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Old Fishing Lures and Tackle : Identification and Value Guide Old Fishing Lures & Tackle : Identification and Value Guide
by Carl F. Luckey

"This giant volume (670 pages) will delight any lure and tackle fan. It contains over 2,000 photos with 32 pages (hundreds of items) in full color. Compiled by a real authority. This isn't just a picture/price guide, but it has much valuable and interesting information ranging from history, buying, selling and trading, displaying, organizations and manufacturers." - A reader

Fishing Lure Collectibles Fishing Lure Collectibles
An Identification and Value Guide to the Most Collectible Antique Fishing Lures
by Dudley Murphy, Rick Edmisten

Progressing from simple implements of bone, stone and wood to the elaborately feathered flies of the Victorian era, antique fishing lures are now sought as highly prized collectibles. Featuring over 1,000 color reproductions, as well as descriptions and current values of lures, this exciting new guide will meet the needs of lure collectors and fishing enthusiasts alike.

19th Century Fishing Lures 19th Century Fishing Lures
A Collector's Guide to U.S. Lures Manufactured Prior to 1901
by Arlan Carter

Beginning in the mid to late 1800's, firms such as J. T. Buell, W. D. Chapman, and the Enterprise Manufacturing Company produced lures that rivaled their overseas counterparts both in quantity and quality. This book provides a written and visual history of these and many other American lure companies. Collectors will enjoy this history of America's earliest fishing lure manufacturers prior to 1901. This book is done in color and contains a list of current values.

Antique and Collectible Fishing Reels Antique & Collectible Fishing Reels
Identification, Evaluation, and Maintenance
by Harold Jellison, Daniel B. Homel

A helpful guide to identification, evaluation, and care of old reels, which clearly communicates the sentiments of nostalgia that are so apparent in the exciting hobby of collecting old fishing tackle. Reel types dating from 1860 to 1970 are covered, including bait casting multipliers, fly reels, ocean trolling reels, spinning, and unusual reels.

Antique Fly Reels: A History and Value Guide Antique Fly Reels: A History & Value Guide
by Daniel B. Homel

"Concise, informative, detailed catalogue of antique fly reels. The author has produced great photos making it easy to identify and decipher reels for the enthusiast." - A reader

Antique and Collectible Fishing Rods: Identification and Value Guide Antique & Collectible Fishing Rods: Identification & Value Guide
by Daniel B. Homel

A valuable resource for collectors seeking information about old bamboo, wood, steel, and fiberglass rods. The author provides a concise history of rod construction techniques and analysis of classic design patents dating from 1875 - 1950. Detailed illustrations and photographs of distinctive rod components are included.

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