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Water Wise : Safety for the Recreational Boater Water Wise : Safety for the Recreational Boater
by Jerry Dzugan, Susan Jensen

Straightforward, concise, well-illustrated look at recreational boating safety at sea: lifesaving devices, falling overboard, first aid, firefighting, lifeboat survival, and more.

Survivor Survivor
by Michael Greenwald

Survivor was written to help sailors survive boat disasters. Edited by National Best-Sellers Steve Callahan (Adrift) and Dougal Robertson (Survive the Savage Sea), the book contains true stories and practical "How-To" chapters about survival.

Safety Preparations for Cruising Safety Preparations for Cruising
by Jeremy R. Hood

Most sailors go to sea without prior knowledge of the cruising lifestyle and its demands. This can result in conditions ranging from the merely inefficient to the truly tragic. No sea-going novice one should set off without first studying Safety Preparations For Cruising.

A Guide to Small Boat Emergencies A Guide to Small Boat Emergencies
by John M., Jr. Waters, John K. Waters, Paul A. Yost
The Captain's Guide to Life Raft Survival The Captain's Guide to Life Raft Survival
by Michael Cargal

The Captains' Guide to Liferaft Survival contains everything a castaway needs to know to survive in a liferaft and get rescued as quickly as possible. Filled with useful experience from the author's 20 years as a captain, the book draws on the latest research in equipment, techniques, and emergency medicine.

Boater's Checklist Boater's Checklist
by Clay Kelley

There are literally hundreds of items aboard every boat that must be checked or inspected at certain intervals to avoid problems. The book starts by describing the checks to perform before getting underway and follows through each system check needed to assure proper operation. Included are tips from fellow cruisers, safety features and systems and a seasonal decommissioning and commissioning checklist.

Lightning and Boats Lightning and Boats
A Manual of Safety and Prevention
by Michael V., Jr. Huck
Gmdss : Understanding the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System Gmdss : Understanding the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System
The New Marine Radio Communications Systems
by John Campbell

Excellent reference book for GMDSS system.

First Aid
Advanced First Aid Afloat Advanced First Aid Afloat
by Peter F. Eastman, M.D., John M. Levinson (Editor)

First published in 1972, this indispensable handbook addresses virtually every accident or ailment that might occur when professional medical help is unavailable at sea, with clear instructions in layman's language on the best course of action to take.

The Onboard Medical Guide The Onboard Medical Guide
First Aid and Emergency Medicine Afloat
by Paul G. Gill

"Not only is it an interesting read, with quotes and situations actually encountered, [this book] is an excellent comprehensive guide to medicine at sea." - Sailing

Your Offshore Doctor Your Offshore Doctor
A Manual of Medical Self-Sufficiency at Sea
by Michael H. Beilan

Written by a knowledgeable seagoing physician, this book addresses the medical layman. It is thoroughly illustrated and presented in a format that is easy to follow, even in an emergency.

The Boater's Medical Companion The Boater's Medical Companion
(Cornell Boaters Library)
by Robert S. Gould

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