.

Rhode Island

Rocky Mountains

  • Fly Fishing the Rocky Mountain Backcountry - by Rich Osthoff
    A detailed guide to fly-fishing destinations in the Rocky Mountains, many of which can only be reached by foot or on horseback, this book includes discussions on necessary gear AND strategies. The actual destinations are explored in depth.
  • Fly Fishing Rocky Mountain National Park : An Angler's Guide - by Todd Hosman
    Fly fishing enthusiasts will find in this guide concise information on fishing the waters of Rocky Mountain National Park. Included is a summary of the Park's best streams, creeks, rivers, ponds, and lakes that abound with healthy, hungry trout - none of which are stocked but are wild and self-sustaining. Additional information is provided on what flies work best in the Park and when important hatches occur.

Smoky Mountains

  • Fly-Fishing Guide to the Great Smokey Mountains - by Don Kirk
    This landmark volume is an essential guide for anyone planning to fish the rivers, streams, and lakes in the Smokies - these fisheries are some of the greatest in the nation. For successful fly-fishing, this guide is as important as the right
  • Smoky Mountains Trout Fishing Guide - by Don, Kirk
    This guide takes the guesswork out of both the geography and the fishing in the beautiful Smoky Mountains. You'll find a chapter on each of the major streams in the Park. Listed with each stream is such valuable data as its location, fishing pressure, species of trout found in that particular watershed, both auto and trail access routes, campsite accommodations, and other information.

Southern Appalachian Mountains

  • Trout Streams of Southern Appalachia : Fly-Casting in Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee, Second Edition - by Jimmy Jacobs
    A newly updated guide to one of the finest fly-fishing destinations in the country.


  • Saltwater Angler's Guide to the Southeast : Flyfishing and Light Tackle in the Carolinas and Georgia - by Bob Newman
    This guide covers over 35 species of fish in great detail: habits, habitat, seasonal movement, fishing techniques, and more. From the famous waters of the Outer Banks of North Carolina to the southern border of Georgia, there are detailed descriptions of every bay, river sound, and estuary and how to fish each.
  • Fly-Fishing the South Atlantic Coast : Where to Find Game Fish from North Carolina's Outer Banks to the Florida Keys - by Jimmy Jacobs
    Many of the game species that feed along these southeast Atlantic waters are legendary - known for their craftiness, beauty, and ability to put up a rugged fight. Anglers seek out species such as the red drum, tarpon, and spotted seatrout with an almost religious zeal. Here is a guide that directs anglers to the precise locations where these game fish are found.


  • The Complete Tennessee Angler : Everything You Need to Know About Fishing in the Volunteer State - by Vernon Summerlin, Doug Markham
    "We cover all game fish species in the state and anyone from any state can apply this knowledge to their local waters. Our 400-page book contains 28 maps of Tennessee's major lakes, B/W and color photos, fishing rigs, topo map info, lake info numbers, list of additional 14 state-run lakes, and a list of guides with phone numbers, all adding to the abundance of information provided by expert anglers." - The author


  • Fly Fishing the Texas Coast - Backcountry Flats to Blue Water - by Phil H. Shook, Chuck Scates, David Sams (Photographer)
    "This is a useful and well researched book on the Texas coast, with much to offer the fly fisher. It describes in exceptional detail the type of information needed by anyone, from rank tyro to old pro, who hopes to have a successful trip to one of the myriad fishing spots along our beautiful Texas coast." - A reader
  • Flyfisher's Guide to Texas - by Phil H. Shook
    "This book does a very good job of listing fresh water fishing sites all over the state of Texas with information on what sort of fish to expect. It's geared to the fly fisherman of course but would be useful to anyone wanting to fish fresh waters of Texas. It list essentially all the rivers and lakes in the state and where the access points are." - A reader
  • Fishing Texas : An Angler's Guide - by Russell Tinsley, Nancy McGrowan (Illustrator)


  • Flyfisher's Guide to Utah - by James B. Demoux
    Utah’s flyfishing is one of the West's best-kept secrets. This new guidebook reveals the wealth of great flyfishing available to anglers here, from the world famous Green River to a host of hidden gems, from the mountains to the desert. Rivers, lakes, and streams are all covered in great detail with hatch charts, maps, and fly shop and travel information.
  • Fishing Utah - by Brett Prettyman, Tom Wharton
    This guide provides descriptions of more than 170 fishing hot spots around the state and answers the questions every angler asks before setting out. Look inside to find: advice on when, where, and how to fish.
  • Utah Fishing Guide 2000 Edition - by Steve Cook
    "In his book, Cook targets 150 Utah streams, rivers, lakes, and reservoirs, with a noticeable slant toward casting flies. For a personal touch, he put in GPS information, which makes it possible for those with GPS skills to find precisely where particular waters are located." - A reader
  • Steve Schmidt's No Nonsense Guide to Flyfishing in Utah : A Quick, Clear Understanding of Where to Fly Fish in Utah - by Steve Schimdt
    "Provides the angler with a practical and informative description and guide to twenty-two fly fishing waters throughout Utah. Schmidt's informative text is enhanced with detailed maps of each fly water, illustrations on how to get there, where to fish, what flies to use, knots, and more." - A reader
  • Utah's Green River : A Fly Fisher's Guide to the Flaming Gorge Tailwater - by Dennis Breer




  • Flyfisher's Guide to Washington - by Greg Thomas
    Whether it's spey casting for steelhead on the Skagit or delicately presenting a dry fly on Lake Lenice, the Flyfisher's Guide to Washington will hook you up with all the necessary details for your next fishing expedition. Essential maps marked with access points, campsites, trails, and boat ramps make this a handy tool and travel companion.
  • Foghorn Outdoors: Washington Fishing - by Terry Rudnick (Preface)
    Anglers in the Evergreen State have no shortage of options when it comes to finding a place to fish, and plenty of choices about what to catch. Washington's lakes, reservoirs, rivers, creeks, and marine waters offer a wide range of possibilities. This book covers them all. Easy-to-use maps help locate even the most obscure destinations.
  • Washington State Fishing Guide (8th Edition) - by Terry W. Sheely
  • Washington State Trout Fishing: A Guide to Lakes - by Dan Homel, Daniel B. Homel, Ed Ruckey (Illustrator)
  • Fly Fishing the Olympic Peninsula - by Doug Rose
    A narrative journey around this spectacular landscape of jutting mountains, giant trees, and tumbling rivers. The author doesn't so much guide readers to the good holes and riffles as tantalize them with a seemingly endless array of angling possibilities. The rest is left to the fly-fisher with a sense of adventure.
  • Washington Blue-Ribbon Fly Fishing Guide - by John Shewey
    Shewey covers watersheds on both sides of the Cascades as well as the Olympic Peninsula, noting access points, effective patterns, and stream tactics. The emphasis is on steelhead, but the Yakima's wild rainbows receive their due, as do the many eastside lakes.


  • Exploring Wisconsin Trout Streams : The Angler's Guide - by Stephen M. Born (Editor), Jeff Mayers (Contributor), Andy Morton
    Drawing on years of conservation and angling experience, the authors tell you about great fishing opportunities unique to Wisconsin's 1,000 miles of spring creeks, the amazing nocturnal Hex hatch, and big salmonids in the Great Lakes tributaries.
  • Wisconsin Blue-Ribbon Trout Streams - by R. Chris Halla
    "Filled with beautiful, full-color photographs depicting Wisconsin wilderness, the fish that can be caught within it, and the many techniques, methods, and tips for doing so." - A reader
  • Trout Fishing Wisconsin Spring Ponds - by Christopher Deubler
    The author shares with you an in-depth look at spring ponds, food sources available to spring pond trout, and the tackle, tactics, and techniques that have been proven to be effective for catching spring pond brookies.
  • Trout Streams of Wisconsin and Minnesota : An Angler's Guide to More Than 120 Rivers and Streams, Second Edition - by Jim Humphrey, Bill Shogren
    The definitive guide to this trout-fishing mecca, which includes several of Trout Unlimited's top 100 trout streams in the country. Wisconsin and Minnesota together boast more than 12,500 miles of designated trout waters in more than 3,000 streams.
  • Wisconsin & Minnesota Trout Streams : A Fly-Angler's Guide - by Jim Humphrey, Bill Shogren
    There is a trout stream for every traveler. A few, like the Wolf, are wide and wild. Some pitch down in fury through channels carved in stone; some wind softly through groves of sighing trees. Many open into green pastures where the air is sweet and jewelweed adorns the bank.
  • Wisconsin's Top Muskie Lakes - by Chuck Petrie, Bob Knops, Mark C. Martin, Brian Vaughn
    Wisconsin's top muskie pros reveal their secret tips and strategies for the state's best waters. Loaded with maps and information.


  • Flyfisher's Guide to Wyoming - by Ken Retallic
    With over 520 pages, this is the most comprehensive and accurate guide available for flyfishing Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park. Literally everything is covered with thorough descriptions, maps, hatch charts, fly shops and outfitters, and travel information.
  • Kip Carey's Official Wyoming Fishing Guide - by Kip Carey
    Specific directions, comprehensive descriptions, and maps to Wyoming's cold and warm water reservoirs, lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, and creeks from around the entire state are included in this complete fishing guide. This guide has it all, from the smallest of creeks to largest rivers, one-acre ponds to reservoirs the size of most towns.
  • Fishing the Beartooths (FalconGuide) - by Pat Marcuson
    This guide answers the question every angler asks before striking out for a high mountain lake. You'll find up-to-date stocking schedules, information on fish abundance, precise location coordinates, elevation, surface area, and maximum depth for each lake; plus clear descriptions of trails, distances, landmarks, terrain, and even availability of firewood-everything you need to plan your next fishing trip.
  • Fishing Wyoming (FalconGuide) - by Ken Graham
    Graham describes more than 200 Wyoming fishing holes, including the best in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. The book includes maps to help locate the sites, black-and-white photos, and descriptions of the 21 fish species you’ll find in Wyoming. If you’re angling in Wyoming, this book will help you find the best waters and find the fish.
  • Fishing Yellowstone National Park - by Richard Parks
    Fishing Yellowstone National Park tells the angler where to go - along the roads and off the beaten path - how to get there, which species of fish populate the lakes and streams, and what to tie on the end of the line for the best results.
  • The Yellowstone Fly-Fishing Guide - by Craig Mathews, Clayton Molinero (Contributor)
    "If you're headed to Yellowstone to fish for the first time, study this book & you'll improve your odds of having a great time. If you've fished the Park many times before and want ideas for new places to try, I can't think of a better way to find them than with this book and a good map." - A reader

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