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The Ashley Book of Knots The Ashley Book of Knots
by Clifford W. Ashley

The Ashley Book of Knots takes us back to a time when knots saved lives and put dinner on the table. Whether out at sea or in a pioneer cabin, knots were a part of daily life, one that is nearly lost today. But in this attractive, well-organized archive of more than 3,900 different knots--presented through 7,000 illustrations--the art of knot tying lives on, both as a historical reference and a reservoir of handy knowledge. An encyclopedic array of knots

The Marlinspike Sailor The Marlinspike Sailor
by Hervey Garrett Smith

Marlinspike Sailor is a "must" for anyone interested in making all the little extras that finish off a traditional wooden boat (rope ladders, fenders, baggywrinkle, etc.). The directions for each project are clear and well-illustrated.

The Arts of the Sailor : Knotting, Splicing and Ropework The Arts of the Sailor : Knotting, Splicing and Ropework
by Hervey Garrett Smith

This book is a great introduction to all the arts and projects of seamen around the world. The author provides history as well as directions for each of the projects he presents. Topics included in this book are knotting and rope-work (everything from functional to decorative); seamsmanship (for garments as well as heavier items like sails); leather working; and many others.

The Complete Book of Sailing Knots The Complete Book of Sailing Knots
Stoppers, Bindings and Shortenings, Single, Double and Triple Loops, Bends, Hitches, Other Useful Knots
by Geoffrey Budworth

Sailing Knots is an invaluable guidebook for all sailors. Included are expert instructions on how to tie over 60 nautical knots; step-by-step color illustrations for every knot; and background information on the history, lore and accreditation of the knots.

The Complete Book of Knots The Complete Book of Knots
by Geoffrey Budworth

The Complete Book of Knots provides easy-to-follow instructions for selecting and tying more than 100 of the most useful knots. With knots for climbing, sailing, and fishing, every knot entry contains a brief introduction to the history and development of the knot, its alternative names, and information on its uses and special features.

Illustrated Encyclopedia of Knots Illustrated Encyclopedia of Knots
by Geoffrey Budworth

A beautifully illustrated full-color guide to knots for home, camp, and the outdoors, The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Knots provides easy-to-follow, step-by-step diagrams and instructions for tying over eighty knots.

Knots: A Chapman Nautical Guide Knots: A Chapman Nautical Guide
by Brion Toss, Gae Pilon (Illustrator)

From America's best-known knot authority, here is a complete and indispensable guide to more than 100 knots. Whether you want to tie lines together, lash oars in place, attach the foot of a sail to a boom, or extend a towing line, the knot you need, with variations for specific conditions, is here.

The Morrow Guide to Knots The Morrow Guide to Knots
by Guido Regazzoni, Mario Bigon

The Morrow Guide discloses the secrets of knots for sailing, fishing, camping, and climbing, with clear instructions and 647 color photographs that take the mystery out of the swivel hitch, the grapevine knot, the knotted sheepshank, the Spanish bowline, the stopper knot, and 68 more.

The Essential Knot Book The Essential Knot Book
by Colin Jarman, Bill Beans (Illustrator)

"The book is just what it claims to be, the essentials. Just what you need to know, all done up in a neat handy package ready to put on board." - Sailing

Handbook Of Knots Handbook Of Knots
by Des Pawson

This practical guide to tying more than 100 different kinds of knots features step-by-step, illustrated instructions for each knot, plus information about the construction, storage, maintenance, and usage of rope. 800 photos & illustrations.

Knowing the Ropes Knowing the Ropes
Selecting, Rigging, and Handling Lines Aboard
by Roger C. Taylor

Rather than bombard you with all the knots possible, the book introduces a few, and then builds on them using practical examples. There's quite a bit on rigging, including rigging small craft, and the almost forgotten gaff rig.

The Book of Sailing Knots The Book of Sailing Knots
by Peter Owen

Illustrates and explains over fifty knots that can be used in boating and sailing. Simple line illustrations clearly show how to form a variety of stopper knots, bends, rope ends, loops, and hitches.

Encyclopedia of Knots and Fancy Rope Work Encyclopedia of Knots and Fancy Rope Work
by Raoll Graumont, John Hensel, Raoul Graumont

This book must be approached for what it is: a museum of knotwork. Here you will find as complete a collection of knots and fancy ropework as you will see anywhere. It is not a good place for a beginner, but once you've learned the basics elsewhere, this is an invaluable guide to knot design and craftsmanship.

Knots and Splices Knots & Splices
by Jeff Toghill, Steve Judkins, Tim Davison

A pocket reference. Even those who have difficulty tying their shoes will be able to tie "Turk's heads" when they follow the clear illustrations and concise instructions given in this new book. Dozens of the most frequently used knots have been selected and explained, including reef knots, sheet bends, figure eights and more.

Pocket Guide to Knots and Splices Pocket Guide to Knots & Splices
by Des Pawson

A complete step-by-step guide to making any and every knot there is, and then some. From the Monkey Fist to the Sink Stopper, these detailed descriptions will get you caught in a tangle in no time.

Art of Knotting and Splicing Art of Knotting and Splicing
by Cyrus Lawrence Day, Ray O. Beard (Editor), Lee Hoffman

More comprehensive than a small manual but not as overwhelming as Ashley.

The Splicing Handbook The Splicing Handbook
Techniques for Modern and Traditional Ropes, Second Edition
by Barbara Merry, John Darwin (Contributor)

Brief, clear descriptions of how to splice all kinds of traditional and modern line -- braided, plaited, the works. If you're interested in splicing, this is an inexpensive way to cover a lot of ground.

Nautical Knots Illustrated Nautical Knots Illustrated
by Arthur Snyder

With nearly 300 superb photographs illustrating the "ins and outs" of the 20 most useful nautical knots and splices, this reissue of the critically acclaimed Nautical Knots Illustrated will transform any beginner into a boater who knows the ropes.

The Complete Book of Decorative Knots The Complete Book of Decorative Knots
Lanyard Knots, Button Knots, Globe Knots, Turk's Heads, Mats, Hitching, Chains, Platis
by Geoffrey Budworth

Over eighty ornamental and useful knots with easy-to-follow, step-by-step illustrations. All knots serve useful purposes, but many of the more complicated ones also create appealing shapes and interwoven textures.

The Book of Ornamental Knots The Book of Ornamental Knots
by John J. Hensel

Hensel has created an easy-to-follow guide to creating knotwork wall hangings and other artwork using nothing but rope, ingenuity, and a bit of patience.

The Book of Decorative Knots The Book of Decorative Knots
by Peter Owen

This comprehensive book presents more than 60 beautiful, and functional, knots with clear, step-by-step line illustrations that explain each phase of the properly-tied knot. Includes lanyard knots for decorative braidwork, "Turk's head" knots for decorative handgrips, and more.

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