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How do I add my site to your database?
First of all, please do not email with a request to have your link added to the directory!  If you want your link to appear in our directory, follow this simple guideline:

To add a link to your web site and enter it into our database, you must first go the the category which you think is the best fit for your site. Click the "Add a Link" link near the top of a link page, and fill out the form on the ensuing page. Note that some category pages do not have this link because links will not be allowed in this "parent" category.

Only websites with a nautical theme will be considered.

To browse the categories, go to our Directory.

The webmaster may place your link in a different category if there seems to be a more appropriate place.

If you do not find a category which you feel is right for your site, you may recommend one, and we'll consider adding it.

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