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Pictorial History of Diving Pictorial History of Diving
by Barbara M. Desiderati

"A lavishly illustrated, brief, but comprehensive review of diving history, from early breath-hold diving and primitive diving bells to modern developments like ROV's and the Newtsuit. Unlike many other books on the subject, it also includes information on underwater habitats and recreational gear. An excellent photo section on early dive helmets rounds out the history and provides some fuel for the imagination." - A reader

Spearfishing for Skin and Scuba Divers Spearfishing for Skin and Scuba Divers
by Steven M. Barsky

"If you want fresh fish and adventure, this is the book for you. This book covers not only the secrets of spearfishing, but also gives an environmental perspective on conservation of marine species." - The author

Cave Diving
The Cave Divers The Cave Divers
by Robert F. Burgess

Burgess relates exciting and often harrowing accounts of pioneering expeditions into submerged prehistoric caves in Europe, as well as record-setting penetrations of freshwater springs and underground rivers in Florida, Mexico, and elsewhere. 50 photos, many in color.

Basic Cave Diving : A Blueprint for Survival Basic Cave Diving : A Blueprint for Survival
by S. Exley

This is a great book for anyone who is a cave diver or considering becoming one.

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