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From the Fo'C'S'Le From the Fo'C'S'Le
by David Kasanof, Matthew P. Murphy

Our resident comic curmudgeon ("Courtesy afloat is as overrated as ratchet screwdrivers and any motion picture with subtitles") proves why he is allowed to continue writing the longest-running column in WoodenBoat magazine. - WoodenBoat

Boating Exposed!, Mis-Adventures Ashore and Afloat Boating Exposed!, Mis-Adventures Ashore and Afloat
by Bill Kaster

Packed full of humor and straight shooting, a very enjoyable read.

What's A Hoy? A Guide To Modern Boating What's A Hoy? A Guide To Modern Boating
by Drew Brown

"Hilarious...witty and essential tool that should be carried on every vessel, with nav charts, beer and torpedoes." - A reader

Nautical No-No's Nautical No-No's
by Elyse Katz, Robert Katz

"One of the best books about this approach (simply go at it) to cruising is called Nautical No-No's. A funny collection of experiences by Elyse & Robert Katz of Newton, who bought their modest cruiser and took off into Buzzard's Bay with less experience than hope, less know-how than willingness". - Tony Chamberlain/Boston Globe

Nautically Challenged Nautically Challenged
by Harry Angus

Nautically Challenged is a collection of witty, candidly funny mishaps about a family embarking on a new and fascinating hobby - boating. The hilarious adventures start when the family decides to buy a boat, but all they know is that boats are supposed to float. The boat does float, but seamanship skills take a long time to acquire, and trouble starts right there at the dealership.


Bent Bulkhead : Cartoons for the Sailor Bent Bulkhead : Cartoons for the Sailor
by Chris Stoyan

A cartoon book dealing with the costs of boating, the mishaps, the joys, landlubbers, and the pitfalls of relationships and dating the sailor!

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