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Sailing Smart : Winning Techniques, Tactics, and Strategies Sailing Smart : Winning Techniques, Tactics, and Strategies
by Buddy Melges, Charles Mason (Contributor), Ted Brennam (Illustrator)

This is a short, easy to read book. You can knock it off in a couple of hours. What you learn in reading is how to win. No fancy tuning tricks, just the things you need to know how to win - the basics.

Championship Tactics Championship Tactics
How Anyone Can Sail Faster, Smarter and Win Races
by Gary Jobson, Tom Whidden (Contributor), Adam Loory (Contributor)

Championship Tactics gives expert advice in a collection of stories from the greatest sailing races of recent decades, and includes profusely diagrammed professional secrets that even the Wednesday-night club racer can use. All boat racers will benefit from this professional collection of tips!

The Tactics of Small Boat Racing The Tactics of Small Boat Racing
by Stuart H. Walker, Carol H. Little (Illustrator)

While there are many books on sailboat racing, this one is a real classic.

Advanced Racing Tactics Advanced Racing Tactics
by Stuart H. Walker

"An outstanding and thorough evaluation of what is involved in sailing a good race beyond trimming the sails correctly and handling the boat well."

Sail Like a Champion Sail Like a Champion
by Dennis Conner, Michael Levitt (Contributor)

An authoritative, extensively illustrated handbook of advanced sailing techniques provides helpful tips for competitive sailors at all skill levels, discussing sail selection and trim, crew, pre-race preparation, race rule, tactics, and other topics.

Racing : A Beginner's Manual Racing : A Beginner's Manual
by Davidson, Craig, Tim Davison, John Craig
Learning to Race Learning to Race
by H. A. Calahan

"Learning to Race is a companion volume to the author's previous treatise on sailing provides a fine set of insights on yacht racing, from fundamentals of getting speed out of a boat to equipment, the crew, and how to develop a yacht racing strategy."

High Performance Sailing High Performance Sailing
by Frank Bethwaite

Based on 25 years of research and Olympic coaching, this massive reference work is a major event for racing sailors. It presents revolutionary explanations of wind prediction and boat design. Bethwaite's theories boosted the average speed of the highest-performance sailboats from two-thirds the windspeed to windspeed or faster.

Winning Races Winning Races
All You Need to Know to Improve Your Yacht's Performance
by John Heyes

Winning Races is full of practical hands-on advice from the racecourse, based on John Heyes' wide experience of both keelboat and yacht racing.

The Complete Book of Laser Sailing The Complete Book of Laser Sailing
by Dick Tillman, Richard L. Tillman

The Laser is the world's most popular single-handed racing boat. This revised and expanded edition includes: Everything from maintenance to cartopping the boat, to physical training and race techniques. Information on gear and tactics.

Race Winning Strategies Race Winning Strategies
Smart Lessons With Deep Dakron
by Tom Linskey, Tadami Takahashi (Illustrator)

Race Winning Strategies is an unconventional "how to race" book that introduces such wacky, but unique characters as Deep Dakron, Scratchen Sniff, Kent McBatten, and Zig Zag Brooke. Through their brisk banter, carried on in yacht club bars, sail lofts, and at races, we learn the secrets of successful sailboat racing in all kinds of weather and tactical situations.

Race Training: Coach Yourself to Success Race Training: Coach Yourself to Success
by Rick White, Mary Wells
Sail, Race and Win : Developing a Winning Attitude Sail, Race and Win : Developing a Winning Attitude
by Eric Twiname, Cathy Foster

There are many things to get right in a race-boat preparation, the racing rules, meteorology, tactics, travel logistics and so on. All this makes it easy to forget that winning comes from within and that the most elaborate preparations will fail unless your attitude is right.

Team Racing for Sailboats Team Racing for Sailboats
by Steve Tylecote

It is a valuable tool for teachers and sail masters in educating students on effective methods to enhance enjoyment and success in this sport. The book includes tactic diagrams and a large section given to pre-race maneuvers.

Racing Crew Racing Crew
by Malcolm McKeag, Bill Edgerton

This book explains how to hoist, tack, gybe, and dowse sails, and interprets the muttering and cursing emanating from the back of the boat.

Racing Rules
Paul Elvstrom Explains the Racing Rules of Sailing Paul Elvstrom Explains the Racing Rules of Sailing, 2001-2004
by Soren Krause (Editor)

The first section of this edition provides the complete text of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) rules for 2001 through 2004. The second section, which is color-coded to correspond with the first, offers clear and concise explanations of each rule's meaning, intent, and implications, enhanced by hundreds of two-color, bird's-eye-view drawings. Ships with small plastic boats used for protest hearings.

Rules in Practice Rules in Practice: 2001-2004
by Bryan Willis

The heart of this manual is Willis taking you around the race course in a separate chapter for each stage, from before the start, around the marks, and to post race protests. Each stage is quite thoroughly explored, illustrating in clear diagrams many likely situations of potential conflict between boats.

The Rules Book The Rules Book
by Eric Twiname, Bryan Willis

"…another of those little books that are a "must" for anyone who races, at any level." - Sailing (S.A.)

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