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Fueling Precautions

Most fires and explosions happen during or after fueling. To prevent an accident follow these rules:

  • Portable tanks should be refueled ashore.
  • Close all hatches and other openings before fueling.
  • Extinguish all smoking materials.
  • Turn off engines, all electrical equipment, radios, stoves and other appliances.
  • Remove all passengers.
  • Keep the fill nozzle in contact with the tank and wipe up any spilled fuel.
  • Open all ports, hatches and doors to ventilate.
  • Run the blower for at least four minutes.
  • Check the bilges for fuel vapors before starting the engine.
  • Do the "sniff test". Sniff around to make sure there is no odor of gasoline anywhere in the boat.

Illustration of a powerboat alongside a set of gas pumps on a pier.
Do not start the engine until all traces of fuel vapors are eliminated!!

Fuel Management

Practice the "One-Third Rule" by using:

  • One-third of the fuel going out
  • One-third to get back
  • One-third in reserve

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