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International Marine's Weather Predicting Simplified International Marine's Weather Predicting Simplified
How to Read Weather Charts and Satellite Images
by Michael William Carr

Weather Predicting Simplified is the first book that shows the reader, with many sample satellite photos and weather maps, how to predict the weather easily and accurately - without having to wait for hours for NOAA updates.

Marine Weather Forecasting Marine Weather Forecasting
by Frank Brumbaugh

Frank has taken the mystery out of weather forecasting in his book Marine Weather Forecasting. He explains how to tell more about the weather, for hours and days to come, than any broadcast. But you must know what to look for when you go on deck. The wind, clouds, moon and sun all tell the story and Frank explains how to read these signs.

National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Weather National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Weather
by David M. Ludlum

This guide is the most popular reference to every type of weather system, cloud formation, and atmospheric phenomenon common to North America. The 378 dramatic photographs capture cloud types, precipitation, storms, twisters, and optical phenomena such as the Northern Lights.

Mariner's Weather Handbook
(Book/CD-Rom set)
by Steve Dashew, Linda Dashew

Brings together essential elements of weather forecasting and tactics used by professional routers, forecasters, and ocean racing navigators. Tells how mariners can make their own forecasts using just the sky, sea, and wind, and explains how to use facsimile charts, upper atmosphere fax charts, and the Internet. Shows how to spot potential weather risks before they are announced, and explains how to tell if official forecasts are accurate.

The Weather Handbook The Weather Handbook
by Alan Watts

A guide for the layman on how to look at the sky and gauge the arrival of rain, wind, and other weather elements. How to combine information gathered from weather forecasts with ones own observations is discussed.

Instant Weather Forecasting Instant Weather Forecasting
by Alan Watts

Instant Weather Forecasting is a 24 color photograph guide to forecasting the weather in the hours ahead, and it also provides some information on what likely weather trends will be.

Mariner's Weather Mariner's Weather
by William P. Crawford

"With almost every page having diagrams or photographs, Crawford takes the reader through an explanation of the atmosphere, introducing the reader to the whys and wheres of winds, the role that heat plays in meteorology, discussions of clouds, fogs, ice, and fronts. He discusses weather instruments and weather charts. The book is directed toward the mariner, both professional and cruiser..." - A reader

Peterson First Guide to Clouds and Weather Peterson First Guide to Clouds and Weather
by John A. Day, Vincent J. Schaefer, Roger Tory Peterson

This Peterson First guide contains easy-to-understand answers to questions about the weather, such as why the sky is blue, what makes it rain, and what causes rainbows. The book also features 116 color photographs that show how to identify clouds, with explanations of what each cloud type tells about the weather to come.

Basic Essentials: Weather Forecasting Basic Essentials: Weather Forecasting, 2nd Edition
by Michael Hodgson, Devin Wick (Illustrator), Michael Basic essential Hodgeon

Straightforward advice for predicting and noticing shifts
in weather patterns aimed directly at the novice.

Weather at Sea Weather at Sea
by David Houghton
The Sailor's Weather Guide The Sailor's Weather Guide
by Jeff Markell

An alarming number of boating accidents are caused by ignorance of and failure to prepare for bad weather. This book tells the amateur exactly where to get the latest weather information and how to interpret and use it.

Weather for the Mariner Weather for the Mariner
by William J. Kotsch (Introduction)

This book breaks down the basics of marine weather for any novice sailor and brings the deep details in for the seasoned seaman.

The Concise Guide to Caribbean Weather The Concise Guide to Caribbean Weather (Second edition)
by David Jones, Bob Nock, Mary Finley (Illustrator)

David Jones has upgraded a work that was already distinguished as a unique contribution to the mariner's understanding of weather conditions in the tropics. It still stands as the clearest and most understandable exposition of the weather patterns that characterize the Caribbean region and the distinct ways in which they differ from those we experience in the higher latitudes.

Quick Reference Weather Forecasting Quick Reference Weather Forecasting
by Seapoint

This 8 1/2" x 11" weatherproof heavy duty plastic card is a perfect quick reference for any boater. Shows how to use wind direction, barometric pressure and cloud type to predict the weather. Photos of cloud types and descriptions are included along with full listing of radio weather stations for official broadcasts, key information on fog, hazardous wave and surf conditions, storm warnings, hurricane avoidance and more.

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