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Principles of Yacht Design Principles of Yacht Design
by Lars Larsson, Rolf E. Eliasson

"Whereas Skene's remains a great primer on design basics - Prinicples of Yacht Design goes far beyond - this one is bound to become a classic." - Cruising World

Understanding Boat Design Understanding Boat Design
by Ted Brewer, Edward S. Brewer

"Brewer provides as good a basic introduction to small craft design as you could ever hope to find. If more people read this book before buying a boat, they'd likely make a much better choice and be a lot happier." - The Ensign

Designing Power and Sail Designing Power & Sail
by Arthur Edmunds, Phyllis Klucinec

This is the only design book available which includes the complete design and engineering process for both power and sail. This book will start the novice designer on their way to the fascinating realm of boat design. Written in terms anyone can understand with formulas, tables, line drawings and illustrations to explain the process of design in great detail. 

The Elements of Boat Strength The Elements of Boat Strength
For Builders, Designers, and Owners
by Dave Gerr

Gerr handily tackles the elements of boat strength, explaining it all in clear, readable prose and without intimidating math. The book is comprehensive, covering: masts, deck beams, engine beds, hull stringers, compression posts; rigging strengths and wire sizes; strengths of various hull constructions and everything else.

Sailing Yacht Design: Theory Sailing Yacht Design: Theory
by Andrew Claughton (Editor), John Wellicome, Ajit Shenoi

Contains the fundamental theory of hull and sail static force equilibria, shape definition and associated stability. Discusses the aerodynamics and hydrodynamics of the sail, hull, keel and rudder, and their influence on the seakeeping abilities of the yacht. Looks at the different materials used in hull construction. Includes structural design techniques and mast/rigging design. And much more.

Sailing Yacht Design: Practice Sailing Yacht Design: Practice
by Andrew Claughton (Editor), John Wellicome, Ajit Shenoi

Contains a series of chapters by different designers on their experiences of translating scientific principles into reality. Covers the practical design of hulls and appendages such as keels and sails. Describes the practical design of the structure of a high performance hull made from advanced composites. Looks at production techniques and boatyard facilities.

Yacht Designing and Planning Yacht Designing and Planning
For Yachtsmen, Students, and Amateurs
by Howard I. Chapelle

A well organized guide to yacht design for the amateur designer. It begins with the covering of tools for drafting and progresses from there. It covers
conceptual design , line drawing, construction plans, sail plan and includes a table of references for woods, metals, and formulas for yacht calculations.

How to Design a Boat How to Design a Boat
by John Teale

John Teale takes the reader step-by-step through the stages of designing both power and sailing boats, while also explaining the reasons behind the process.

Boats with an Open Mind Boats with an Open Mind
Seventy-Five Unconventional Designs and Concepts
by Philip C. Bolger

"Boat lovers who are used to designers who conceive the same boat over and over, camouflaged with a face-lifting here and there, will be amazed at Phil Bolger's diversity-Here are novel and wonderful boats." - Boatbuilder

The Nature of Boats The Nature of Boats
Insights and Esoterica for the Nautically Obsessed
by Dave Gerr

If you want to build a boat, or understand more about how boats are designed, this is an excellent book. Easy to read and humorous.

Boat Data Book Boat Data Book
by Ian Nicolson

This new edition contains more tables and newly updated data, and is packed with solid information on every aspect of boat design and construction.

John G. Alden and His Yacht Designs John G. Alden and His Yacht Designs
by Robert W. Carrick, Donald G. Parrot, Olin J. Stephens (Introduction)
Sailing Designs Sailing Designs
by Robert H. Perry
The Best of the Best The Best of the Best
The Yacht Designs of Sparkman & Stephens
by Francis S. Kinney, Russell Bourne (Contributor)

A big, beautiful book presenting the finest and most beautiful sailing yachts designed by one of America's greatest yacht designers during the last fifty years.

Best of Uffa Best of Uffa
Fifty Immortal Yacht Designs from Uffa Fox's Five Famous Volumes
by Guy Cole (Editor)

Uffa Fox is a legendary name in the annals of yachting. Born in 1898, he was for four decades (1930's-1960's) sailing mentor to England's royalty; designer and builder of the first true planing sailing dinghies; designer of innovative and graceful yachts; draftsman without equal; and writer of charm wit and wisdom.

Sensible Cruising Designs Sensible Cruising Designs
by L. Francis Herreshoff

"This book is not only valuable for the technical material it contains but will offer much enjoyable reading to all who love the sea and the ships that sail on it." - Sea

Designs to Inspire Designs to Inspire
by Anne Bray, Maynard Bray

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