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The Propeller Handbook The Propeller Handbook
The Complete Reference for Choosing, Installing, and Understanding Boat Propellers
by Dave Gerr

"The best explanation of (propeller) formulas and theories that I've ever seen-not exactly bedtime reading, mind you, but propellers don't get any better than this." -  The Society of Boat and Yacht Designers

Inflatable Boats: Selection, Care, Repair, and Seamanship Inflatable Boats: Selection, Care, Repair, and Seamanship
by Jim Trefethen, Clint Trefethen (Illustrator)

With this book the owner of an inflatable can save thousands of dollars using simple maintenance and repair techniques to extend the life of his or her craft. If you don't already own an inflatable, this book will help you find one and keep it in top condition.

The Coast Guardsman's Manual The Coast Guardsman's Manual
by George E., Captain Krietemeyer

Regardless of rank or time in service, all Coast Guard personnel find this manual to be essential to their professional development. Its value as a ready source of guidance is attested to by generations of men and women who have made it a part of their personal libraries since 1952, when the first edition was published. Today, it remains the basic training manual for entry-level personnel at enlisted and officer training schools.

The Boat Book The Boat Book
by Helene Gaillet de Neergaard

A most useful guide and reference book for all boat owners, power and sail. How to find and use boating supplies, equipment, electronics and marine hardware. How to outfit your galley, buy and prepare food for short or long term cruising. What clothes to bring, safety gear, Coast Guard regulations, First Aid, water safety and much more.

Chartering a Boat Chartering a Boat
Sail and Power
by Christopher Caswell

An ideal introduction for the novice traveler, and an invaluable reference for the seasoned charterer, Chris Caswell provides a comprehensive explanation of everything necessary for the successful selection and chartering of a boat whether for business or for pleasure, a day cruise or a round-the-world excursion.

Guest Afloat Guest Afloat
The Essential Guide to Being a Welcome Guest on Board a Boat
by Barbara Bradfield, Sara Slater (Contributor)

"By reading Guest Afloat friends our are introduced to the essentials of cruising so that their apprehension of getting involved in the day to day routine is avoided. The book contains information for both the guest and crew." - Capt. Pete

Boatowner's Legal and Finance Guide Boatowner's Legal and Finance Guide
by Larry V. Rogers (Preface)

Boatowner's Legal and Financial Advisor makes liberal use of case references as it explores such recurring questions of maritime law as the differences between titling, registration, and documentation; why a rider on a homeowner's insurance policy might not be a good idea; how to ensure that repair work is done properly; the protocol of offering or accepting a tow; and much more.

Boat Naming Made Simple Boat Naming Made Simple
The Complete Book 3rd edition
by Susan D. Artof, Paul Artof (Photographer)

A nautical treasure chest of stories, myths and legends surrounding the most interesting boats and their skippers. New is a complete boat naming ceremony, how to document your boat, how to add graphics to your boat, and a special fishing and powerboat section of names. Completely rewritten and enhanced for every type of boat owner.

The Devil and the Deep The Devil and the Deep
A Guide to Nautical Myths & Superstitions
by Chris Hillier, Owen Hill (Illustrator)

In this little reference book, Chris Hillier takes a lighthearted look at over a hundred of the myths and superstitions surrounding life afloat.

Folklore and the Sea Folklore and the Sea
by Horace Beck

Herein you will discover beliefs and superstitions about boatbuilding, weather, creatures of the deep, and the ghosts and demons that have, in all ages, risen from the sea to terrify and enchant men.

The Quotable Sailor The Quotable Sailor
by Christopher Caswell (Editor)

Spanning the centuries from Homer's Odyssey right up to the America's Cup, this collection includes quotations from: William F. Buckley, Jr., Eugene O'Neill, John F. Kennedy, Sir Francis Chichester, Ted Heath, Hilaire Belloc, Joseph Conrad, Farley Mowat, Ann Davison, Ted Turner, Henrik Ibsen, Jimmy Buffett, Rachel Carson, K. Adlard Coles, Herman Melville, Sterling Hayden, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Sir Walter Raleigh.

Mainsail to the Wind : A Book of Sailing Quotations Mainsail to the Wind : A Book of Sailing Quotations
by William Galvani (Editor)

"... a collection of sailing quotations that is both a valuable resource and fun to browse." - Sailing

Log Books
Boat Log and Record Boat Log & Record
Paperback Spiral Edition

It is very concise with a place to keep everything from trip logs to maintenance and spring launch schedules. A tremendous help in organizing all the little details plus a great record for the future.

Standard Ship's Log Standard Ship's Log
by John P. Kaufman

Spiral-bound. Both front and back covers of the Standard Ship's Log Book are laminated with heavy plastic, to prevent water damage. Each log sheet has column headings for all the pertinent information you will need. This book is designed to help you keep accurate records of the shipboard events.

Large Ship's Log Book Large Ship's Log Book
by John P. Kaufman (Designer)

Spiral-bound. Both front and back covers of the Large Ship's Log Book are laminated with heavy plastic, to prevent water damage. Each log sheet has column headings for all the pertinent information you will need. This book is designed to help you keep accurate records of the ship board events.

The Norton Boater's Log The Norton Boater's Log
An Innovative Log, Guest Register & Boat's Data Manual
by John Rousmaniere

This spiral-bound log includes complete, clear listings of the crucial routines, equipment, safety gear, and other data that every skipper must have on hand. The log provides ample space to record the complete daily record of a boat's cruises and activities, including entries for course steered, speed, distance traveled, weather, tides, barometric pressure, and personal observations.

The Boatguy Company Boat Log Book The Boatguy Company Boat Log Book
by Joe B. Orr

This straightforward log book is ideal for recording boating adventures aboard runabouts, small cruisers, fishing boats, ski boats and personal watercraft. The terminology, sections and layout fit the recreation patterns of millions of "Saturday afternoon" boaters. Well designed and colorful, the book has 100 pages for daily activities as well as color-tabbed sections for basic vessel information, fuel and maintenance logs and heading and landmark notes.

Modern Marine Salvage Modern Marine Salvage
by William I., Jr Milwee

A complete and systematic approach to marine salvage addressing the symbiotic relationship between salvage work and the prevention or minimization of environmental damage, and the techniques and principles required for successful operations

Marine Salvage : A Guide for Boaters and Divers Marine Salvage : A Guide for Boaters and Divers
by George H. Reid

While the word "salvage" conjures for some the visions of the recovery of a treasure from the wreck of a long lost Spanish galleon and for others rescue tugs driving through mountainous seas to aid a stricken vessel, in reality plenty of small salvage operations occur all the time and they have now become a very busy industry.

Handbook for Marine Surveying Handbook for Marine Surveying
by Thomas Ask

This is a textbook for students of marine surveying, boating professionals and technically-minded boat owners. It is structured into sections for easier reading. Essential information is provided in the first primer section, where subjects range from composite materials to failure mechanisms.

Fiberglass Boat Survey Fiberglass Boat Survey
by Arthur Edmunds

"I have written this book to help the countless thousands of boaters, who each year, make an offer on a used boat. Many of these boaters have their hopes, of the first or next great boat in their lives, dashed when the surveyor's report is received with thousands of dollars of repairs stated. This book will guide you through the same process the professional surveyor will use." - The Author

Inspecting the Aging Sailboat Inspecting the Aging Sailboat
by Don Casey

"Surveying'' a boat conjures an image of complex diagnostics using moisture meters and ultrasound. But Don Casey shows us that it doesn't need to be that way. You can learn what you need to know by rapping, poking, looking, and listening. But you must be able to recognize problem symptoms when they arise. This book shows you how. You'll still want to hire a surveyor before buying a boat, and Casey guides you through that, too.

Surveying Fiberglass Sailboats Surveying Fiberglass Sailboats
A Step-by-Step Guide for Buyers and Owners
by Henry C. Mustin

"Books about marine surveying are often overly technical and pedantic. Not so [this book]... It's a concisely written primer... Mustin is adept at distilling often highly involved subjects, so you should be able to learn the fundamentals of evaluating a vessel's major structures, systems and equipment." - Sail

The Best of SAIL Magazine's Things That Work The Best of SAIL Magazine's Things That Work
200 Sea-Tested Improvements for Your Boat
by The Editors of Sail Magazine (Editor)

In the "Things That Work" column, SAIL readers share practical solutions for making sailing easier, safer, and more fun. Now the editors have compiled the best ideas.

Why Didn't I Think of That? Why Didn't I Think of That?
by John Roberts, Jim Sollers (Illustrator), Susan A. Roberts

The marine equivalent of "Heloise's Hints," this unprecedented collection of 1,198 tips and hints from scores of voyaging sailors covers virtually every cruising topic imaginable. There is something for everyone - novice sailor to old salt - to make cruising, boat care, and life aboard easier, safer, and more enjoyable.

Good Boatkeeping Good Boatkeeping
by Zora Aiken, David Aiken (Contributor)

Good Boatkeeping has tip upon tip that actually makes all phases of boating more fun. The easy to read, well thought out book has helpful hints ranging from mechanics, to cooking, storage, on board think of it, they've thought it through and then some!

Sailing Tips : 1000 New Ways to Solve Old Problems Sailing Tips : 1000 New Ways to Solve Old Problems
by William M. Burr

Answers to 1,000 sailing challenges are divided into sensible categories: above deck; cabin and storage; upkeep and repairs; safety; boat handling; ship systems; and more. 70 illustrations.

After Forty Years: How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Boating
by Dave Wheeler

This is my first book. It is based on many of the 414 articles and tips I have written for marine magazines on how to keep a boat afloat and ship-shape.

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