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Cruising Cuisine: Fresh Food from the Galley Cruising Cuisine: Fresh Food from the Galley
by Kay Pastorius, Hal Pastorius (Illustrator)

Making creative gourmet cooking possible even in a cramped, no-frills galley. Cruising Cuisine includes over 500 delectable, eclectic recipes: from Thai and Mexican to nouveau Californian. Pastorius teaches the techniques of fine cooking aboard and explains how to customize and provision a galley and shop in Third World markets

Feasts Afloat Feasts Afloat
150 Recipes for Great Meals from Small Spaces
by Jennifer Trainer Thompson, Elizabeth Wheeler

Nominated for a James Beard award, this book originally appeared as The Yachting Cookbook. The recipes are easy to follow, practical, and elegant - operating on the premise that the best food employs the freshest ingredients, cooked simply.

Cruising Chef Cookbook, 2nd Edition Cruising Chef Cookbook, 2nd Edition
by Michael Greenwald

The Cruising Chef Cookbook is the best-selling, most extensive sailors cookbook ever written. Twenty two years in print and ten reprints make it clear that sailors consider it essential equipment. 

The Care and Feeding of Sailing Crew The Care and Feeding of Sailing Crew
by Larry Pardey (Editor), Lin Pardey

Everything from how (and where) to buy food in a foreign land to finding a good bottle of wine in a foreign port is covered, including how to: Outfit a galley for rough-weather cooking; Schedule and plan meals based on individual health needs; Avoid seasickness; Dispose of trash. Loaded with delicious, tested-at-sea recipes.

Dining on Deck Dining on Deck
Fine Foods for Sailing & Boating
by Linda Vail, Loretta Braren (Illustrator), Susan Williamson (Editor)
Cooks Afloat: Gourmet Cooking on the Move Cooks Afloat: Gourmet Cooking on the Move
by David Hoar, Noreen Rudd

This cookbook should be on the shelf of every good cook on the Northwest coast, and not just those who are in boats. It focuses on locally available ingredients (shellfish, fish, berries, sea asparagus) and ease of preparation.

The Galley Collection The Galley Collection
by Ann Wilson, Jo Gabler Brooks (Illustrator), Jay R. Benford

The Galley Collection is a nautical necessity, offering tried and true recipes to enhance the nautical experience as well as practical tips on creating menus, makings lists, outfitting the galley and provisioning.

The Meatless Galley Cookbook The Meatless Galley Cookbook
by Anne Carlson, John Lanier, Bob Stewart (Illustrator)

A well-written cookbook with reasonable, nutritious, low-fat ingredients. The procedures make it a practical volume for onboard cooking.

Boat Cuisine : The All-Weather Cookbook Boat Cuisine : The All-Weather Cookbook
by June Raper
Last Dinner on the Titanic Last Dinner on the Titanic
Menus and Recipes from the Legendary Liner
by Dana McCauley (Contributor), Rick Archbold, Walter Lord (Illustrator)

It is impossible to read this book, which is as sumptuously appointed as the great ship itself, and not want to plan a Titanic dinner party immediately. Fortunately, the book provides--besides beautiful photos, delectable factoids, and fascinating quotes from the rich and vanished famous - clear, easy-to-follow instructions on how to plan such a party. You can use recipes for first-, second-, or third-class meals.

Fish & Shellfish Fish & Shellfish
by James A. Peterson

Every few decades a chef or a teacher writes a cookbook that is so comprehensive and offers such depth of subject matter and cooking inspiration that it becomes a virtual bible for amateur and professional alike. This is the most comprehensive guide to seafood you will ever find. James Peterson has compiled great recipes and an amazing amount of information in this one volume.

Fish : The Complete Guide to Buying and Cooking Fish : The Complete Guide to Buying and Cooking
by Mark Bittman, Dennis M. Gottlieb (Photographer)

From anchovy to wolffish, Mark Bittman, the executive editor of Cook's Illustrated magazine, presents fish and shellfish by name, offering discussions on preparation and presentation along with sumptuous recipes.

The Essential Seafood Cookbook  The Essential Seafood Cookbook 

No matter how it's prepared, nothing can quite compare to the taste of fresh seafood. Whether it's baked, steamed, or fried, seafood is packed with flavor and nutritional value. Temptingly presented with full-color photographs, this book is sure to make you crave seafood tonight.

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