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Tides - South America


[map] Rio Cunani entrance, Brazil
[map] Cabo Cassiporé, Brazil
[map] Fernando de Noronha, Brazil
[map] Rocas, Atol das, Brazil
[map] Cabedelo, Brazil
[map] Tambau, Brazil
[map] Recife, Brazil
[map] Natal, Brazil
[map] Maceió, Brazil
[map] Rio São Francisco (bar), Brazil
[map] Macau, Rio Acu, Brazil
[map] Aracaju, Brazil
[map] Fortaleza, Brazil
[map] Aratu, Brazil
[map] Salvador, Brazil
[map] Rio Ceara (bar), Brazil
[map] Abrolhos Anchorage, Brazil
[map] Morro de São Paulo, Brazil
[map] Canavieiras, Brazil
[map] Camamu, Brazil
[map] Ilhéus, Brazil
[map] Santa Cruz Cabrália, Brazil
[map] Caravelas, Brazil
[map] Cumuruxatiba, Brazil
[map] Vitória, Brazil
[map] Guarapari, Brazil
[map] Camocim, Brazil
[map] São João da Barra, Brazil
[map] Luis Correia, Brazil
[map] Macaé (Imbitiba Bay), Brazil
[map] Armacao dos Buzios, Brazil
[map] Cabo Frio, Brazil
[map] Tutóia, Baia da, Brazil
[map] Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
[map] Santana, Recifes de, Brazil
[map] Itacurussa, Brazil
[map] São Luís, Brazil
[map] Angra dos Reis, Brazil
[map] Parati, Brazil
[map] Ilhas de São João, Brazil
[map] São Sebastião, Brazil
[map] Santos, Brazil
[map] Salinópolis, Brazil
[map] Canal de Braganca, Rio Pará entrance, Brazil
[map] Cananéia, Brazil
[map] Paranaguá, Brazil
[map] Belém, Pará, Brazil
[map] Pôrto Belo, Brazil
[map] Florianópolis, Brazil
[map] Imbituba, Brazil
[map] Itajaí, Brazil
[map] Laguna, Brazil
[map] Ilha do Brigue, Amazon River, Brazil
[map] Ilha de Maraca anchorage, Brazil
[map] Ponta Pedreira, Amazon River, Brazil
[map] Macapá, Amazon River, Brazil


[map] Riohacha, Colombia
[map] Santa Marta, Colombia
[map] Puerto Colombia, Colombia
[map] Cartagena, Colombia
[map] Covenas, Colombia
[map] Turbo, Colombia
[map] Isla de Providencia, Colombia

French Guiana

[map] Cayenne, French Guiana
[map] Îles du Salut, French Guiana
[map] Les Hattes, Rio Maroni entrance, French Guiana


[map] Georgetown, Guyana
[map] Parika, Essequibo River, Guyana


[map] Paramaribo, Suriname
[map] Surinam River, Surinam
[map] Nickerie Rivièr, Suriname


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