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Tides - Pacific Ocean

Where possible, use sites with * - other sites are from "legacy" data which may not be as dependable.
All sites ending in "Current" are current speed predictions.
All other sites are tidal height predictions.

Caroline Islands

[map] Lele Harbor, Kusale Island, East Caroline Islands
[map] Ponape Harbor, Caroline Islands
[map] Satawan Anchorage, Nomoi Islands, East Caroline Islands
[map] *Chuuk, Moen Island, E. Caroline Islands, F.S.M. (sub)
[map] *Chuuk, Moen Island, E. Caroline Islands, F.S.M.
[map] Moen Island, Truk Islands, East Caroline Islands
[map] Ngulu Islands, Caroline Islands
[map] Malakal Harbor, Palau Islands, Caroline Islands

Coral Sea

[map] Mellish Reef, Coral Sea
[map] Cato Island, Coral Sea
[map] Marion Reef, Coral Sea
[map] East Diamond It., Coral Sea
[map] Willis Island, Coral Sea
[map] Flinders Reef, Coral Sea
[map] Bramble Cay, Coral Sea
[map] Darnley Island, Coral Sea
[map] Rennel Island, Coral Sea
[map] Dungeness Reef, Coral Sea

Fiji Islands

[map] Suva Harbor, Fiji Islands (2)
[map] Suva, Suva Harbor, Fiji Islands

Gilbert Islands

[map] Tarawa, Gilbert Islands
[map] Tarawa, Gilbert Islands (2)
[map] Abemama Atoll, Gilbert Islands
[map] Makin Atoll, Gilbert Islands
[map] Christmas Island, Gilbert Islands (2)

Kurile Islands

[map] Ostrov Atlasova, Kurile Islands
[map] Kotomari, Kurile Islands
[map] Mys Savushkina, Kurile Islands
[map] Zaliv Kozyrevskogo, Kurile Islands
[map] Bukhta Babushkina, Kurile Islands
[map] Bukhta Shelekhovo, Kurile Islands
[map] Bukhta Krasheninikova, Kurile Islands
[map] Yotuiwa, Kurile Islands
[map] Zaliv Tukharka, Kurile Islands
[map] Mys Kapuetnyi, Kurile Islands
[map] Siomi Ura, Kurile Islands
[map] Bukhta Blakiston, Kurile Islands
[map] Ostrov Kharimkotan, Kurile Islands
[map] Higasi Ura, Kurile Islands
[map] Otome Wan, Kurile Islands
[map] Ostrov Matua, Kurile Islands
[map] Ostrov Ushishir, Kurile Islands
[map] Bukhta Broutona, Kurile Islands
[map] Zaliv Mil'na, Kurile Islands
[map] Suna Wan, Kurile Islands
[map] Yosinohama, Kurile Islands
[map] Zariv Natalii, Kurile Islands
[map] Reyd Otkrytyy, Kurile Islands
[map] Mys Etolina, Kurile Islands

Mariana Islands

[map] *Tanapag Harbor, Saipan Island, Marianas
[map] *Tanapag Harbor, Saipan Island, Marianas (sub)
[map] *Saipan Harbor, Saipan Island, Marianas
[map] *Tinian Island, Marianas
[map] Guam, Marianas

Marshall Islands

[map] *Port Rhin, Mili Atoll, Marshall Islands
[map] *Arno Atoll, Marshall Islands
[map] *Majuro Atoll, Marshall Islands
[map] *Maloelap Atoll, Marshall Islands
[map] *Wotje Atoll, Marshall Islands
[map] *Bikar (Dawson) Atoll, Marshall Islands
[map] *Ailuk Atoll, Marshall Islands
[map] *Erikub Atoll, Marshall Islands
[map] *Jaluit Atoll (SE Pass), Marshall Islands
[map] *Likiep Atoll, Marshall Islands
[map] *Taongi Atoll, Marshall Islands
[map] *Ailinglapalap Atoll, Marshall Islands
[map] *Ebon (Boston) Atoll, Marshall Islands
[map] Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands
[map] *Kwajalein, Marshall Islands
[map] *Rongerik Atoll, Marshall Islands
[map] *Kwajalein Atoll (Namur Island), Marshall Islands
[map] *Rongelap Island, Rongelap Atoll, Marshall Islands
[map] *Ujae Atoll, Marshall Islands
[map] *Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands
[map] *Eniirikku Island, Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands
[map] Enewetak, Marshall Islands

Papua New Guinea

[map] Cape Deliverance, Papua New Guinea
[map] Hati Lawi Harbour, Papua New Guinea
[map] Woodlark Island, Papua New Guinea
[map] Misima, Papua New Guinea
[map] Sharp Island, Papua New Guinea
[map] Duchateau Island, Papua New Guinea
[map] Kokopo, Papua New Guinea
[map] Rabaul, Papua New Guinea
[map] Basilaki, Pitt Bay, Papua New Guinea
[map] East Cape, Papua New Guinea
[map] Kavieng, Papua New Guinea
[map] Samarai Island, Papua New Guinea
[map] Alotau, Papua New Guinea
[map] Aigura Point, Papua New Guinea
[map] Kimbe, Papua New Guinea
[map] Tufi Harbour, Papua New Guinea
[map] Dedele Point, Papua New Guinea
[map] Oro Bay, Papua New Guinea
[map] Kaligola Point, Papua New Guinea
[map] Dreger Harbour, Papua New Guinea
[map] Finsch Harbour, Papua New Guinea
[map] Seeadler Harbour, Papua New Guinea
[map] Bootless Inlet, Papua New Guinea
[map] Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
[map] Lae, Papua New Guinea
[map] Madang Harbour, Papua New Guinea
[map] Kerema, Papua New Guinea
[map] Port Romilly, Papua New Guinea
[map] Uramu Island, Papua New Guinea
[map] Kumul Tkr Mrg, Papua New Guinea
[map] Sepik River, Papua New Guinea
[map] Kikori, Papua New Guinea
[map] Goaribari Island, Papua New Guinea
[map] Omati, Papua New Guinea
[map] Umuda Island, Papua New Guinea
[map] Wewak, Papua New Guinea
[map] Daru, Papua New Guinea
[map] Vanimo, Papua New Guinea

Samoa Islands

[map] Pago Pago, American Samoa
[map] Pago Pago, American Samoa (2)
[map] Apia, Samoa Islands

Solomon Islands

[map] Nugu Island, Solomon Islands
[map] Bungana Island, Solomon Islands
[map] Sandfly Passage, Solomon Islands
[map] Honiara, Solomon Islands
[map] Thousand Ships Bay, Solomon Islands
[map] Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands
[map] Mongo Passage, Solomon Islands
[map] Viru, Solomon Islands
[map] Wagina Island, Solomon Islands
[map] Lolomo Passage, Solomon Islands
[map] Nususonga, Solomon Islands
[map] Blackett Strait, Solomon Islands
[map] Katurasele, Solomon Islands
[map] Gizo Anchorage, Solomon Islands
[map] Kieta Harbour, Solomon Islands
[map] Anewa Bay, Solomon Islands
[map] Soroken, Solomon Islands
[map] Shortland Island, Solomon Islands


[map] Mataiva, Tahiti
[map] Fare Ute Point, Papeete Harbor, Tahiti

Wake Island

[map] Wake Island, Pacific Ocean (2)
[map] Wake Island, Pacific Ocean


[map] Marcus Island (Minami Tori Shima)
[map] *Satawan Anchorage, Nomoi Islands
[map] *Namoluk Atoll
[map] *Losap Atoll
[map] *Murilo Atoll, Hall Islands
[map] *Nomwin Atoll, Hall Islands
[map] Moen Island, Chuuk, F.S.M.
[map] Dublon Island, Chuuk, F.S.M.
[map] *Namonuito Atoll
[map] *Pulap Atoll
[map] Saipan Harbor, Saipan Island
[map] *Pago Bay, Guam
[map] *Apra Harbor, Guam
[map] *Ifalik Atoll
[map] Koror, Palau Islands
[map] Johnston Atoll, Pacific Ocean
[map] Johnston Atoll, Pacific Ocean (2)
[map] Laysan Island
[map] *Howland Island
[map] Sand Island, Midway Islands
[map] Midway Islands, Hawaii
[map] Suva Harbor, Viti Levu Island
[map] Norfolk Island, Tasman Sea
[map] Lord Howe Island, Tasman Sea
[map] Macquarie Island
[map] Christmas Island
[map] Port Refuge, Cocos Islands
[map] Hanga Piko, Easter Island
[map] Canton Island, Phoenix Islands
[map] Merauke, Irian Jaya, Indonesia


US Forecasts are Public Domain and derived from the
National Weather Service - (IWIN) and the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Canadian forecasts are obtained from and are copyright of Environment Canada.

All weather information provided by should be used with caution.
We cannot guarantee that the data provided here is 100% accurate or up to date!

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