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  • Aquatic Network
    The Aquatic Network covers a wide range of aquatic subjects, including aquaculture, aquariums, boating, commercial fisheries, conservation, education, recreational fishing, limnology, maritime and merchant marine, maritime heritage, ocean engineering, oceanography, seafood, and the water industry. The Aquatic Network includes databases, news, articles, employment opportunities, publications, images, sounds, videos, products and services, and more. Find the information you need. News, photos, videos, resources, events, organizations and more. Contribute and share your knowledge. The Aquatic Network is an information service for the aquatic world. Our website provides information on a wide range of aquatic topics, some serious and some more light-hearted. At our core is a passion for the aquatic world and a desire to promote sustainable commerce and preserve our planet's aquatic resources. Charlestown, Rhode Island
    (Added: Thu Jan 02 2003)
  • Aquatic Research Interactive
    A distance learning corporation based in East Chicago that broadcasts live, interactive video-teleconferencing programs to grades K-12 classes nationwide. Subjects include math, physics, geometry, biology, history and aquatic sciences.
    (Added: Thu Jan 02 2003)
  • Bridge Ocean Education Teacher Resource Center
    Ocean Sciences Education Teacher Resource Center - where teachers will find a selection of the best online resources for marine science education. An ocean of free teacher-approved marine education resources. The Bridge is a growing collection of the best marine education resources available on-line. It provides educators with a convenient source of accurate and useful information on global, national, and regional marine science topics, and gives researchers a contact point for educational outreach.
    (Added: Thu Jan 02 2003)
  • Cousteau Society
    Founded in 1973 by Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the Society has more than 50,000 members worldwide. Under the leadership of President Francine Cousteau, the Society continues the unique explorations and observations of ecosystems throughout the world that have helped millions of people understand and appreciate the fragility of life on our Water Planet. Half a century of protecting water systems has expanded to embrace a wide variety of programs to encourage communities to achieve sustainable harmony with Nature as the Cousteau Label program. Headquartered in Hampton, Virginia, membership-supported, not-for-profit environmental education organization, the Society is dedicated to the protection and improvemen