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The NOAA Diving Manual The NOAA Diving Manual
Diving for Science and Technology Fourth Edition
by James T. Joiner

One of the most detailed diving reference books available. A valuable  resource for all who are interested in a complete encyclopedia of diving technology, equipment, techniques, and procedures. More than 100 authors and reviewers, selected from a diverse spectrum of experts in recreational scuba diving, commercial, military, scientific and research diving, combined their expertise to address the complex issues involved in today's diving.

United States Navy Diving Manual United States Navy Diving Manual, Revision 4

This revision is a compilation of input and review by navy divers involved in all aspects of diving operations. Experts from every area of military diving were consulted on specifics in their field and also utilized to make a review of the finished version. Every serious diver, every diving medical specialist, every hyperbaric specialist must have this complete, excellent reference.

Technical Diving in Depth Technical Diving in Depth
by Bruce R. Wienke

A long-awaited and much-needed title has just been released by BPC. "Technical Diving in Depth" by Bruce R. Wienke is the most complete and comprehensive reference work published to date on technical diving. It contains a mixture of technical topics, with each one self-contained and developed in relationship to diving. The topics span many disciplines and focus on a number of technical arenas.

The Technical Diving Handbook The Technical Diving Handbook
by Gary Gentile (Photographer)

"The Technical Diving Handbook" is a practical guide for extended range divers: a soup to nuts volume that discusses in detail every facet of this exciting and challenging underwater activity. The current edition incorporates recent innovations that were unobtainable until only a few years ago, and in some cases were nonexistent when its predecessor, "The Ultimate Wreck-Diving Guide", first saw print.

International Textbook of Mixed Gas Diving International Textbook of Mixed Gas Diving
Theory, Technique, Application
by Heinz K.J. Lettnin

The use of mixed gases and modern dive techniques have opened completely new dimensions for underwater exploration. The International Textbook of Mixed Gas Diving gives a comprehensive overview of up-to-date diving technology including mixed gas diving procedures.

The Technical Guide to Gas Blending The Technical Guide to Gas Blending
by Nicos Raftis

An authoritative, insightful text that explores and explains all aspects of gas blending in a logical, business-oriented way.

Recreational Nitrox Diving Recreational Nitrox Diving
by Robert N. Rossier

Nitrox has gained wide acceptance in the recreational scuba diving community over the past few decades. While it is widely used by the military as well as technical, commercial and scientific divers, the techniques, procedures, and tables have been refined to the point that with training, nitrox diving can be safe and enjoyable for the recreational open-circuit scuba diver.

The Essentials of Deeper Sport Diving The Essentials of Deeper Sport Diving
An Overview of the Theory and Requirements of Deeper Diving
by John Lippmann

The book is perfect for those who are beginning to consider how to extend the limits of 'recreational' diving'. It covers much of the theory behind accepted recreational practices, how to extend the recreational limits, and the risks associated with pushing the limits

Simple Guide to Rebreather Diving Simple Guide to Rebreather Diving
by Steven M. Barsky

This book is the "rebreathers for dummies" text, designed for the person who is new to rebreather diving. If you want basic information, this is the text for you.

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