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Atlas Of Shipwrecks and Treasure Atlas Of Shipwrecks & Treasure
by Nigel Pickford

Defining a treasure ship broadly as "any ship used to transport a high-value cargo of precious metals or artifacts that do not lose their value when immersed for long periods in salt water," Pickford, a professional shipwreck researcher, provides illuminating text set in a sea of illustrations. The result is a book that is a fine starting point for shipwreck research.

The Search for Sunken Treasure The Search for Sunken Treasure
Exploring the World's Great Shipwrecks
by Robert F. Marx, Jenifer Marx

Renowned underwater archaeologist Robert Marx and his wife tell the remarkable stories behind the discoveries of famous wrecks from around the world - the HMS Bounty, the Andrea Doria, the Titanic and The Mary Rose - as well as the unsung shipwrecks that deserve to be better known.

Encyclopedia of Underwater and Maritime Archaeology Encyclopedia of Underwater and Maritime Archaeology
by James P. Delgado (Editor)

This encyclopedia is the first comprehensive reference book on the discovery and recovery of underwater archaeological remains around the world and across time. Written by archaeologists and other scientists who have made the discoveries, it offers a wealth of authoritative and accessible information on shipwrecks, drowned cities, ritual deposits, and other relics of our submerged past.

Underwater Archaeology Underwater Archaeology
Exploring the World Beneath the Sea (Discoveries)
by Jean-Yves Blot, Alexandra Campbell (Translator)

Underwater Archaeology is an inexpensive and colorful book about the people who do this work and what they sometimes bring to the surface - a great introduction to the subject.

In the Wake of Galleons In the Wake of Galleons
by Robert F. Marx

The general public has an insatiable interest in sunken ships, lost treasures, and the swashbuckling adventurers who go after them. The readers of In the Wake of Galleons will experience an actual treasure hunt, and share in the frustrations, dangers and disappointments that are a part of any expedition. They will also feel the adrenaline rush that comes when the hunter finds treasure.

Lost Treasure Ships of the Twentieth Century Lost Treasure Ships of the Twentieth Century
by Nigel Pickford

The book explores 17 individual ships - selected for their historic importance, the scientific innovation behind their discovery, the personal tragedies that befell the people involved, and the glamour of the extraordinary wealth that they may have once contained. Detailed maps show the location of more than 170 ships, including the Titanic and the Lusitania.

The Spanish Treasure Fleets The Spanish Treasure Fleets
by Timothy R. Walton

Walton chronicles Spain's exploitation of the mineral wealth of Latin America for over 300 years, showing how that wealth transformed the world financial markets. The treasure fleets transported silver and gold mined in Peru and New Spain in large convoys twice yearly to Europe and Asia. This silver, mainly in the form of eight real pieces (pieces of eight), was then circulated worldwide by trade, laying the groundwork for our precious metal-based economic system today.

Shipwrecks in the Americas Shipwrecks in the Americas
by Robert F. Marx

A noted marine archaeologist and salvage expert offers a detailed hands-on guide to treasure hunters and explorers of sunken wrecks and catastrophes at sea. Illustrated with 73 photos of divers and technicians at work, and artifacts of all kinds.

Shipwrecks of Florida : A Comprehensive Listing Shipwrecks of Florida : A Comprehensive Listing
by Steven D. Singer

Over 2,100 listings, arranged geographically - except for wrecks from the Civil War and WWII which have separate sections - are accompanied by six narratives of wrecks and heavily illustrated appendices offering information on topics of interest to divers and researchers.

The History of Shipwrecks The History of Shipwrecks
by Angus Konstam

The History of Shipwrecks explores the exciting world in the depths and takes readers on a journey of underwater adventure. It traces the history of man and the sea, diving, treasure hunting, and archaeology; and it invites the reader to visit sunken Roman warships and Spanish galleons, colonial vessels, and twentieth-century luxury liners.

Graveyard of the Atlantic Graveyard of the Atlantic
Shipwrecks of the North Carolina Coast
by David Stick, Frank Stick (Illustrator)

"This book describes the particularly dangerous coast of North Carolina where the warm gulf stream meets the cold arctic currents, resulting in very dangerous sand bars and storms. This has resulted in hundreds of wrecks along this particular part of North America. The author describes sinkings such as the USS Huron, the SS Metropolis, the steam packet Pulaski. He also chronicles the birth and growth of the US Life Saving Service and some of the most exciting rescues in history." - A reader

Wreck Valley Wreck Valley
A Record of Shipwrecks off Long Island's South Shore and New Jersey
by Daniel Berg

The most comprehensive, accurate, illustrated collection of information, photographs, sketches and stories ever written about the wrecks that lie off the Long Island, New York, and New Jersey shores.

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