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The Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide The Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide
by Tom Rosenbauer

Conceived for novices, the Guide may be simple, but it's not simplistic. Filled with photographs and drawings and written in clear, direct prose, it's basic enough to demystify the ABC's of a complex sport and sophisticated enough to remain useful as a ready reference and constant refresher no matter what your angling skills.

Fly Fishing : A Trailside Guide Fly Fishing : A Trailside Guide
by John Merwin, Ron Hildebrand (Illustrator)

An illustrated, colorful guide to fly fishing for beginners explains the basics of fly casting, knot tying, stream reading, and how to catch bass, trout, salmon, and saltwater fish with a fly.

Fly Fishing Made Easy Fly Fishing Made Easy
A Manual for Beginners With Tips for the Experienced
by Michael Rutter, Dave Card

For beginners eager to land their first fly-caught fish and for more experienced anglers looking to advance their skills, Fly Fishing Made Easy is the perfect handbook. It offers instruction and tried-and-true techniques for getting the most out of this exciting sport. Clearly written and generously illustrated, this book presents a practical, informative approach, geared specifically toward novice and intermediate anglers.

Fly Fishing Basics Fly Fishing Basics
by Dave Hughes, Richard Bunse (Illustrator)

"This book is an excellent reference for the beginning fly fisher. The discussions on equipment, fly selection and how two's on rigging flyfishing equipment, knots, reading streams and discussions on insect entomology are well written and explained in a manner which makes them easy to understand and remember by someone who is just getting into fly fishing." - A reader

Essential Fly Fishing Essential Fly Fishing
by Tom Meade, John Robert White (Illustrator)

This book offers beginners a marvelous chance to learn (or re-learn) the fundamentals of this great sport quickly. Using proven teaching techniques and helpful illustrations, the book concisely explains fishing ethics, offers helpful safety precautions, defines basic angling terms, and teaches effective techniques for fly fishing. Full-color illustrations.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Fly Fishing The Complete Idiot's Guide to Fly Fishing
by Michael D. Shook, Mel Krieger

Cutting through the complicated details of flyfishing, this book explains the basics for understanding the leisure activity, from buying a rod to using fly-line weights and tapers.

Casting / Presentation
The Orvis Streamside Guide to Approach and Presentation The Orvis Streamside Guide to Approach and Presentation
by Tom Rosenbauer

This pocket guide shows the fly fisher where to cast, why, and what kind of fly to use. It can be studied prior to a fishing trip or used on the water, and is organized by water types.

L.L. Bean Fly-Casting Handbook L.L. Bean Fly-Casting Handbook
by Macauley Lord, Jim Rowinski (Photographer)

"Lord takes us through the presentation, starting with pantomime casting with an unrigged rod, before moving on to the first backyard lesson. He ends up with tricky reach casts, roll casts, aerial mends, and shooting line. Every point is illustrated in a series of photos that Rowinski renders clear, bright, and nearly always highlighting rod and line against a contrasting deep shadow." - Boston Globe

Solving Fly Casting Problems Solving Fly Casting Problems
by Lefty Kreh

Casting a fly line is truly an art. Here, Lefty Kreh shows how to get more distance, avoid tangles, and cast under difficult conditions. He begins with the fundamentals, then goes on to diagnose and eliminate a variety of casting problems.

Joan Wulff's Fly-Casting Accuracy Joan Wulff's Fly-Casting Accuracy
by Joan Wulff, Dave Shepard (Illustrator)

Long regarded as one of the foremost fly-fishing instructors, Joan Wulff concentrates here on casting for accuracy with a variety of techniques and training tips. Illustrated with large, easy-to-follow drawings, this is a guide to an aspect of the sport that is frequently overlooked in the zeal to catch fish. But as anyone who has perfected a variety of casts can tell you, fly presentation is a key to success, and a large part of presentation is putting the fly exactly where you want it.

Presenting the Fly Presenting the Fly
by Lefty Kreh, Rod Walinchus (Illustrator)

A fly-fishing master teaches the intricate art of properly presenting a fly. Nothing is more important in fly fishing than successfully presenting the fly. No matter what rod, reel, line, and fly are used, the fish will not take if the fly is presented with a splash or out of target. In this comprehensive book, Lefty Kreh explains that the art of presentation is much more than dropping the fly in the best position - it also involves the clothes you wear, the methods you use to rig your tackle,...

Advanced Fly Casting Advanced Fly Casting
by Lefty Kreh, Les Adams (Preface)

Lefty Kreh provides invaluable advice and instruction about: the five essential principles of Lefty's modern fly-casting method; the necessary elements of good casting, including footwork, rod grip, reducing the number of back casts, eliminating slack, correcting tailing loops, and many more.

Nymphing Nymphing
by Gary A. Borger, Robert H. Pils (Illustrator)

A comprehensive guide to identifying, tying, and fishing artificial nymph patterns. Chapters on line control (casting and mending), trout biology, reading the water, and fly selection are presented in clear language along with ample drawings and diagrams.

Fishing Nymphs, Wet Flies and Streamers Fishing Nymphs, Wet Flies & Streamers
Subsurface Techniques for Trout in Streams
by Dick Sternberg, David L. Tieszen, John Van Vliet

This book teaches fishing enthusiasts the time-tested, effective techniques for catching trout below the surface, beginning with ways to recognize good trout streams, delineating which trout eat below the surface, and advising which flies to use to best imitate the real thing.

Caddisflies Caddisflies
by Gary Lafontaine

Hailed as a classic almost as soon as it came out in the early 1980s, this combination of entomology and fly-fishing instruction puts a small insect - the caddis fly - under the microscope to help anglers get big results on the water. Misunderstood for years, LaFontaine explains why caddis should be an important part of any fly-fisher's arsenal of flies, and his arguments are very persuasive.

The Caddisfly Handbook : An Orvis Guide The Caddisfly Handbook : An Orvis Guide
by Dick Pobst, Carl Richards

The Caddisfly Handbook is a convenient and thorough guide to identifying all the major caddis varieties east and west of the Mississippi. Readers can identify a hatch by comparing caddis to the full-color photographs of adults, emergers, or larvae. Caddis are described by their habitats, food sources, pupal cases, and egg-laying habits. Each page in the caddisfly identifier section has an in-scale silhouette for comparison with actual specimens. A special section describes the techniques used to make these imitations.

The Dry Fly : New Angles The Dry Fly : New Angles
by Gary Lafontaine, Gretchen Grayum (Illustrator), R. Valentine Atkinson (Photographer)

The Dry Fly is as wonderful as it is unique - it's a book for every serious fly fisherman. It takes the reader on an exciting roller coaster ride, teaching him how to choose the right dry fly or emerger for every trout stream situation. This great work is going to be read over and over, sometimes for the amazing information on attraction and imitation and sometimes for the sheer enjoyment of the writing.

Mayflies : An Angler's Study of Trout Water Ephemeroptera Mayflies : An Angler's Study of Trout Water Ephemeroptera
by Malcolm Knopp, Robert Cormier, Mike Lawson (Contributor), Roman Scharabum (Contributor)

Any fly-fisher worth his or her waders knows that, like most things in life, successful angling often stems from simple observation; if you pay attention to what's around you - plants, animals, weather, and especially insects - you'll catch more fish and have a better time doing it. This big book on such a very narrowly defined subject is all about providing the angler with a vast amount of information on a single order of insect: Ephemeroptera, the mayflies.

An Angler's Guide to Aquatic Insects and Their Imitations for All North America An Angler's Guide to Aquatic Insects and Their Imitations for All North America
by Rick Hafele, Scott Roederer, Richard Bunse (Illustrator)

"This guide allows an observant non-biologist to classify many nymphs, emergers and adult aquatic insects. Besides the book you will need a good pocket loupe, a small net, a collection bottle and a complete lack of squeamishness." - A reader

Trout Stream Insects : An Orvis Streamside Guide Trout Stream Insects : An Orvis Streamside Guide
by Dick Pobst

This compact little book offers basic information on trout stream entomology and hatching cycles and gives full information about some 40 insects. Printed on special water-resistant paper, with a flexible binding. 300 illustrations, 120 in color.

L.L. Bean Fly-Fishing Handbook L.L. Bean Fly-Fishing Handbook
by Dave Whitlock

A handsomely illustrated Text enhanced with photographs, Dave Whitlock's book covers the Zen of fly fishing, the craft or how-to, the strategies for various fish, how to "read" both fish and stream, and describes the art of tying various flies, and the latest in fly-fishing attire. Whitlock addresses both fresh- and saltwater considerations, the ethics of fishing, and has compiled an excellent list of publications and organizations of interest to the fisher.

101 Fly Fishing Tips 101 Fly Fishing Tips
by Lefty Kreh
Advanced Fly Fishing Techniques Advanced Fly Fishing Techniques
Secrets of an Avid Fisherman
by Lefty Kreh

Kreh, world-renowned for his fly fishing instruction, videos, and books, is the source for expert advice on the subject. Now available for the first time in paperback, this guide for the experienced fisherman includes techniques from casting to landing as well as advice on equipment, approach, and more.

The Complete Book of Fly Fishing The Complete Book of Fly Fishing
by Tom McNally, Tom Beecham (Illustrator)

In the wise words of Dame Juliana Berners, spoken five centuries ago yet just as immediate now, "there is more to fishing than catching fish." So begins The Complete Book of Fly Fishing, a combination primer-encyclopedia that is indeed a fairly complete book - and without sacrificing depth for breadth.

The Complete Book of Fly-Fishing The Complete Book of Fly-Fishing
A Worldwide Guide to the Fish, the Waters, the Flies, and the Challenge
by Malcolm Greenhalgh (Editor), Ed Jaworowski (Contributor)

A comprehensive, authoritative, and beautifully illustrated book that covers both the practical aspects and the special rewards of the world's fastest growing sport. 310 color illustrations.

Fly Fishing: A Woman's Guide Fly Fishing: A Woman's Guide
by Dana Rikimaru, Molly Mulhern Gross

Half a million North American women are already fly fishing in rivers, streams, ponds, and lakes. And this woman-to-woman guide, filled with adventures and encouragement contributed by some of them, gives you everything you need to wade right in ... to know where to go ... what to take ... and how to savor every moment of discovering a new sport.

Joan Wulff's Fly Fishing Joan Wulff's Fly Fishing
Expert Advice from a Woman's Perspective
by Joan Salvato Wulff

Wulff, one of the world's great fly-casters, offers a woman's perspective on angling. Her expert advice on companionship, clothing, tackle, casting, wading, reading water, approach, presentation, and playing and landing fish is clearly presented in a pleasurable anecdotal style.

Reading the Water Reading the Water
A Fly Fisher's Handbook for Finding Trout in All Types of Water
by Dave Hughes

"Dave Hughes does an excellent job describing and teaching how to read water. On most rivers, you will often see flyfisherman fishing the wrong type of water or at least fishing certain types of water with the wrong technique. Dave Hughes explains the basics water types (riffles, runs, pools, dead water, etc.) in detail." - A reader

The Fly Fisher's Illustrated Dictionary The Fly Fisher's Illustrated Dictionary
by Darrel Martin, Ted Leeson

No one's ever suggested that fly-fishing was as easy as A, B, C. Its very language casts unique and, at times, complex etymological (and entomological!) lines, which - from advanced wing to Z-twist - Darrel Martin's Dictionary amiably sets out to unravel. With its in-depth entries, historical citations, and affectionate embrace of the arcane, it's the angling equivalent of the OED - with hosts of explanatory photographs and drawings thrown in for good measure.

Upstream : Fly-Fishing in the American West Upstream : Fly-Fishing in the American West
by Charles Lindsay (Photographer), Thomas McGuane

A poetic exploration, in words and pictures, of the art and spirit of fly-fishing.  Five years spent roaming the American West with a fly rod in one hand and a camera in the other. Here we find photographer as predator, slipping unseen into an alien world to witness the hidden lives of his quarry, to understand his own stalking.

American Fly Fishing : A History American Fly Fishing : A History
by Paul D. Schullery

Fly fishing has a rich, varied, and often misread 250-year history in America. This classic account of America's favorite pastime - from colonial time to the present - explores the literature and technology, and the personalities and places where they fished.

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