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Shipshape : The Art of Sailboat Maintenance Shipshape : The Art of Sailboat Maintenance
by Ferenc Mate

"Shipshape is the best general maintenance book we've seen, certainly the first one we've enjoyed. Get this book. It will save you time and money. And you'll enjoy it too." - International Marine

Quick and Easy Boat Maintenance Quick and Easy Boat Maintenance
1001 Time-Saving Tips
by Sandy Lindsey

From deck to hull, from paint to the electrical systems, and from winterizing to preparing for opening day, Lindsey offers up advice to help you maintain your boat in less time and with less expense. Many of these tips are also happily environmentally friendly.

Boat Maintenance Boat Maintenance
The Essential Guide Guide to Cleaning, Painting, and Cosmetics
by William M. Burr, William, Jr. Burr

Comprehensive guide to the techniques and products that can preserve and protect your boat year after year. This is the first book to combine practical, how-to instructions with objective, brand-specific product recommendations.

Modern Boat Maintenance Modern Boat Maintenance
The Complete Fiberglass Boat Manual
by Bo Streiffert (Editor), Dag Pike (Designer), Loris Goring (Designer)

Modern Boat Maintenance by Bo Streiffert is chockablock full of ideas for maintaining and improving your boat.

The New Boatkeeper The New Boatkeeper
Motorboating & Sailing's Authoritative Guide to Maintenance, Repair and Improvement
by Bernard Gladstone (Editor)

For more than twenty-five years boat owners have relied on Motor Boating & Sailing's "Boatkeeper" for practical advice on how to maintain, repair, and improve all types of pleasure boats - both power and sail.

The Fiberglass Boat Repair Manual The Fiberglass Boat Repair Manual
by Allan H. Viatses, Allan H. Vaitses

"The definitive book on cosmetic repairs, as well as major structural repairs to hulls and decks, delamination, refinishing, blistering, etc." - Boatbuilding

This Old Boat This Old Boat
by Don Casey

Great for the handy person who has just acquired a boat that needs TLC

Sailboat Hull and Deck Repair Sailboat Hull and Deck Repair
by Don Casey

Among the repairs covered: rebedding deck hardware, replacing portlights, fixing leaky hull-deck joints, and repairing cracks, holes, blisters, gouges, and other ailments.

Sailboat Refinishing Sailboat Refinishing
by Don Casey

Of all the improvements to a tired looking boat, none will have a more dramatic impact than refinishing. Casey focuses on the hulls, decks, cabins, spars, and wood trim of fiberglass boats, and covers painting, varnishing, repairing gelcoat, and applying hull graphics.

Boatowner's Mechanical and Electrical Manual Boatowner's Mechanical & Electrical Manual
How to Maintain, Repair, and Improve Your Boat's Essential Systems
by Nigel Calder

Written in a simple, accessible style, the Manual is aimed at helping the non-expert solve problems in marine systems - think of it as a friendly mechanic. Author Nigel Calder explains how the systems work, helps you troubleshoot and identify problems, and presents clear and concise instructions on how to repair them. Best of all, Calder also offers helpful advice on how to prevent future system failure.

The Essential Boat Maintenance Manual The Essential Boat Maintenance Manual
by Jeff E. Toghill

Details the various repair and maintenance jobs that crop up with every boat after every summer season, and then describes how these jobs must be tackled - so the boat is as sound and seaworthy as the day she was built.

The Hinckley Guide to Yacht Care The Hinckley Guide to Yacht Care
How to Keep Your Boat the Hinckley Way
by Henry R. Hinckley

Day-to-Day Care. Developing a Maintenance Plan. Interior Design Varnish and Paint Application. Mechanical System Maintenance. Electrical Systems. Masts, Sails, and Riggings. The Shipboard Tool Kit. Hull and Deck Maintenance.

The Boat Doctor The Boat Doctor
by Allen Berrien

Allen Berrien, Boating magazine's famous "Boat Doctor," tells all: he gleans the very best advice from his column about maintaining your pride and joy in gleaming showroom condition, and repairing those annoying glitches that can bedevil any powerboat owner.

The Sailor's Assistant The Sailor's Assistant
Reference Data for Maintenance, Repair, and Cruising
by John Vigor

This quick-reference guide is an on-board data bank, compiling in one place all the facts, figures, tables, and graphs to which a cruising sailor must occasionally refer. In 17 chapters ranging from deck gear and electronics to spars, rigging, and navigation, it groups information logically.

Refrigeration for Pleasureboats Refrigeration for Pleasureboats
Installation, Maintenance and Repair
by Nigel Calder

Here is the ultimate refrigeration resource for power and sailboats. Calder covers in detail everything a boatowner needs to know for refrigeration self-sufficiency. A solid introduction to refrigeration cycles and variables is followed by an excellent chapter on building, modifying, and insulating the icebox. All system types are introduced and examined: engine-driven, 12-volt, AC-powered, etc.

Metal Corrosion in Boats Metal Corrosion in Boats
The Prevention of Metal Corrosion in Hulls, Engines, Rigging and Fittings
by Nigel Warren

Naval architect Warren offers owners and builders of boats information on the various metals used in boats and the corrosion they are subject to; the different types of corrosion and their effects; and advice on control and prevention.

The Boatowner's Guide to Corrosion The Boatowner's Guide to Corrosion
by Everett Collier

Everett Collier comes to the rescue with this comprehensive, very readable handbook, telling the boatowner how to: find corrosion problems before they're obvious; take simple steps to prevent corrosion; protect all kinds of metal in every part of the boat and rigging; guard against the dangers of electrolysis.

Wooden Boat Renovation Wooden Boat Renovation
New Life for Old Boats Using Modern Methods
by Jim Trefethen, Clint Trefethen (Illustrator)

Author Jim Trefethen offers clear, detailed advice - in terms a layperson can understand - on how to select, renovate, and maintain a wooden boat.

Frame, Stem and Keel Repair Frame, Stem & Keel Repair (The Woodenboat Series)
by Peter H. Spectre (Editor)

For anyone contemplating buying an old (or newer) wooden boat, this book should be required reading. It provides the basic understanding of how wooden boats are constructed and details repair and restoration of the heart of the wooden boat.

Brightwork : The Art of Finishing Wood Brightwork : The Art of Finishing Wood
by Rebecca J. Wittman

A rarity among boating and boat maintenance books: a beautiful how-to-book, with 59 lush, full-color photographs that celebrate the incomparable look and texture of oiled, varnished, and bare wood surfaces on boats. A first class and highly readable text that should be mandatory reading for anyone who owns or is contemplating owning a wood-trimmed vessel.

Painting and Varnishing Painting & Varnishing (The Woodenboat Series)
by Peter H. Spectre (Editor)

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