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Tides - Maine (North to South)

[map] Robbinston, Maine
[map] St. Croix Island, Maine
[map] Gleason Cove, Western Passage, Maine
[map] East Bay, Maine
[map] Cobscook Bay, Garnet Point, Pennamquan River
[map] Garnet Point, Maine
[map] Eastport, Maine
[map] Eastport, Maine (2) (expired 1988-12-31)
[map] Eastport, Passamaquoddy Bay, ME
[map] Deep Cove, Moose Island, Maine
[map] Eastport, Maine (3)
[map] Birch Islands, Maine
[map] Cobscook Bay, Birch Islands
[map] Cobscook Bay, Coffins Point
[map] North Lubec, Maine
[map] Coffin Point, Maine
[map] Lubec, Maine
[map] Coffin Point, Maine (2)
[map] Horan Head, South Bay, Maine
[map] South Lubec, Maine
[map] West Quoddy Head, Maine
[map] West Quoddy Head, Maine (2)
[map] Penobscot River, Bangor
[map] Bangor, ME
[map] Bangor, Penobscot River, Maine
[map] Bangor, Penobscot River, Maine (2)
[map] Hampden, Penobscot River, Maine
[map] Moose Cove, Maine
[map] South Orrington, Penobscot River, Maine
[map] Machiasport, Machias River, Maine
[map] Machiasport, Machias River
[map] Penobscot River, Sandy Point
[map] Sandy Point, Penobscot River, Maine
[map] Cutler, Little River
[map] Cutler, Little River, Maine
[map] Cutler, Little River, Maine (3)
[map] Cutler, Little River, Maine (2)
[map] Cutler Naval Base, Machias Bay, ME
[map] Cutler, Naval Radio Station
[map] Cutler, Naval Radio Station, Maine
[map] Penobscot River, Winterport
[map] Winterport, Penobscot River, Maine
[map] Addison, Pleasant River, Maine
[map] Shoppee Point, Englishman Bay
[map] Shoppee Point, Englishman Bay, Maine
[map] Stone Island, Machias Bay, Maine
[map] Stone Island, Machias Bay
[map] Penobscot River, Bucksport
[map] Bucksport, Penobscot River, Maine
[map] Roque Island Harbor, Englishman Bay, Maine
[map] Gibbs Island, Pleasant River, Maine
[map] Gibbs Island, Pleasant River, Maine (2)
[map] Penobscot River, Gross Point, Eastern Channel
[map] Gross Point, Eastern Channel, Penobscot River, Maine
[map] Milbridge, Narraguagus River, Maine
[map] Jonesport, Moosabec Reach, Maine
[map] Sullivan, Maine
[map] Union River, Maine
[map] Steele Harbor Island, Maine
[map] Steele Harbor Island
[map] Trafton Island, Narraguagus Bay, Maine
[map] Garden Point, Gouldsboro Bay, Maine
[map] Eastern Point Harbor, Frenchman Bay, Maine
[map] Fort Point, Penobscot River, Maine
[map] Eastern Point Harbor, Frenchman Bay, Maine (2)
[map] Pinkham Bay, Dyer Bay, Maine
[map] Pigeon Hill Bay, Maine
[map] Mount Desert Narrows, Maine
[map] Salsbury Cove, Maine
[map] Belfast
[map] Belfast, Penobscot River, Maine
[map] Pumpkin Island, South Bay, Penobscot Bay, Maine
[map] Blue Hill Harbor, Maine
[map] Blue Hill Bay, Blue Hill Harbor
[map] Corea Harbor, Maine
[map] Prospect Harbor
[map] Prospect Harbor, Maine
[map] Bar Harbor, Frenchman Bay, Maine
[map] Bar Harbor, Frenchman Bay, Maine (2) (expired 1999-07-27)
[map] Bar Harbor, Frenchman Bay, ME
[map] Bar Harbor, Frenchman Bay, Maine (3)
[map] Winter Harbor, Maine
[map] Winter Harbor, Frenchman Bay
[map] Castine
[map] Castine, Penobscot Bay, Maine
[map] Green Island, Petit Manan Bar
[map] Green Island, Petit Manan Bar, Maine
[map] Mount Desert, Maine
[map] Pretty Marsh Harbor, Maine
[map] Augusta, Kennebec River, Maine
[map] Allen Cove, Maine
[map] Sedgwick, Penobscot Bay, Maine
[map] Eggemoggin Reach, Little Deer Isle
[map] Little Deer Isle, Penobscot Bay, Maine
[map] Hallowell, Kennebec River, Maine
[map] Mount Desert Island, Southwest Harbor
[map] Southwest Harbor, Maine
[map] Center Harbor, Penobscot Bay, Maine
[map] Eggemoggin Reach, Center Harbor
[map] Mount Desert Island, Bass Harbor
[map] Bass Harbor, Maine
[map] Gardiner, Kennebec River, Maine
[map] Naskeag Harbor, Penobscot Bay, Maine
[map] Northwest Harbor, Deer Isle, Penobscot Bay, Maine
[map] Camden, Penobscot River, Maine
[map] Oceanville, Deer Isle, Penobscot Bay, Maine
[map] Blue Hill Bay, Mackerel Cove
[map] Mackerel Cove, Maine
[map] Nehumkeag Island, Kennebec River, Maine
[map] Pulpit Harbor, North Haven Island, Penobscot Bay, Maine
[map] Stonington, Deer Isle, Penobscot Bay, Maine
[map] Stonington, Deer Isle
[map] Pulpit Harbor, North Haven Island
[map] Burnt Coat Harbor, Swans Island
[map] Burnt Coat Harbor, Swans Island, Maine
[map] North Haven
[map] North Haven, Penobscot Bay, Maine
[map] Rockland
[map] Rockland, ME
[map] Rockland, Penobscot River, Maine
[map] Rockland, Penobscot River, Maine (2)
[map] Owls Head, Penobscot River, Maine
[map] Waldoboro, Maine
[map] Medomak River, Waldoboro
[map] Richmond, Kennebec River, Maine
[map] Isle Au Haut, Penobscot Bay, Maine
[map] Isle Au Haut
[map] St. George River, Thomaston
[map] Thomaston, Maine
[map] Kimball Island, Penobscot Bay, Maine
[map] Sheepscot (below rapids), Maine
[map] Sheepscot River, Sheepscot (below rapids)
[map] Vinalhaven, Vinalhaven Island, Penobscot Bay, Maine
[map] Vinalhaven, Vinalhaven Island
[map] Newcastle, Maine
[map] Dyer Point, Weskeag River, Maine
[map] Damariscotta River, Newcastle
[map] Head Harbor, Isle au Haut, Penobscot Bay, Maine
[map] Jones Neck, Maine
[map] Medomak River, Jones Neck
[map] Kennebec River, Bowdoinham, Cathance River
[map] Bowdoinham, Cathance River, Maine
[map] Sheepscot River, Wiscasset
[map] Wiscasset, Maine
[map] St. George River, Otis Cove
[map] Otis Cove, Maine
[map] Kennebec River, Sturgeon Island, Merrymeeting Bay
[map] Sturgeon Island, Merrymeeting Bay, Maine
[map] Friendship Harbor
[map] Friendship Harbor, Maine
[map] Muscongus Harbor, Muscongus Sound
[map] Muscongus Harbor, Muscongus Sound, Maine
[map] Tenants Harbor, Maine
[map] Tenants Harbor
[map] Sheepscot River, Back River
[map] Androscoggin River entrance, Maine
[map] Back River, Maine
[map] Kennebec River, Androscoggin River entrance
[map] Damariscotta River, Walpole
[map] Cross River entrance, Maine
[map] Port Clyde, Maine
[map] Port Clyde, Maine (2)
[map] Sheepscot River, Cross River entrance
[map] St. George River, Port Clyde
[map] Kennebec River, Brunswick, Androscoggin River
[map] Brunswick, Maine
[map] Bath, Kennebec River, Maine (2)
[map] Bath, Kennebec River, Maine
[map] Kennebec River, Bath
[map] Upper Hell Gate, Sasanoa River, Maine
[map] Howard Point, New Meadows River
[map] Howard Point, New Meadows River, Maine
[map] Sheepscot River, Mill Point, Sasanoa River
[map] Mill Point, Sasanoa River, Maine
[map] Pemaquid Harbor, Johns Bay, Maine
[map] Pemaquid Harbor, Johns Bay
[map] New Harbor, Muscongus Bay
[map] New Harbor, Muscongus Bay, Maine
[map] Burnt Island, Georges Islands
[map] Burnt Island, Georges Islands, Maine
[map] Damariscotta River, East Boothbay
[map] East Boothbay, Maine
[map] Matinicus Harbor, Wheaton Island
[map] Matinicus Harbor, Penobscot Bay, Maine
[map] Isle of Springs, Maine
[map] Isle of Springs, Maine (2)
[map] Sheepscot River, Isle of Springs
[map] Robinhood, Sasanoa River, Maine (2)
[map] Robinhood, Sasanoa River, Maine
[map] Sheepscot River, Robinhood, Sasanoa River
[map] Boothbay Harbor
[map] Boothbay Harbor, Maine
[map] Boothbay Harbor, Maine (2)
[map] Southport, Townsend Gut
[map] Southport, Townsend Gut, Maine
[map] Little Flying Point, Maquoit Bay, Maine
[map] Wilson Cove, Middle Bay
[map] Wilson Cove, Middle Bay, Maine
[map] South Freeport
[map] Phippsburg, Kennebec River, Maine
[map] Kennebec River, Phippsburg
[map] South Freeport, Maine
[map] Cundy Harbor, New Meadows River, Maine
[map] Cundy Harbor, New Meadows River
[map] Chebeague Point, Great Chebeague Island, Maine
[map] Harpswell Harbor, Maine
[map] Monhegan Island
[map] Monhegan Island, Maine
[map] Monhegan Island, Maine (2)
[map] Prince Point
[map] Prince Point, Maine
[map] Damariscove Harbor, Damariscove Island, Maine
[map] Damariscove Harbor, Damariscove Island
[map] Kennebec River, Fort Popham, Hunniwell Point
[map] Doyle Point
[map] Doyle Point, Maine
[map] Fort Popham, Kennebec River, Maine
[map] Lowell Cove, Orrs Island, Maine
[map] South Harpswell, Potts Harbor, Maine
[map] South Harpswell, Potts Harbor
[map] Small Point Harbor, Maine
[map] Falmouth Foreside
[map] Falmouth Foreside, Maine
[map] Great Chebeague Island
[map] Great Chebeague Island, Maine
[map] Cliff Island, Luckse Sound
[map] Cliff Island, Luckse Sound, Maine
[map] Cow Island
[map] Cow Island, Maine
[map] Long Island
[map] Long Island, Maine
[map] Presumpscot River Bridge
[map] Presumpscot River Bridge, Maine
[map] Back Cove
[map] Vaill Island
[map] Back Cove, Maine
[map] Vaill Island, Maine
[map] Great Diamond Island
[map] Great Diamond Island, Maine
[map] Portland, Casco Bay, ME
[map] Portland, Maine
[map] Portland, Maine (2) (expired 1988-12-31)
[map] Portland, Maine (3) (expired 1982-12-31)
[map] Peak Island
[map] Peaks Island, Maine
[map] Cushing Island
[map] Cushing Island, Maine
[map] Fore River
[map] Fore River, Maine
[map] Portland Head Light, Maine
[map] Portland Head Light
[map] Richmond Island, Maine
[map] Old Orchard Beach
[map] Old Orchard Beach, Maine
[map] Wood Island Harbor, Maine
[map] Cape Porpoise
[map] Cape Porpoise, Maine
[map] Kennebunkport
[map] Kennebunkport, Maine
[map] York Harbor, Maine
[map] York Harbor
[map] Seapoint, Cutts Island
[map] Seapoint, Cutts Island, Maine
[map] Portsmouth Harbor, Seavey Island
[map] Seavey Island (Back Channel), disputed waters, New England
[map] Seavey Island, Portsmouth Harbor, ME
[map] Portsmouth Harbor, Jaffrey Point
[map] Jaffrey Point, Portsmouth Harbor, Maine



US Forecasts are Public Domain and derived from the
National Weather Service - (IWIN) and the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Canadian forecasts are obtained from and are copyright of Environment Canada.

All weather information provided by should be used with caution.
We cannot guarantee that the data provided here is 100% accurate or up to date!

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