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Printed in full color on weatherproof high strength plastic, these 8.5" x 11" three-hole cards are impervious to conditions at sea which quickly destroy other laminated paper references.
They are a perfect quick reference for any boater.
Quick Reference Boating Guide Quick Reference Boating Guide
by Seapoint

Small Craft Seamanship and Safety covers all the basic procedures and equipment. Includes predeparture checklist, recommended and U.S. Coast Guard required equipment, fueling procedures, radio use, weather warnings, trailering, launching, anchoring, right-or-way, buoyage, and much more

Quick Reference Navigation Rules Quick Reference Navigation Rules
by Seapoint

The inland and international rules (COLREGS) including right-of way, lights, and sound signals, and the U.S. Buoyage system are all included in a concise, accurate and graphically pleasing format which is easy to understand and use.

Quick Reference Sightings at Sea Quick Reference Sightings at Sea
by Seapoint

Sightings at Sea enables you to identify a wide variety of marine life, ocean going vessels, foreign flags, and more at a glance.

Quick Reference Weather Forecasting Quick Reference Weather Forecasting
by Seapoint

Shows how to use wind direction, barometric pressure and cloud type to predict the weather. Photos of cloud types and descriptions are included along with full listing of radio weather stations for official broadcasts, key information on fog, hazardous wave and surf conditions, storm warnings, hurricane avoidance and more.

Quick Reference Galley Notes Quick Reference Galley Notes
by Seapoint

Here, in concise form are the answers and information you need, including: predeparture checklist, stowing and refrigeration, cleaning tips, fish cleaning and cooking, stove use, stove safety and trouble shooting, first aid, motion sickness relief, fire control, trash management and more.

Quick Reference Marine Electronics Quick Reference Marine Electronics
by Seapoint

Marine Electronics includes comprehensive information, procedures, rules, tips, problem solving on navigation electronics: RADAR, GPS, LORAN C, RDF; and communication electronics: VHF, SSB, CB and HAM radio, and EPIRBs.

Quick Reference Coastwise Piloting Quick Reference Coastwise Piloting
by Seapoint

Clearly presents, at your fingertips, all the classic piloting information and easy-to-use instructions you need for safe coastal navigation (particularly if your electronics fail!)

Quick Reference Celestial Navigation Quick Reference Celestial Navigation
by Seapoint

Weatherproof heavy duty plastic card. Quick Reference Celestial Navigation is a simplified, yet complete, system for learning and remembering the details of Celestial Navigation. This card makes it unbelievably easy, proving that lengthy instruction, easily forgotten if not used regularly, is not essential to master the art of 'Celestial'.

Quick Reference Racing Rules Quick Reference Racing Rules
by Seapoint

The Quick Reference Racing Rules is an easy-to-understand guide with clear illustrations and definitions to the most important racing rules. Also includes racing signal flags and numerical pennants for quick recognition of race committee signals.

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