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Fly Fishing for Bonefish

Fly Fishing for Bonefish
by Dick Brown

No brand of fly fishing challenges anglers more than stalking bonefish on tropical saltwater flats. Fly Fishing for Bonefish offers a definitive profile of this elusive fish and thoroughly dissects the skills needed to catch it.

Bonefish Fly Patterns Bonefish Fly Patterns
Tying, Selecting, and Fishing the Best Bonefish Flies
by Dick Brown

"Excellent photography, over 150 fly recipes and pictures as well as chapters on basic tying techniques, innovations and trends, a useful glossary of materials and a chapter on locations, prey, depths, light and wind conditions as they relate to flies and presentations. Superb indexing and anecdotes." - A reader

Bonefishing Bonefishing!
by Randall Kaufmann

"The photos alone are worth the price tag: It will get you through landlocked months away from the flats. Kaufmann is not a new comer trying to prove himself... he's a salty veteran who, like McGuane or Kreh, would be welcome on a flats outing in our boat." - A reader

Orvis Pocket Guide to Fishing for Bonefish and Permit Orvis Pocket Guide to Fishing for Bonefish and Permit
by Jack Samson, Tom Rosenbauer

Bonefish and permit are some of the wariest and most exciting saltwater gamefish that fly fishers can target. Catching them requires long casts, sharp eyes, and lightning reflexes. Veteran writer and angler Jack Samson shows how to spot bonefish when they "mud," how to recognize the characteristic zig-zagging "Y" that indicates the presence of permit, where and when to cast, and how anglers can play these powerful fish to the boat.

Permit on a Fly Permit on a Fly
by Jack Samson

It wasn't too long ago that the idea of fly-fishing for permit would raise eyebrows. Then again, for some fly-fishers, raising eyebrows is the whole point. Jack Samson has been saltwater fly-fishing for most of his career, and by now he might just be the most famous permit angler around. Permit on a Fly is the result of years spent perfecting a very difficult craft. It's hard enough to find permit, as they tail about on the saltwater flats rooting for crabs; then you have to execute a perfect cast with a perfect fly. And if you're masterful enough to induce a take... well, hang on!

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