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Ingenious Angler Ingenious Angler
Hundreds of Do-It-Yourself Projects and Tips to Improve Your Fishing Boat and Tackle
by Keith Walters

From optimizing a boat for fishing, to maintaining rods and reels, to improving store-bought lures or creating lures from scratch, here are 101 ingenious money-saving projects and do-it-yourself tips guaranteed to help small-boat anglers save money, catch more fish, and have more fun.

The Angler's Life : Collecting and Traditions The Angler's Life : Collecting and Traditions
by Larry Sheehan, William Stites (Photographer), Carol Sama Sheehan (Photographer), Kathryn George Precourt (Contributor)

The devoted angler doesn't just pursue his meditative sport at stream, lake, or shore; he brings its nostalgic memorabilia into every room of the house. With a glossary of terms, a listing of the best spots to locate certain fish, and a source guide packed with information on everything from finding fishing gear to furnishing an Adirondack-style home, The Angler's Life is itself a virtual collector's item for both anglers and non-anglers alike.

The Field and Stream Tackle Care and Repair Handbook The Field & Stream Tackle Care and Repair Handbook
by C. Boyd Pfeiffer

Valuable tips on how to take care of rods, reels, lures, lines, and accessories--as well as step-by-step directions on how to repair broken equipment, both in the field and at home. Line drawings & photographs.

Make Your Own
The Complete Book of Tackle Making The Complete Book of Tackle Making
by C. Boyd Pfeiffer

The Complete Book of Tackle Making is the reference of choice for both builders of fine tackle and casual craftsmen, with over five hundred pages and seven hundred photographs filled with down-to-earth, clear, step-by-step instruction. Its twenty-five inclusive chapters and helpful appendixes include all readers need to know about tools, spinners, bucktails, jigs, sinkers, plastic lures and plugs, wire leaders, painting and finishing methods, basic and advanced rod building, basic and decorative wraps, necessary knots and splices, tackle care and repair, suppliers and manufacturers, and much more.

Luremaking Luremaking
The Art and Science of Spinnerbaits, Buzzbaits, Jigs, and Other Leadheads
by A. D. Livingston

This is a complete course in the art and science of making America's most popular fishing lures, written by a master of the art. The ultimate tackle tinker's guide, Luremaking shows how to make lures for enticing bass and all other types of fresh and saltwater fish for 5% the cost of store-bought lures - and for catching more fish!

Advanced Custom Rod Building Advanced Custom Rod Building
by Dale P. Clemens

"It's a great reference tool for all rod builders, beginner to pro. Fun to read too. Anyone who builds more than one rod a year should own this book." - A reader

Cook Your Catch
The New Cleaning and Cooking Fish The New Cleaning & Cooking Fish
by Sylvia G. Bashline

"Her book makes lavish, skilful use of color photography to tell you everything you need to know about preparing a fish to eat, once you've caught it. Plus, there are dozens and dozens of mouth-watering recipes for cooking fish by every method you can imagine." - A reader

Preparing Fish and Wild Game Preparing Fish & Wild Game

It's one thing to return from a productive foray to the field or stream, but it's something else to know what to do with the bounty you've lugged back with you. Regardless of your culinary skills, Preparing Fish & Wild Game will beguile you into bringing sport to the kitchen as it painlessly turns cooking what you've caught into as exciting an experience as taking it was in the first place.

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