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The Sailor's Illustrated Dictionary The Sailor's Illustrated Dictionary
by Tom Lenfestey, Thompson, Jr Lenfesty, Thompson Lenfestey, K. B. Raisch

Here is a comprehensive lexicon of more than 9,000 terms and phrases used by sailors and seafarers both past and present.

An A-Z of Sailing Terms An A-Z of Sailing Terms (Oxford Paperback Reference)
by Ian Dear (Editor), Peter Kemp (Editor)

Handy and authoritative, this invaluable guide deserves a place on every sailor's bookshelf. Abridged from the acclaimed "Oxford Companion to Ships and the Sea", An A-Z of Sailing Terms provides detailed explanations of nearly 1,500 sailing terms.

The Oxford Companion to Ships and the Sea The Oxford Companion to Ships and the Sea
by Peter Kemp (Editor)

Filled with 3,700 entries and covering a span of over 5,000 years, this comprehensive Companion brings together the immense field of marine terminology in one easily accessible volume.

The Illustrated Dictionary of Boating Terms The Illustrated Dictionary of Boating Terms
2000 Essential Terms for Sailors & Powerboaters
by John Rousmaniere

From America's leading sailing authority, the first lively, authoritative guide to the language of boating and the sea. From "abaft" to "Zulu," including terms as new as "bowrider" and as old as "starboard," here is the language of pleasure boating.

Yachtsman's Ten Language Dictionary Yachtsman's Ten Language Dictionary
by Barbara Webb, Michael Manton, Cruising Assn

It contains a collection of the most useful words in ten languages, covering the boat and its equipment, the engine, navigation, meteorology, racing, emergencies, shopping ashore, and above all, maintenance and repairs

Sailing Sailing
by Beard, Henry Beard, Roy McKie

A humorous interpretation. From AHOY - "The first in a series of four-letter words commonly exchanged by skippers as their boats approach each other" - to ZEPHYR - "A warm, pleasant breeze named after the mythical Greek god of wishful thinking, false hopes, and unreliable forecasts" - it brings new meaning to the things said at sea.

When a Loose Cannon Flogs a Dead Horse There's the Devil to Pay When a Loose Cannon Flogs a Dead Horse There's the Devil to Pay
Seafaring Words in Everyday Speech
by Olivia A. Isil

Have you ever wondered about the origin of "son of a gun,'' flotsam and jetsam,'' or "hunky-dory''? You'll find the nautical derivation of these expressions and more than 250 others in this collection of nautical metaphors and colloquialisms.

Salty Dog Talk Salty Dog Talk
The Nautical Origins of Everyday Expressions
by Bill Beavis, Richard G. McCloskey

A charming etymology for all salty-minded people. Explains the fascinating ship-board beginnings of over 200 words and expressions, with the author's own delightful cartoons.

The Dictionary of Nautical Literacy The Dictionary of Nautical Literacy
by Robert McKenna

Unlike other nautical dictionaries that focus on defining parts of a ship and sailor slang, this book also identifies critical ideas, events, and individuals and explains their significance in maritime culture.

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