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High Performance Rowing High Performance Rowing
by John McArthur

Form the basics of the stroke to training for "high performance rowing," this book covers it all in depth.

Textbook of Oarsmanship Textbook of Oarsmanship
A Classic of Rowing Technical Literature
by Gilbert C. Bourne

This book is a masterpiece and is considered the classic of classics for the rowing world. The main parts identify and represent the key component of rowing, i.e., the Theory of Rowing, the Art of Rowing, Oars and Boats, On Coaching, and On Muscular Action in Rowing.

Essential Sculling Essential Sculling
by Daniel J. Boyne

Essential Sculling is an authoritative, concise, and thoroughly readable handbook focused on helping the novice become an accomplished sculler.

The Art of Sculling The Art of Sculling
by Joe Paduda (Editor), Les Henig (Contributor)

The Art of Sculling provides novice and experienced scullers with a comprehensive, illustrated guide to the equipment, techniques, and physiology of the sport.

The Shell Game The Shell Game
Reflections on Rowing and the Pursuit of Excellence
by Stephen Kiesling

Kiesling gives you a grasp of the cult like devotion to this sport, the fraternal but bitterly competitive atmosphere for places on the boat, the almost complete physical immersion, beyond exhaustion, in preparation for regattas-- and the little acre of hell and glory (or agony) of the races themselves.

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