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" offers glossaries, instructional articles and shopping links for marine gear and books. The online charts and maps section is powered by MapTech. News articles are compiled from Yachting World and other reputable sources. The search function is particularly good: The Webmaster has indexed a multitude of sailing sites and charter companies, making it easier to complete more obscure quests like finding out where to cruise on a traditional Turkish Gulet." - "Best of the Web"

"If you're looking for a great Web site to help kill some slow afternoons at work, check out Whether you've got a few minutes or a few hours to burn, the site is perfect for browsing all things boating-related, and it will help you get through the winter doldrums until that first launch this spring. Essentially an electronic yellow pages, the site has more links than a Denny's breakfast special. You can find interesting sites under an enormous range of categories, including boat shows, maps, maintenance, and naval architecture." - Power & Motoryacht Magazine

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