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The Annapolis Book of Seamanship The Annapolis Book of Seamanship
by John Rousmaniere, Mark Smith (Illustrator)

First launched in 1983, Annapolis remains the sailor's bible, a comprehensive chapter and verse guide to all aspects of seamanship from the simplest ABC's to the most advanced skills and latest electronics. Based on the US Naval Academy's courses in navigation, piloting, and seamanship.

Chapman Piloting : Seamanship & Boat Handling Chapman Piloting : Seamanship & Boat Handling, 63rd Ed
by Elbert S. Maloney, Charles Frederic Chapman

Now in its 63rd edition, Charles Frederic Chapman's masterpiece is a boater's bible. It's more than just a basic text, however; it's a complete curriculum of nautical knowledge, from knots to navigation, docking to distress calls, plus etiquette, protocol, and terminology for powerboaters and sailors alike. Accessible to the beginner, Chapman Piloting is an essential reference for even the most experienced sailor. A necessary component of any nautical library.

Practical Seamanship : Essential Skills for the Modern Sailor Practical Seamanship : Essential Skills for the Modern Sailor
by Steve Dashew, Linda Dashew

"A vast resource...An important reference tool for sailors...Clear, concise illustrations, and chockfull of first-hand stories from countless long-range voyagers. Wow." - Cruising World

Knight's Modern Seamanship Knight's Modern Seamanship, 18th Edition
by John V. Noel (Editor), Frank E. Bassett (Editor), Carvel Blair (Editor)

"This book is in the pilothouse of every ship in the US Navy. 'Nuff said." - A reader

The Practical Mariner's Book of Knowledge The Practical Mariner's Book of Knowledge
420 Sea-Tested Rules of Thumb for Almost Every Boating Situation
by John Vigor

"Vigor successfully combines fun and function in a dictionary-style resource that is eminently readable... [It] is tough to put down." - Lakeland Boating

"Opening [this book] is... like opening a can of salty nuts. I can't resist just a little more before putting it away." - Dockside

Boating Etiquette (Chapman's Nautical Guides) Boating Etiquette (Chapman's Nautical Guides)
by Queene Hooper Foster

A complete and useful guide to every aspect of boating customs, from yacht-club practices to passing courtesies, from what types of flags to fly and how and where to display them to having or being a guest on board a boat. Illustrated.

Sail and Power Sail and Power
The Official Textbook at the U.S. Naval Academy
by Richard Henderson, William E. Brooks (Contributor)
The Outboard Boater's Handbook The Outboard Boater's Handbook
Advanced Seamanship and Practical Skills
by David R. Getchell (Editor)

Covers a wide variety of topics relating to small power boats. Excellent for boat owners or those considering buying a boat.

Skipper's Handbook Skipper's Handbook
by Robert Grossman

The quick reference layout covers everything from plotting a dead reckoning course to docking maneuvers, from CPR to advanced first aid.

Effective Skippering Effective Skippering
A Comprehensive Guide to Yacht Mastery
by John Myatt, Neil Myatt (Illustrator)

Effective Skippering will help you become a better, safer, more knowledgeable and more confident skipper. It will show you how to protect your vessel, your crew and yourself from damage and from strain.

Quick Reference Boating Guide Quick Reference Boating Guide
by Seapoint

Weatherproof high strength plastic, 8.5" x 11" three-hole card. Small Craft Seamanship and Safety - covers all the basic procedures and equipment.

Docking & Anchoring
Boat Docking Boat Docking
Close Quarters Maneuvering for Small Craft
by Charles T. Low (Illustrator)

Any boater - well, almost any - can handle his boat reasonably well in open waters. The real crunch comes when he or she has to bring the craft into a pier or wharf. Boat Docking may be a small volume, but it contains a wealth of information on docking and undocking a boat.

Dockmanship (Cornell Boaters Library) Dockmanship (Cornell Boaters Library)
by David Owen Bell

By applying professional techniques you can learn to handle boats and ships in close quarters. Dockmanship includes sections on outboards, inboards, single and twin screw, and sail.

The Complete Book of Anchoring and Mooring The Complete Book of Anchoring and Mooring
by Earl R. Hinz, Richard R. Rhodes (Illustrator)

Addresses anchoring systems, techniques, and permanent moorings for boats from 12 to 80 feet in length. It covers monohulls, multihulls, light displacement cruisers, sportfishers, ocean-going motorboats, and workboats.

Heavy Weather
Heavy Weather Sailing Heavy Weather Sailing, 30th Anniversary Edition
by K. Adlard Coles, Peter Bruce (Editor)

The classic standard work on seamanship under gale conditions receives the most thorough revision of its 30 years: with 21 new chapters and contributions from world-renowned sailors such as Olin Stephens, John Shuttleworth, Mike Golding, Robin Knox Johnson, and Val Haigh. This edition retains the mix of storm survival stories with expert analysis and advice, and dramatic photos of storm seas.

Surviving the Storm: Coastal and Offshore Tactics Surviving the Storm: Coastal and Offshore Tactics
by Steve Dashew, Linda Dashew

"An encyclopedic covering of various tactics for surviving storms at sea, the Dashews succinct writing and cogent organization drives this hefty book forward. while powerboats are nominally covered, this book is more squarely aimed at the community of ocean going sailboats. Anyone sailing into deep blue water should read this book." - A reader

Storm Tactics Handbook Storm Tactics Handbook
Modern Methods of Heaving-To for Survival in Extreme Conditions
by Lin Pardey, Larry Pardey

Modern methods of heaving-to for survival in extreme conditions. Trysail and para-anchor technology for all types of boats and sailors.

Heavy Weather Tactics Using Sea Anchors and Drogues Heavy Weather Tactics Using Sea Anchors & Drogues
by Earl R. Hinz, Richard R. Rhodes (Illustrator)

Examines drag devices in great detail, drawing from his personal observations, information from manufacturers, and reports from users.

Heavy Weather Boating Emergencies Heavy Weather Boating Emergencies
The Survival Guide for Freshwater Powerboat Operators : What to Do When Everything Goes Wrong
by Chuck Luttrell, Jean Luttrell (Contributor), Robert J. McKeever (Commentary)

Fresh-water boaters will find life-saving information on how to maintain control in emergency situations. Written specifically for powerboaters, this book details what to do when encountering heavy weather and on-board emergencies such as engine failure, man overboard, or loss of position.

Heavy Weather Cruising Heavy Weather Cruising
by Tom Cunliffe
How to Cope With Storms How to Cope With Storms
by Dietrich Von Haeften

The book is straightforward, authoritative, and to the point.

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