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Sail Sail

This magazine is edited for both novice and expert sailors alike. Its feature articles are written for both large and small boat sailors covering an array of topics including design, rigging, tuning, sail trim, spinnaker handling, wind and water conditions and the practical considerations of owning a sailboat. Its regular departments include boat and equipment design commentary, new boat and product news, racing news, seamanship, boat handling, navigation and piloting.

Cruising World Cruising World

This magazine is edited for those who enjoy cruising and are interested in acquiring new skills enabling them to navigate and sail safely in coastal waters, on lakes and across oceans. About half of the articles involve information and techniques aimed at helping an owner maintain and enjoy his/her sailboat, while the other half reflect reader experiences.

Sailing World Sailing World

This magazine is edited for sailors with a special emphasis placed on performance sailing. Its regular features include educational material on boat handling, sails handling techniques, navigation information, safety at sea pieces, new boat and equipment information, racing tactics, major race and regatta reports and a college sailing ranking.

Power & Motoryacht Power & Motoryacht

Power & Motoryacht's editorial focuses solely on power boats 24 feet and larger, plus engines, electronics, gear, accessories, and tests on these boats. The magazine consistently runs stories on activities of interest to active boaters such as: destination sports fishing; cruising and chartering; personalities; and mega yachts and their owners. Special features include issues covering the world's 100 largest yachts; the 200 largest owned yachts; sport fishing digests; and an international Powerboat Buyer's Guide including directories of builders, suppliers and gear.

Yachting Yachting

The indispensable magazine for today's yachtsman, providing power and sailing enthusiasts authoritative evaluations of new boats, gear and equipment. Coverage of cruising, traveling and racing destinations.

Lakeland Boating Lakeland Boating

The magazine for Great Lakes Boaters. Editorial coverage of Great Lakes destinations, how-tos and important safety tips for cruising the freshwater seas.

Boating World Boating World

This magazine is edited for both water sport and fishing enthusiasts and active and recreational family boaters. It features information on smaller to mid-sized boats and focuses on participation and enjoyment of the sport of boating.

MotorBoating MotorBoating

For affluent cruising yacht owners.

Boating Boating

This is a marine magazine geared toward affluent, experienced power-boaters. It features reviews of boats, engines, electronics, tow vehicles and other related products. It also includes technical information from boat tests, how-to articles and features on waterborne adventures.

Canoe and Kayak Canoe & Kayak

Since 1973, readers have depended on Canoe & Kayak to deliver information on paddling/outdoor equipment and services, what's new on the market, and where to find the best places to paddle. Within its pages, you will find features about adventure paddling destinations, equipment reviews, paddling techniques for white water, flatwater and open ocean, health and fitness topics, conservation, the paddling environment, and the people, ideas, issues and events that shape the growing sport of paddling.

Trailer Boats Trailer Boats

TRAILER BOATS MAGAZINE is edited for recreational boaters who own or plan to own a boat in the 28 foot or smaller range. Editorial focuses on tests and comparisons of 17 to 28 foot cruisers, runabouts, fishing boats, ski boats and house boats, plus evaluations on outboard, inboard, jet and stern drive engines. Proper tow rating assessments on current model cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles are features. Proper seamanship, piloting and boat handling articles are featured, as are safe towing, launching and loading procedures. Product reviews include the latest in marine electronics, plus how-to features. Destination and recreational reviews include water skiing, water toy sports, camping, fishing and travel.

Radio Control Boat Modeler Radio Control Boat Modeler

Radio Control Boat Modeler is a magazine dedicated to the radio control boat modeling enthusiast. It covers various facets of the hobby including offshore racers, ships, yachts, and sport boats. Feature articles and columns present technical and general information on building electric and gas R/C boats, modifications, modeling equipment, R/C electronics, major competition events, modeling personalities, and products. How-To articles and in-depth product evaluations are featured in every issue.

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