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Surfriders : In Search of the Perfect Wave Surfriders : In Search of the Perfect Wave
by Matt Warshaw, Ed M. Warshaw

Featuring the most awesome surfing photography ever published and told by the men and women who shaped and lived the sport, this heartfelt tribute to the soul of surfing celebrates the power and poetry of human and wave and their dance at the edge of the sea. Includes sidebars, historic photos, and incredible images of today's greatest champions.

The Ultimate Guide to Surfing The Ultimate Guide to Surfing
by Jay Moriarity, Chris Gallagher

If you are looking for inspiration and a balanced blend of professional tips to improve your technique The Ultimate Guide to Surfing can deliver. Presented by professional surfers Jay Moriarity and Chris Gallagher. The Ultimate Guide to Surfing provides a mix of personal insight, professional tips and fantastic photography. 

Essential Surfing Essential Surfing
by George Orbelian

This is the "bible" for new surfers! It covers everything from board design to board repair. From wetsuits to was. From building your own to waves, wind and tides. There is so much info in this book that will help the new surfer understand his sport before he even gets wet. A "must" for beginning and intermediate surfers.

Surfer's Start-Up Surfer's Start-Up
A Beginner's Guide to Surfing (Start-Up Sports Series)
by Doug Werner

Recommended by the U.S. Surfing Federation as a book that every beginning surfer should read, this instructional guide details the basics of surfing gear, conditions, safety, etiquette, and history. Teaches the beginning surfer the fundamentals of the sports; what to expect in the first days of learning; and how to cope with waves, learning frustrations, and crowds.

Learn to Surf Learn to Surf
by James MacLaren

Introductory guide to the sport that teaches the fundamentals of surfing with detailed, step-by-step instructions for the complete beginner. Covering three types of surfing - traditional surfing, bodyboarding, and body surfing.

The Complete Guide to Surfing The Complete Guide to Surfing
by Peter Dixon, Mark Renneker

With its comprehensive text and brilliant full-color photos, The Complete Guide to Surfing clearly and vividly explains the world of surfing. Here is everything you need to paddle out and join in. Veteran surfing writer and California surfing pioneer Peter Dixon takes the reader step by step through basics such as choosing the right board, reading waves, paddling out, and from making your first ride through intermediate and advanced techniques.

Maverick's : The Story of Big-Wave Surfing Maverick's : The Story of Big-Wave Surfing
by Matt Warshaw, Daniel Duane

What surfer in his right mind would choose to surf Maverick's with its 50-degree murky water, 60-foot faces, punishing rock bottom, and shifting Central California currents over riding the warm, blue, big waves of Hawaii? But Maverick's presents a surfing challenge like no other. Each winter, starting in October, an elite corps from around the world journey to Maverick's to test themselves on its cold, forbidding waves - because challenge, above all else, motivates the big-wave surfer.

The Big Drop: Classic Big Wave Surfing Stories The Big Drop: Classic Big Wave Surfing Stories
by John Long (Editor), Hai Van K. Sponholz (Editor)

Surf culture meets extreme sports at the top of a three-story wave, where a surfer stands on his board and takes the Big Drop down a titanic face into ultimate adventure. Success brings surging adrenaline and a thirst for more; the price of failure under tons of crashing water can be brutal, and possible fatal. This gripping collection of 32 stories puts you right on the face of the world's biggest waves, an experience you'll never forget. Awesome photos too!

Jaws Maui Jaws Maui
by Blue Max (Photographer), Charlie Lyon, Leslie Lyon (Photographer), Charles Lyon, Patrick McFeeley (Photographer), Peter W. Cannon (Editor)

Jaws Maui is much more than bonzai surfers defying gravity on moving walls of blue. It is the photography of Blue Max, whose colorful, full-paged shots juxtapose landscape and seascape, faunal quietude vs. rolling thunder. And it is the words of the wave riders themselves, waxing their boards poetic about the beauty of the island, surfculture, and the spirit that relentlessly calls them to the water. This stirring salute to a place called Jaws on the island of Maui is a must for anyone ever wowed by the waves.

North Shore Chronicles : Big Wave Surfing in Hawaii North Shore Chronicles : Big Wave Surfing in Hawaii
by Bruce Jenkins

From big-wave greats like Darrick Doerner and Carol Philips to bodysurfer Mark Cunningham, here is a collection of engaging interviews with Hawaii's best wave-riders.

Surfin'Ary : A Dictionary of Surfing Terms and Surfspeak Surfin'Ary : A Dictionary of Surfing Terms and Surfspeak
by Trevor Cralle

Back by popular demand, here is the definitive reference for surf bums everywhere-or at least any gremmie who's ever wondered about the semantic subtleties distinguishing "bitchin'" from "killer." Informative and often hilarious, this bible of the cult of Kahuna is arranged in 3,000 alphabetical entries, interspersed with information on the history of surfing, keys to international surf vocab, and practical tips. You'll not only talk the talk-you'll walk the walk. Or rip the rip, as the case may be.

Sick Surfers Ask the Surf Docs and Dr. Geoff Sick Surfers Ask the Surf Docs & Dr. Geoff
by Mark Renneker, Kevin Starr, Geoff Booth (Contributor)

This book, written by two doctors and fellow surfers, explains in great detail and in plain English different ailments and their relation to surfing. It also covers preventative medicine. It is a must have for anyone that surfs or is involved in any other related watersports.

Girl in the Curl : A Century of Women's Surfing Girl in the Curl : A Century of Women's Surfing
by Andrea Gabbard

The first illustrated history of women surfers, Girl in the Curl captures an important and overlooked part of the sport's past in gorgeous color photos. From rising Australian star Layne Beachley to two-time world champion Lisa Anderson, many of today's hottest surfers are women. But female surfers have been integral to the sport from the beginning. Author Andrea Gabbard explores 100 years of women in surfing, offering portraits of famous wave-riders and anecdotes of surf culture. 

Surfing : A History of the Ancient Hawaiian Sport Surfing : A History of the Ancient Hawaiian Sport
by James D. Houston, Ben R. surfin Finney

To the ancient Hawaiians, surfing was a national pastime that had tremendous significance. Surfing traces the history of the sport from those ancient times through the mid 1960s, by which time it had become and international passion. This revised edition of the 1966 classic features extensive photographs and illustrations, a new introduction by the authors, and articles by Mark Twain and Jack London recounting their observations on surfing.

History of Surfing History of Surfing
by Nat Young

This book covers the full gamut of surfing topics including the history, professionalism, surfboard evolution, professional surfers, the Hawaiian Islands, kneeboards, wave skills, windsurfers, and the future of surfing. Lots and lots of rare color photos covering surfings exciting past and present.

Classic Surf Picture Portfolio Classic Surf Picture Portfolio
by Jack Reinhold

This is a collection of 15 beautiful black and white photographs from surfings past. The photos are 11X14 and beautifully printed. Only 1,000 copies were printed. Some of surfings most famous photographs.

A Surfer's Guide for Flexibility and Conditioning A Surfer's Guide for Flexibility & Conditioning
(Includes Heavy Resistive Exercise Tubing)
by Rick McAvoy

The 45 page book focuses on honing flexibility, balance, timing, agility, core muscle strength and overall conditioning.

Surfing Australia Surfing Australia (Periplus Action Guides)
by Mark Thornley (Editor), Veda Dante (Editor), Peter Wilson (Photographer)
Surfing California Surfing California
by Allan Wright

A complete guide to the surfing spots of California. Complete with lots of photos, maps, and descriptions of each and every spot along the beautiful California coastline.

The Surfer's Guide to Costa Rica The Surfer's Guide to Costa Rica
by Mike Parise

The most comprehensive guide for surfers traveling to Costa Rica. Details over 70 breaks on both coasts and over 100 hotels nearest the breaks. Includes a helpful tips section including what to pack and how to pack surfboards. Many maps and helpful driving directions.

The Surfer's Guide to Florida The Surfer's Guide to Florida
by Amy Vansant

It lists just about every beach along the Florida coastline from Jacksonville up through the Panhandle, listing public beach access points and top surf spots.

Surfing the Great Lakes Surfing the Great Lakes
by P. L. Strazz

An insider's guide to monster waves along North America's fresh coast. Contains 250 photos, maps, weather charts, and information on 225 surf spots on Lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario.

Surfer's Guide to Hawaii Surfer's Guide to Hawaii
by Greg Ambrose, Kevin Hand (Photographer), Warren Bolster (Photographer)
Surfing Hawaii Surfing Hawaii
The Ultimate Guide to the Worlds Most Challenging Waves
by Leonard Lueras, Lorca Lueras, et al

This big, action-packed guide book is full of maps, travel advisories, beachside commentaries and up-to-date inside info on surfing sites and, all the information needed to make any surfer's next visit to Hawaii an endless summer of waves and more waves - and to make any armchair traveler green (or tan) with envy.

Surfing Indonesia Surfing Indonesia (Periplus Action Guides)
by Leonard Lueras, Lorca Lueras, Jason Childs (Photographer)

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