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The Art & Technique of Underwater Photography The Art & Technique of Underwater Photography
by Mark Webster, Grant Bradford (Illustrator)

This book is aimed at anyone who is considering or beginning underwater photography, but also has the scope to help the more experienced photographer develop specific techniques, perfect particular subjects, and give advice on entering competitions and selling your work.

Jim Church's Essential Guide to Composition Jim Church's Essential Guide to Composition
by Jim Church

Jim Church's 35 years of experience are apparent in this clearly written volume aimed at improving any underwater photographer's results. The author shows how to find and choose subjects, position and guide models, and take the pictures. Included are the most effective uses of lenses and many invaluable tips.

Jim Church's Essential Guide to Nikonos Systems Jim Church's Essential Guide to Nikonos Systems
by Jim Church

Jim Church, noted pioneer takes you beyond Nikonos V, RS owner's manuals for great underwater photos.

The Underwater Photography Handbook The Underwater Photography Handbook
by Annemarie Kohler, Danja Kohler

This handsomely illustrated handbook provides a comprehensive guide to the basic techniques of underwater still photography and videography, including choosing the best equipment and using it to its full potential, solving technical challenges, and taking advantage of underwater conditions.

The Underwater Photographer The Underwater Photographer
by Martin Edge, Ian Turner (Editor)

Demonstrates how to take stunning underwater photographs that will not only give you a personal feeling of satisfaction, but will improve your chances of achieving award-winning results.

Essentials of Underwater Photography Essentials of Underwater Photography
by Robert M. Jackson

Presents an in-depth explanation of concepts as they relate to making photographs underwater. This book illustrates these concepts with brilliant color photographs, each of which is accompanied by an explanation of exactly how it was accomplished. This book stresses basic knowledge needed to produce high quality images now and in the future. Both beginning and experienced underwater photographers will benefit from the presentation of practical suggestions and realistic solutions for making photographs with housed 35mm cameras, macro or wide angle lenses, and strobe lighting.

Jim Church's Essential Guide to Underwater Video, Second Edition Jim Church's Essential Guide to Underwater Video, Second Edition
by Jim Church

Practical advice for beginning videographers from a longtime teacher and diver; Church is also the author of eight previous books on underwater photography. Covers video equipment, shooting techniques, and editing techniques. Illustrated with abundant color photos.

Wonders of the Reef : Diving With a Camera Wonders of the Reef : Diving With a Camera
by Stephen Frink (Photographer)

This beautifully illustrated book offers much helpful advice on taking underwater photographs and presents a lovely showcase of color images made beneath the surface.

Great Reefs of the World Great Reefs of the World
by Carl Roessler

"This is a book of beautiful photography, with interesting text to supplement it. The photos and summaries are from dive sites all over the world, including the Caribbean, California, Hawaii, Galapagos, Polynesia, Australia, Asia, the Red Sea, and many others." - A reader

Water Light Time
Beneath the Surface, Sea of Light, Cool Waters, Rhythm & Dance, Dark Blue, Water Gardens, Desert Ocean, South Light, Island kingdom
by David Doubilet

This book looks at the work of David Doubilet, artist, diver, and underwater photographer. From the shores of the Galapagos to the Red sea, from the Pacific ocean to the fresh waters of North America, the book includes over 25 years of the photographer's work, and reveals the beauty of more than 30 bodies of water rich with life forms.

Underwater Paradise Underwater Paradise
A Guide to the World's Best Diving Sites Through the Lenses of the Foremost Underwater Photographers
by Robert Boye, Robert Boyr, Stephen Frink (Illustrator), Paul Humann (Illustrator)

"This book is loaded with mesmerizing photographs, including many spectacular full-page and page-and-a-half photos that make me feel like I'm in full gear, right at the photographer's elbow." - A reader

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