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The Art and Science of Sails The Art and Science of Sails
A Guide to Modern Materials, Construction, Aerodynamics, Upkeep, and Use
by Tom Whidden, Michael Levitt (Contributor)

A fresh, readable guide for sail cruisers and racers! Tom Whidden discusses the latest materials and rigging methods for sailboats and shows the consumer how to choose between different cloths and designs, plus the construction and trim of sails, as well as the upkeep of a proper sail inventory.

Sail Performance: Techniques to Maximize Sail Power Sail Performance: Techniques to Maximize Sail Power
by Czeslaw A. Marchaj

This volume replaces Marchaj's classic Sailing Theory and Practice, published 25 years ago, and offers new information on, rig design, sail construction and trim, wind-sail interaction, and the structure of the wind.

Illustrated Sail and Rig Tuning Illustrated Sail & Rig Tuning
by Ivar Dedekam

The best-illustrated manual ever on tuning the sails and rigs of a yacht or small keelboat features 152 color diagrams and a brilliantly concise text. Separate sections offer a logical approach to the topics of trimming the genoa and mainsail, trimming spinnakers and gennakers, and setting up masts and stays.

The New Book of Sail Trim The New Book of Sail Trim
by Ken Textor (Editor)

From the pages of Sail Magazine, comes the first new anthology in nearly 15 years on the popular subject of sail trim. With 44 articles that have never before appeared in book form, The New Book of Sail Trim provides concise, easy-to-understand instruction in every facet of sails and sail handling.

A Manual of Sail Trim A Manual of Sail Trim
by Stuart H. Walker, Tom Price (Illustrator)

This book takes a very technical look at sailing. If you've got a couple of seasons of serious sailing (racing) under your belt, and you're looking to improve your mastery of sail trim, this book can aid in understanding.

Sails : The Way They Work and How to Make Them Sails : The Way They Work and How to Make Them
by Derek Harvey

"Essential if you have ever contemplated making your own sails....will also help sailors evaluate the sails they now own or will acquire. All in all, this packed little volume will be a welcome addition to any sailor's nautical library." - The Ensign

Sailmaker's Apprentice Sailmaker's Apprentice
by Emiliano Marino, Christine Erikson (Illustrator)

Step-by-step guide to traditional sailmaking.

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