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The Complete Rigger's Apprentice The Complete Rigger's Apprentice
Tools and Techniques for Modern and Traditional Rigging
by Brion Toss, Des Pawson, Larry Pardey

The definitive reference on the art and science of rigging, this massive work combines and updates Toss' renowned Rigger's Apprentice and Rigger's Locker. Lavishly illustrated with drawings and numerous graphs, tables, and other illustrations on all aspects of rigging.

Understanding Rigs and Rigging Understanding Rigs and Rigging
by Richard Henderson, Ted Brewer

For anyone who is thinking about, or trying to understand, the rigging of small sailboats (say, under 100 feet), this is a very good book to have.

Hand, Reef and Steer Hand, Reef and Steer
by Tom Cunliffe

"Tom Cunliffe has written a delightful book, one that gives most of the specific knowledge required to rig and sail a gaff-rigged boat safely and successfully." - WoodenBoat

The Gaff Rig Handbook The Gaff Rig Handbook
History, Design, Techniques, Developments
by John Leather

Each major component of the gaff rig is treated with a chapter (Mast and Spars, Running Rigging, Standing Rigging, etc.) and then adaptations for several specific types of boats (catboats, sloops, cutters, smacks, yawls, schooners, etc.)

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