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‘Dee's New Toy’
by New Zealand Marine Artist Jim Bolland

60 feet of flat-out racer Photo ©Jim Bolland

When I gaze in wonder at an Open 60, I can’t get my head around the fact, that one person gets aboard and races it flat out….. AROUND THE WORLD!

If you imagine that the sailor who does this is built like a body-builder it might make it a little easier to understand perhaps. I have met Mike Golding and he by no means is a body builder. But we all know that he is a master of this form of sailing. It’s a head game like all sailing, but with the added element that whatever happens, you’re on your own!

That’s why I have even more admiration for the girls who take up this super tough form of our sport. We all know that in a relatively short time Dee Caffarri’s exploits at sea have placed her on the lower steps of a very important pedestal. She is young, determined, well organised and very fit and now she has ‘AVIVA’, one of the latest in high-tech Open 60 race boats, designed by Merfyn Owen of the Owen Clarke design studio and beautifully built by Hakes Marine in their Seaview based plant, near Wellington, New Zealand.

In fact, ‘AVIVA’ is out of the same Hakes Marine female mould as Mike Goldings ‘ECOVER 3’. Unlike ‘ECOVER’, which, upon completion, was trucked away to Auckland for canting keel, mast and rigging fitment earlier this year, ‘AVIVA’ was put in the water at Seaview Marina at 1.45 p.m. on Thursday 13 December 2007 and motored across Wellington harbour for her keel and rig completion.

‘AVIVA’ will then test sail on Wellington Harbour under the command of boat captain Joff Brown, until Dee Caffarri arrives in Wellington from Great Britain during the first week of the New Year. Dee will then take the wheel and come to grips with her new boat before it is taken to the port of Tauranga, loaded on a freighter and shipped to England.

‘AVIVA’ at Seaview Marina, Thursday 13 December 2007, nearly launched (above) and smothered in relieved building and management teams (below).

In the photo below, the City of Wellington can be seen in the distance. ‘AVIVA’ left for the City’s Chaffers Marina under her own power for keel and mast fitting and rigging shortly after the photo was taken.

Photos ©Jim Bolland 2007

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Visit Jim's website to see his paintings of the America's Cup as well as Commissioned works he has painted.

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