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Kayaking (Paddling Basics , No 2) Kayaking (Paddling Basics , No 2)
by Cecil Kuhne, Cherie Kuhne

Kuhne describes the different types of kayaks and their specific uses, as well as basic and advanced paddling techniques, conditioning, trip planning, and safety. Special sections on navigating river currents and avoiding hazards make this book an excellent resource for beginning kayakers.

Kayaking Essentials (Nuts 'N' Bolts Guide) Kayaking Essentials (Nuts 'N' Bolts Guide)
by Bob Beazley, Grant Tatum (Illustrator), Bob Beasley

Like any sport, it is important to acquire the correct skills as you go. With this book, you will learn about proper strokes, catching eddies, peeling out, river safety, necessary gear and more. Kayaking Essentials describes what you need to know to begin paddling like an expert.

Kayaking Made Easy, 2nd Edition Kayaking Made Easy, 2nd Edition
by Dennis Stuhaug

For beginners eager to explore and for more seasoned kayakers yearning to take longer expeditions, this is the perfect handbook. Brimming with excellent advice about every aspect of flat-water kayaking, this guide offers tried-and-true techniques for enjoying this popular sport.

Nigel Foster's Surf Kayaking Nigel Foster's Surf Kayaking
by Nigel Foster

Great descriptions of the skill and equipment necessary to get started. A must have for all those interested in learning surf kayaking.

Derek C. Hutchinson's Expedition Kayaking Derek C. Hutchinson's Expedition Kayaking
by Derek C. Hutchinson

This guide provides everything you need to know about paddling, seamanship, rescue techniques, and more.

Complete Folding Kayaker Complete Folding Kayaker
by Ralph Diaz

Here's the complete guide to choosing, using, and enjoying life with the ultimate portable, human-powered boat.

Sit-on-Top Kayaking : A Beginner's Guide Sit-on-Top Kayaking : A Beginner's Guide
by Tom Holtey, Mike Altman (Illustrator)
Tandem Sit-On-Top Kayaking Tandem Sit-On-Top Kayaking
by Tom Holtey, Mike Altman (Illustrator)

Learn how to use a two-person or tandem sit-on-top kayak for fun with friends & family. This guide will show you the basic principles plus tips on the tandem open-cockpit's great versatility when touring, fishing, surfing, diving, camping and more. Get started the right way, safely.

Kayakfishing : The Revolution Kayakfishing : The Revolution
by Ken Daubert

The book is basically an invitation to join the kayakfishing revolution and become a member of the kayakfishing community who fish anywhere from small ponds to open oceans from their kayaks.

Whitewater Paddling : Strokes & Concepts Whitewater Paddling : Strokes & Concepts
(Kayaking With Eric Jackson.)
by Eric Jackson

When a kayaker perfects fundamental strokes before attempting to tackle whitewater, he is rewarded with efficiency, simplicity, control, and speed. Expert kayaker Eric Jackson provides detailed lessons on 16 such strokes, each illustrated in step-by-step photos.

Kayaking : Whitewater and Touring Basics Kayaking : Whitewater and Touring Basics
by Steven M. Krauzer

Guides beginners from still waters to paddling downriver, exploring local waterways, or touring offshore islands, with a survey of the latest boat designs and equipment.

Kayak : The Animated Manual of Intermediate and Advanced Whitewater Technique Kayak : The Animated Manual of Intermediate and Advanced Whitewater Technique
by William Nealy

Anyone who kayaks--or would like to--will get a laugh out of this book. Author William Nealy draws on his 12 years of whitewater experience to combine instruction and kayaking philosophies with his offbeat sense of humor. Through animated diagrams, Nealy explains intermediate paddling techniques, different types of Eskimo rolls, river rescue, running a river at flood stage, and more.

The Optimum Kayak The Optimum Kayak
by Andy Knapp

Longtime paddler Andy Knapp has compiled the first complete guide to buying and customizing your perfect boat, and keeping it that way. Knapp covers: buying new or used boats; design basics and construction plans, and how to best use them; simple maintenance and serious repairs; custom outfitting a stock boat; cartopping and rack systems.

The Whole Paddler's Catalog

The Whole Paddler's Catalog
Views, Reviews, and Resources
by Zip Kellogg (Editor), Andrea Sulzer (Illustrator)

If you are a canoeist, kayaker, or river rafter, this eclectic mix of essential and esoteric facts will keep you engrossed for days. Longtime paddler Zip Kellog left no stone unturned in his search for paddling-related information

Sea Kayaking
The Essential Sea Kayaker The Essential Sea Kayaker
A Complete Guide for the Open Water Paddler, Second Edition
by David Seidman, Andy Singer (Illustrator), Roseann, Beggy Hanson (Editor)

"... does a good job of demystifying our sport and making it accessible for novices." - Sea Kayaker

Sea Kayaking: A Manual for Long-Distance Touring Sea Kayaking: A Manual for Long-Distance Touring
by John Dowd

There are a number of good books on kayak technique, but Dowd's is the bible of the sport, and with good reason. He's been kayaking for over thirty years, and he's done some of the most difficult voyages in kayaking history.

Basic Book of Sea Kayaking Basic Book of Sea Kayaking
by Derek C. Hutchinson

The Perfect Introduction to Kayaking

Sea Kayaker's Savvy Paddler Sea Kayaker's Savvy Paddler
More than 500 Tips for Better Kayaking
by Doug Alderson, Christopher Cunningham

500+ easy-to-digest tips for making sea kayaking safer and more enjoyable Drawn in part from the popular "Tips" column appearing in Sea Kayaker magazine, Sea Kayaker's Savvy Paddler arms novice and expert paddlers alike with helpful, tested, and refined-in-the-field advice.

Sea Kayaking: A Woman's Guide Sea Kayaking: A Woman's Guide
by Shelley Johnson, Molly Mulhern Gross (Editor), Doug Hayward (Photographer)

Novice paddlers and seasoned veterans alike will find this a highly readable and eminently sensible guidebook to the essentials of safe and enjoyable sea kayaking. Forget the macho approach--this is an instructional for women, written by a woman.

The Complete Sea Kayaker's Handbook The Complete Sea Kayaker's Handbook
by Shelley Johnson

Author of the critically acclaimed Sea Kayaking: A Woman's Guide, Shelley Johnson covers all the bases for beginning to advanced sea kayakers. It's all here, from selecting the right kayak and gear to preparing and making an extended tour, mastering the strokes, rolls, and exit techniques; navigating; and much more.

Sea Kayaking Sea Kayaking
by Johan Loots

150 color photos 8 x 10 Basic guide to one of the fastest growing paddlesports.

Kayaking : Whitewater and Sea Kayaking : Whitewater and Sea
by Kent Ford

Ford covers all the basics, including determining kayaking preference, choosing proper equipment and clothing, the seven fundamental strokes, and getting in shape. 50 color photos. 10 illustrations.

Sea Kayaker's Deep Trouble Sea Kayaker's Deep Trouble
True Stories and Their Lessons from Sea Kayaker Magazine
by Matt Broze (Contributor), George Gronseth, Christopher Cunningham (Editor)

This riveting book offers 20 harrowing, real-life tales of sea kayaking accidents that will not only keep readers on the edge of their seats, but also instruct them with potentially life-saving lessons.

Extreme Sea Kayaking: A Survival Guide Extreme Sea Kayaking: A Survival Guide
by Eric J. Soares, Michael Powers

High-energy, high-adrenaline sea kayaking in surf, along rocky shores, in extreme weather conditions, is like no other experience in the world. Two of the world's top extreme sea kayakers have written the only tell-all, how-to manual for this wild sport, complete with riveting anecdotes.

The Complete Guide to Sea Kayak Touring The Complete Guide to Sea Kayak Touring
by Jonathan Hanson

If you're a sea kayaker who dreams of heading over the far horizon, this guide is a must. It is the comprehensive manual for planning the ideal sea kayaking expedition, covering everything from provisioning, gear, navigation, and bivouacking, to kayak sailing.

Fundamentals of Kayak Navigation Fundamentals of Kayak Navigation
by David Burch

Fundamentals of Kayak Navigation contains all the information needed to chart an accurate course, whether on open water or between islands-or icebergs. Whether a novice or a seasoned veteran, whether paddling calm or choppy waters, whether a kayaker or a sailor, you will benefit from this book's indispensable knowledge.

Sea Kayak Navigation Sea Kayak Navigation
by Franco Ferrero

This book provides a concise manual of navigation aimed specifically at sea kayakers. It covers what sea kayakers need to know and are likely to use; no more, no less.

Rescue & Safety
Eskimo Rolling Eskimo Rolling
by Derek C. Hutchinson

The thrill of kayaking can quickly turn to panic if you don't know how to right a capsized kayak. The Eskimo Roll (the self-rescue technique of righting a capsized kayak without leaving the cockpit) is the key to building confidence for all paddling conditions. Written by the leading international sea kayaking authority Derek C. Hutchinson, Eskimo Rolling provides detailed instruction on how to perform this maneuver with skill and success.

Paddling on the Edge : The Bombproof Roll and Beyond Paddling on the Edge : The Bombproof Roll and Beyond
by Paul Dutky

Paddling on the edge - the ability to hold the kayak level or on edge using knee pressure, to maintain balance using body lean, and when needed to shift weight forward or backward are the skills fundamental to even simple maneuvers such as bracing, upstream ferries, and the Eskimo roll. The Bombproof Roll and Beyond! is an introduction to edge control and balance for paddlers from the beginner to the most expert.

Sea Kayak Rescue Sea Kayak Rescue
The Definitive Guide to Modern Reentry and Recovery Techniques
by Roger Schumann, Jan Shriner, Christopher Cunningham

Everything is covered from basic paddle float reentry to the "Hand of God" rescue. And it is written in a straight forward style with plenty of photos to make things clear. It even includes some real-life stories.

Sea Kayaking : Safety and Rescue Sea Kayaking : Safety & Rescue
by John Lull, Paul McHugh

A "user friendly", comprehensive manual on how to kayak safely in a variety of sea environments. Offering step-by-step descriptions of real-life scenarios and numerous illustrations of key kayaking techniques, readers will learn how to competently assess kayaking risks, learn effective assisted self-rescues, develop group kayaking strategies, read weather patterns and currents, negotiate surf and ocean rock gardens, and deal with boat traffic.

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