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Sailing Fundamentals Sailing Fundamentals
The Official Learn-To-Sail Manual of the American Sailing Association and the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary
by Gary Jobson

Published under the pennants of the American Sailing Association and the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, Sailing Fundamentals is an excellent guide for novice sailors ready to get their feet wet. This comprehensive manual helps beginners learn basic sailing and coastal cruising with step-by-step instructions for everything from hoisting the sail to docking.

Start Sailing Right! Start Sailing Right!
The National Standard for Quality Sailing Instruction
by Derrick Fries, Burt Bilbrey (Illustrator)

The US Red Cross and US Sailing use this book as the newly revised mainstay of their program which is probably the most advanced in the world.

The Complete Sailor The Complete Sailor
Learning the Art of Sailing
by David Seidman, Kelly Mulford (Illustrator)

"A real winner... A masterful blend of straightforward text with delightful and instructive illustrations. Quite simply a great primer on sailing and the world of boats for readers of all ages." - Cruising World

The Handbook of Sailing The Handbook of Sailing
by Bob Bond

With its meticulous attention to detail and its more than 2,000 how-to drawings, diagrams and photographs enabling the reader to visualize every sailing procedure and maneuver, this handbook provides a complete course in basic and advanced sailing.

KISS Guide to Sailing KISS Guide to Sailing
by Steve Sleight, Dennis Conner

Broaden your horizons with DK's KISS Guide to Sailing. Find out about the history of sailing and follow the journeys of early traders and explorers. Discover where to sail, in which types of boat, and how to hone your skills. Learn about the latest nautical developments, from high-tech materials to racing techniques. Master basic sailing terms, from hulls and foils, to rigs and rudders. Understand what to do if you capsize, and learn key safety tips.

The Sailor's Handbook The Sailor's Handbook
A Clear and Comprehensive Guide to Sailing for Pleasure and Sport
by Halsey C. Herreshoff (Editor)

Since its original publication nearly 20 years ago, The Sailor's Handbook has been an essential purchase for anyone who wants to get the most out of sailing. Compiled with the help of experts from the world's major sailing centers, this revised and updated third edition ensures that The Sailor's Handbook will remain an important part of every sailor's gear well into the 21st century.

Sailors' Secrets Sailors' Secrets
by Michael Badham, Robby Robinson (Editor)

Distilled in this book are the seagoing experience of its editors and the wisdom of its hundreds of contributors. From Rod Stephens on preparing your boat for sea to Buddy Melges on a philosophy of sailing fast, it took millions of sea miles to develop the insights shared here.

Steve Colgate on Sailing Steve Colgate on Sailing
by Steve Colgate, Marcia Wiley (Illustrator)

The what, how, why and when of sailing, cruising and racing by the head of the famous Colgate Offshore Sailing Schools.

Fundamentals of Sailing, Cruising, and Racing Fundamentals of Sailing, Cruising, and Racing
by Steve Colgate

"My first edition of this book, published in 1978, brought together the textbooks used for each of our courses at Offshore Sailing School -- Learn to Sail, Performance Sailing, Beginning and Advanced Racing, Beginning and Advanced Cruising. Reprinted in 1996 (this edition), I was able to refine and make changes relative to what has gone on in sailing in the years since the first edition came out." - The Author

Invitation to Sailing Invitation to Sailing
by Alan Brown

In-depth, even includes boat care and tuning. Includes demonstrations helping to explain how a sailboat moves in the wind.

Sail Better : 101 Tips and Techniques Sail Better : 101 Tips and Techniques
by Roger Marshall

Recreational sailors who have learned the basics but want to improve their skills and master sailboat operation will find this illustrated guide indispensable for advice on every aspect of cruising, performance sailing, and emergencies. 100 photos.

The Symmetry of Sailing The Symmetry of Sailing
The Physics of Sailing for Yachtsmen
by Ross Garrett, Dave Wilkie (Illustrator)

Why must a boat make leeway in order to sail to windward? How can a helmsman prevent downwind rolling? Why is a sail able to produce a force at right angles to the wind direction? How do the motions of water particles in waves affect boat handling? These and many other important questions are addressed by the authors in this detailed study of the motive forces of a yacht.

Frugal Yachting: Family Adventuring in Small Sailboats Frugal Yachting: Family Adventuring in Small Sailboats
by Larry Brown

Brown discusses the approaches to eating, sleeping, sanitation, storage, and safety on the smallest (15- to-24-foot) cruising sailboats, and reviews the various hull forms and sail plans available.

The Everything Sailing Book The Everything Sailing Book
Sail Away With Tons of Tips, Tricks, Lessons, and Helpful Hints That Cover Every Aspect of Getting Off the Dock
by Michael Smorenburg, Nikki Smorenburg

Great book for your beginner as well as seasoned sailor with general knowledge and also some interesting trivia.

DK Complete Sailing Manual DK Complete Sailing Manual
by Steve Sleight, Truman Morris (Editor)

The sailing guide for all sailors from the novice to the experienced skipper - everything you need to master the sport with over 750 images.

An Introduction to Sailing An Introduction to Sailing
by Peter Blake, David Pardon

In this beautiful and practical book, one of the world's foremost sailors, New Zealand's Peter Blake, tells you all you need to know about the basics of sailing. The more advanced sailor will also find much of interest.

Sailing: A Woman's Guide Sailing: A Woman's Guide
by Doris Colgate

For women who want a calm, thorough introduction to this beautiful sport, Colgate offers the key. She'll teach you the skills and tricks of seasoned women sailors.

One Hand for Yourself One for the Ship One Hand for Yourself One for the Ship
The Essentials of Single Handed Sailing
by Tristan Jones

One Hand for Yourself, One for the Ship is a course on single-handed sailing by the man most qualified to give it. It is a highly personal perspective on both the science and art of this ultimate challenge, and it bears the unmistakable stamp of one who has lived on and for the sea.

Catamaran Sailing: From Start to Finish Catamaran Sailing: From Start to Finish
by Phil Berman, Bradford Scott (Illustrator)

The classic guide to catamarans, updated to bring readers the latest for everyman's sailboat. Here is a complete course in catamaran sailing for the beginner and the semi-experienced sailor who wants to become more skilled in the arts of tuning, handling, and racing cats.

A Field Guide to Sailboats A Field Guide to Sailboats
by Richard M. Sherwood

Extending the principles of the famed Peterson Identification System to the man-made world, A Field Guide to Sailboats will enable readers to identify virtually any production sailboat in North America. The second edition is completely revised and updated, with four dozen new boats and a chapter on choosing and buying a sailboat.

The Complete Book of Sailing The Complete Book of Sailing
Equipment, Boats, Competition, Techniques
by Bob Bond (Editor), Brian Grant, Jonathan Clark, David F. Pelly, Adrian Morgan

Chart a course that will lead to greater enjoyment of the time you spend on the water. Delve into details on equipment, read about tides and weather, evaluate the most important types of boats, over sailing techniques, emergencies, safety precautions, piloting and navigation, buoys and markers, and ropes and knots... and more

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